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s: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Semiater Freshman Posts: 38 Merits 4. Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture Chapter One It was a crappy night out, raining, cold, all and all miserable. The funny thing is, I wasn't even supposed to be at the shop.

It's my garage, but I have a guy that runs the place for me, and I usually sit at home "managing" from a far. It's a good life, I can't complain. I was sitting at the counter watching some of the Monday night football game. I was in the shop trying to get a bunch of paper work done, Cheerleader rape story I ended up staying late. Everybody else was gone and wouldn't be back in till morning, and the game had already started, so I figured I'd stick around till half time, and then head home after that.

I was pretty pissed when I heard the knock on the window, I figured it was some idiot thinking I'd turn on the pumps so they could get some gas. I never would have answered the door but I knew they could see me behind the counter, since I'd forgot to drop the blind on the window like I should have. When I got to the door I saw these two cute girls, all decked out in their high school cheerleading outfits, wearing those little white shoes, and the short skirts.

The two must have been cold, they barely had anything on in the way of clothes, and the way it was raining, they looked like drowned rats, but cute little drowned rats. I could feel the aching in my loins immediately as I opened the front door, hell, I thought I might get a blow job out of it at least.

Even under the little vest of their uniforms I could see they both had great bodies, young, lithe bodies. They both looked to be about 17 or It only made my balls ache even more. Where's it at? It's a dead end that le to nowhere. Like I said, I've got a pretty good life, I've got the only shop for a 20 mile radius, I do lots of work on tractors and farm equipment, I've got other people to do the work, so I have a lot of free time.

I've had the place for 15 years, inherited it from my dad when he passed, and now I've expanded it to a huge business, junk yard, little bit of a dealership, you know, man of all trades and hard work equals success kind of thing. We were following the team bus, but in the rain and everything, we kind of lost Cheerleader rape story.

Our phones don't work out here. Mister, we've got 3 friends still sitting in the car, it's cold out, could you please go pick them up? The way she did all the talking, I kind of figured she was the captain of the squad, probably the most popular girl in school, and girl most jacked off to girl in classmate fantasies.

Lisa, the other girl, she wasn't quite as tall, maybe 5'6", her breasts seemed to be larger, the curve of her outfit at least gave that indication. Lisa's hair was blonde too, but it looked to be via the hairdresser, and not natural. I should have been out of here a couple hours ago, but I stayed late to do some paperwork, and boom, you come along.

Let's see what I can do for you. It's cold out their.

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Then I'll bring them back and see what I can do about your vehicle? You can call your parents from there if you want. I made sure that they left all their stuff behind the desk, even though I knew their phones wouldn't work here I didn't want to take chances. When I got them to the pit door, I knew I was set. I could hear them Cheerleader rape story instantly when they saw their surroundings, I loved it. I knew they were seeing the inside of the oil pit, the car parked over head, and I knew they had to know what was happening now.

I rushed upstairs into the garage. The girls' voices were shrill, and I could hear the fear clearly in their screams. I peered under the car, I could just barely see the two there. There was no way they could get out, the pit was a good 7' deep, and there was a car parked over top, so as young and flexible as they might be, they weren't getting out of there. I let them wail for a few minutes more. They continued to sob as I started speaking. I apologize that it's kind of dirty down there, but let me take care of your car, get your friends in line, and then I'll take you to a nice warm place, be patient.

We'll have a good time after that. I guess it was a little cruel, but I turned off all the lights in the garage, only the florescent glow of the gave off any light at all. I can just imagine them huddling together. Hell, in a week or so, if everything goes right, I think I'll have those to do more than just huddle together. I couldn't help but rub my dick as I drove to the spot where Tara said they broke down. Believe me, I've never done anything like this before. Oh, sure, I've got a blowjob or two from a grateful girl with a broken down car, hell, I fucked a couple, but I've never thought of doing anything like this.

But the opportunity is just too damn good. I mean, five girls, five teenage cheerleaders at that, hell, how lucky can you get? The car was right where I thought it would be. I didn't bother to turn on the flashers, and I cut the headlights as quick as I could, no use drawing any attention to myself, even though I know nobody would see me.

The Cheerleader rape story connected to one of Old man Patterson's back fields, and there isn't a house for a mile around, the girls had done a good job getting off the main road for me. I had to knock on the window, the girls in the car were too afraid to get out on their own. Just leave your bags in here though, there isn't a lot of room in the cab, we'll get to the station and straighten everything out there.

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I was even more pleased that my three newest captives were equally as beautiful as the first two. I didn't get names, but there was another blonde, one of those tall thin girls, probably 5'8", and she was absolutely stunning, and seeing her, it was pretty damn hard covering up Cheerleader rape story erection.

A whole world of ideas flashed through my mind when I watched her climb out of the car. There was also a brunette. She was probably only about 5'2", maybe 5'3", though, when I get her into some high heels, she'll definitely look pretty hot. I couldn't tell for sure in the dark and the uniform, but she looked like she had big tits. The third girl was a redhead, not fiery red hair mind you, it was more soft, almost a strawberry blonde, just the way I like them. She looked to be about 5'6", and her body looked incredible, thin, decent breasts, long legs. I'd sure got lucky, whatever school they were from produced some hot cheerleaders.

I walked the girls up to the cab and helped them up. I don't think they even minded that I touched their asses as I got them in. It's amazing how fast you can get something done when you're dick is demanding you get the girls home. I got their car up on the flatbed in record time. I brought along a cover Cheerleader rape story in case. I knew I would dump the car in the junkyard tonight, then crush it tomorrow or the next day. I hopped back into the cab, I didn't even care if they saw the bulge in my pants at that point, though I don't think they did. I think I can get your car fixed tonight and then get you on your way.

I couldn't wait to get back. Again, my name is Pat. I 'accidentally' grazed her thigh as I got the big truck up to speed on the highway. The blonde spoke first. It was hard to keep my mind on the road when I started thinking about what I could do to those tits. Once I closed the door there wouldn't be anyplace for the girls to run, which was perfect. I pulled Cheerleader rape story rig into the garage without incident. I'd decided I'd get them out of the truck and walk them over to the tool cage, it would be a good place to hold them till I got their car dumped in the junk yard.

There is a door inside that le to a nice lounge, that's where Tara and Lisa are. Then I'll get your car up on the hoist and see what's wrong with it. Do you think we could call our parents to tell them what's up? There is a phone in the lounge, so you can call if you want anyway.

I led the girls over to the cage, I had to undo the padlock for them, I don't think they suspected anything at all. I was such a gentlemen, letting them all go first, I don't think they had a clue what was up till I slammed the door shut and put the padlock back on. I think for the first time they realized that the cage was just that, 4 walls, and a fenced in ceiling, there was no door to a lounge anywhere.

Where are Tara and Lisa??? Jayme had hold of the fence and was trying to rip through it, but I knew she wasn't going to get anyplace. I liked making them even more scared, and I still had a lot to take care of before I could get them home for the real events I planned.

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I hopped in the cab and started backing the rig out of the garage. My mind was racing. I already knew where I'd keep the girls till I got things really fixed up. I'd Cheerleader rape story my house a of years ago, the place was huge, and in the basement the owners had run a dog breeding business. There were still like 10 kennels down there, and a bunch of dog cages used for transport.

I'm so glad now I'd procrastinated on getting rid of the crap. I'd been meaning to do it for years, but now, it turned out to be the perfect spot to keep them until I got the basement finished up just like I dreamed of. I think there are even some dog whips and leashes down there. I'll probably have to Cheerleader rape story some shopping on the net for all the other toys I'd love to use on the girls, but I think I'll have enough to keep them occupied for awhile. I took their car out to the back part of the junkyard, really it's not even the junkyard, it's this fenced in area out by the trees.

Nobody ever goes out there, and with the cover on, I should have a couple days easy to crush the thing. After I dumped the car off and locked the fence up again, I drove back into the front garage and parked. I'd pulled all the girls' crap out of their car already, I knew I'd probably have to have a good old bonfire one of these nights. I heard Tara and Lisa screaming in the pit as I moved their stuff from under the counter. I picked up your friends. They're doing fine, they're out in a cage on the back lot.

It was going to be a tight fit in the cab, even though I had a quad cab. Hell, then I realized I might as well put the girls in the bed, I've got a cover, maybe the cold would get them a little more in the mood to behave when I get them home? I went into the shop and grabbed a handful of nylon ties, they'd be good to bind the girls' wrists with. It was kind of fun to make them scared.

Cheerleader rape story

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