Christian wedding night stories

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It seems like most of you want to know if being a virgin on my wedding night was awkward. My hope is that some of your fears and concerns about the wedding night can ease up a bit through my story. Sex is so much more than a wedding night experience.

The pressure others put on newlyweds is ridiculous! For crying out loud. They have their entire lives to enjoy sex. There is no reason to feel pressured into doing everything the first night. If a couple is tired from the entire day they just had the biggest day of their lives!

I personally think newlyweds would enjoy the honeymoon SO much more if they took the pressure off of themselves. Yes, we were freaking excited for the honeymoon and excited to enjoy sex together. We did what was fun for us and comfortable for us.

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God totally knew what He was doing when He reserved sex for marriage. I can tell you this for sure. Being a virgin on my wedding night was not awkward. It was the opposite. It was sweet, new, different, exciting, and filled with all the butterflies a stomach can hold. Does that mean Dav and I had sex on our first night of marriage? Sex within marriage should be the most non-awkward experience ever. Yes, it will be new, different, exciting, thrilling, clumsy, funny, and a total learning experience.

This is your husband. The man who has given up all other potential options and has chosen you. He wants you. He desires you. That should be the most beautiful, safe, and secure place to enjoy sexual intimacy for the very first time. Writing this book forced me to dig deep into good books, blogs, sermons, and teachings on biblical sexuality.

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That was the best prep for my honeymoon. This was HUGE for me!!!

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I found several women who were able to help me emotionally, mentally, and even physically prepare to be a new bride. Their wisdom and guidance were priceless. I would LOVE to answer your questions though.

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Christian wedding night stories

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