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I was all excited to learn that my parents were going to be gone for the next three weeks cause of some stupid shit that I didn't listen to or care about. I was already really excited because this meant I could fuck my girlfriend Becca for the whole three weeks with no one to catch us! I snapped back to reality.

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Oh come on! What am I gonna do for three weeks that you'd be worried about? Now, you can call us in about I love you, Jake. I heard the horn outside as my dad brought the car out. My mom gave me a quick kiss and with that, she was gone. Then, the phone rang. You sound all manly now, I can't believe its been a year. We continued with the usual stupid boring conversation, and she told me she'd be there in about 20 minutes which was good, because all that thinking of fucking Becca earlier left me with a hard-on that could bore through steel.

Now, let me say something. Penis size is what kills every guy. Not how big they actually are, but how big that they think it needs to be.

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Like for instance, my penis isn't that big when it's normal, maybe 2 or 3 inches. But it nearly triples in size when I get a boner, giving me a meaty 6 inches. Girls always underestimate me until I'm hard and buried in their pussies, which then I make them scream an apology. Just a note. I sat on the couch and popped in one of the porn tapes. I started slowly jacking my dick, and I shut my eyes and stroked faster and faster. I felt so close to blowing a big load when I heard the front door swing open. I hopped up and fixed my pants, and then shut off the tape and hurled it up the stairs.

I walked in and I immediately heard "Jaaaaaaake! She backed away and I looked at her. She was what I liked to call a "thick" girl. Not fat, not thin, but had plenty on her in the right parts.

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It gave her some big natural breasts, and a plump round ass that was making my cock strain against my pants. She turned around and bent over to get something out of her bag, and I watched as her jeans strained to contain all that ass. She turned around and her massive tits swung in front of me.

She looked at me strangely for a second, and then held out a box. A little note said "don't get any girls pregnant, but enjoy all the fucking you can get! I'm sure you two are Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go lie down for a while because I'm exhausted. See you later, sweetie. I turned to watch her plump ass walk up the stairs, and immediately I turned around to see that she'd left her suitcase in the entranceway.

I listened for the door closing, and I flipped it open. I found a bra of her and checked the tag. Say what you want about plump girls, they still got racks you won't believe I aimed Chubby sister sex stories the cups, and dumped a huge load into her bra. I quickly threw it all back in, cleaned up, and lugged the suitcase upstairs. I listened closely at her door, and heard her light breathing in her sleep. I opened the door slowly, and immediately dropped her suitcase.

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She had taken her pants off, along with her shirt. She had a pair of sexy red panties on that made her ass look better than I could have ever thought, and I noticed how big her hangers were out in the open. My dick was instantly hard again. I was thinking to myself, "This isn't right, you're related. I walked over and started kneading her ass cheeks. They felt so good.

I worked her panties down, and started to kiss and lick her fat plump ass. I slid her panties down more and noticed her asshole staring at me. I ran my tongue along it, and immediately lost all control. I attacked her ass with my tongue, barely coming up for air. I heard her gasp, and she turned her head, but she made no effort to stop me. I licked a finger, and then plunged it into her asshole.

Ohmygod my pussy's soaked! I pulled her panties all the way off, and then slid my own pants down.

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She got a little scared when she saw my cock. Ram your cock up there and bang me like a cheap whore, I need it in my ass, now! But first" I held my cock in front of her lips. After a minute, I told her to stop. I held my cock outside her ass, and said "beg for it again.

Make me your slut, you can fuck my ass whenever. I'll sit on your lap for hours at a time, I want your dick up my ass, please, buttfuck me like your own little tramp. Just please, goooo" she had all the wind sucked out of her as I rammed it into her ass. I then heard a quick scream, and her hips started rocking back and forth. I pumped faster and faster, watching her ass cheeks jiggle with every hump.

I'm gonna pass out I'm gonna cum so hard baby Gimme that cum. I wanna sit down and have it run out my ass. She seemed to have actually begun to pass out.

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Her climax hit her so hard, she started rocking on me harder and harder. I felt load after load empty out up her ass. I never thought I would stop. She let out a final scream and fell on her bed again. I pulled out my cock, and started to rub it between her ass cheeks. Kinda like Titty-fucking I guess, but with It Chubby sister sex stories a new feeling, but all that extra junk in the trunk made it feel fantastic.

I felt myself start shooting again, all over that sweet sexy ass. I smacked it a few times, and got up. I threw my clothes in my room, and hurried to get the phone. I had to call Becca and tell her that my sister was around and it would be better if we didn't try to do anything during the next 3 weeks unless she would be gone. I didn't tell Becca that I was gonna be railing my sister's sexy ass for nearly a month! Girls don't have a g spot in their ass, just saying fake stuff like that really breaks the immersion.

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Chubby sister sex stories

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