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Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Socks for My Roommate by coolfunloverboy. Rated R. Published: Jun 17th, Tags: inanimate transformation 0 straight to gay 0 socks 0 gay 0 feet worship 0 inanimate 0 itf 0 clothing 0. Guy decides to become socks for his male roommate. App disaster: Fantaisie v1. Rated X. Published: Jun 9th, Tags: man into wolf 0 inanimate 0 woman into horse 0. With the right tech reality can be malleable and inflatable. The Old Gypsy by vleight.

Rated PG. Published: Jun 5th, Tags: inanimate 1 transform 0 magic Clothing tf stories magical transformation 0 transformation 0 man into inanimate 0 tf 0. A homely man with low self esteem seeks the help of an old gypsy to become attractive to women. Airmen Privates by coolfunloverboy. Published: May 16th, Last Updated: May 16th, Tags: willing 0 non-permanent 0 permanent 0 military 0 penis 0 big cock 0 cock 0 gay 0 ctf 0 humiliation 0 pred 0 inanimate 0 dick 0.

Young Airmen spend their careers together, not as wingmen, but as master and cock. Dress Poker with the Guys by coolfunloverboy. Published: May 13th, Tags: inanimate 1 permanent 1 poker 0 underwear 0 pred 0 shoes 0 shirt 0 jockstrap 0 socks 0 sneakers 0 bet 0 gay 0.

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A routine game of poker, where the loser has to become an item of clothing, goes unexpectedly for the guys. Chad the Motorcycle by coolfunloverboy. Published: May 9th, Last Updated: May 9th, Tags: permanent 0 biker 0 ego death 0 vehicle 0 gay 0 emasculation 0 inanimate 0 bike 0 motorcycle 0. Chad resists the need to become a motorcycle for as long as he can and his new owner is happy to have a new bike but not so crazy about it being alive.

I'm a Teddy Bear by coolfunloverboy. Published: May 3rd, Last Updated: May Clothing tf stories, Tags: straight to gay 0 furry 0 inanimate 0 straight-to-gay 0 teddy bear 0 unwilling to willing 0 bear 0 stuffed 0. A Teddy bear tells its transformation story while it waits on a new owner. Published: Apr 18th, Last Updated: Apr 26th, Tags: incest 1 jock 0 inanimate 0 dad 0 unwilling to willing 0 gay 0 football 0 inanimate transformation 0 unwilling 0 jockstrap 0. Overworked busy father discovers the simplicity of becoming his own son's living jockstrap.

Shaken in My Dad's Boots by coolfunloverboy.

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Published: Apr 10th, Last Updated: Apr 22nd, Tags: inanimate transformation 0 feet worship 0 boot 0 cumshot 0 inanimate 0 incest 0 boots 0 bigfoot 0 son 0 permanent 0 unwilling to willing 0 foot worship 0 dad 0. Military man becomes his ol'man's boots after being kidnapped by the cartel. TwIn Fashion by tocixcog. Published: Apr 7th, Tags: inanimate 0 cbt 0 heels 0 women to high heels 0 clothing 0 shoe 0 magic 0 foot play 0.

Two young witches aren't ready for the ball but they Clothing tf stories their leader to take them anyway. Fruiting Day by tocixcog. Published: Mar 26th, Tags: watermelon 0 breast expansion 0 inanimate 0 fruit 0 plant 0 women to fruit plants 0 blueberry 0 mental shift 0 orange 0 belly expansion 0 nonconsensual 0. A mom and her daughter can't agree about what to do during a juicy disaster.

Target Practice by metamorform. Published: Mar 9th, Last Updated: Mar 9th, Tags: inanimate 0 howitzer 0 woman into inanimate 0 inanimate transformation 0. Woman to howitzer Another one of those "why not? I was on the fence as to how horrifying to make the TF and ultimately felt bad about making it really bad. Also, why on Earth do people in my stories randomly transform for no reason? Actually, there is a reason, but that will have to wait Nontraditional Living by tocixcog.

Published: Mar 8th, Last Updated: Mar 9th, Tags: slice-of-life 0 mermaid 0 plush toy 0 inanimate 0 woman to plushie 0 gender change 0 man to female tapir 0 cowgirl 0. A cowgirl goes about her life in a household full of transformed women. A sequel to Cold Storage. Aphelion by tocixcog.

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Published: Mar 4th, Last Updated: Mar 5th, Tags: men to dildos 1 breast expansion 0 sex toys 0 inanimate 0 woman to ladypot 0 loss of limbs 0 ladypot 0 egyptian 0 crab 0 claws 0. An archeologist rediscovers her destiny while trapped in a Egyptian temple. Published: Feb 24th, Tags: inanimate 1 vibrator 1 tg 0 stuck 0. A rude woman gets her cumuppance and is remade to bring people pleasure.

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Published: Feb 22nd, Tags: magical transformation 0 stuck 0 eiffletower 0 inanimate 0 sexdoll 0 mtf 0 punishment 0 sextoy 0. Clothing tf stories man drunkenly hits on the wrong woman at the bar and learns a lesson. Cold Storage by tocixcog. Published: Feb 5th, Last Updated: Mar 1st, Tags: conment 0 women to food containers 0 udder 0 inanimate transformation 0 mermaid 0 multiple breasts 0 inanimate 0 lipples 0.

Eight women looking for a night of partying get picked off one by one by a haunted fridge. A Song for the Present by tocixcog. Published: Feb 4th, Last Updated: Feb 5th, Tags: music 0 willing change 0 magic 0 woman to cello 0 inanimate 0 inanimate transformation 0. Greek myth combined with a medieval fairy tail about sacrifice and fate. City of Smoke by tocixcog. Tags: inanimate 0 inanimate transformation 0 smoking 0 female 0 women to hooka 0.

A rich widow and her maid end up as permanent fixtures in a exotic smoke shop. Potted Princesses by tocixcog. Tags: ladypot 1 inanimate 0 inanimate transformation 0 filling 0 female 0 magic 0 women to pots 0.

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Five princesses get in trouble from messing with household magic that makes them into perfect table pieces.

Clothing tf stories

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