College wedgie stories

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Mark never thought he would end up like this. Granted, he has always been considered a nerd his entire life. He thought, however, that would all change when he went to college. College was suppose to be a fresh start for him and maybe being around other intellectuals would make him blend in more. When he moved into his new dorm, Mark walked in happily with luggage in hand and his nerd outfit already on.

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He feels confident wearing it, knowing that he does not have to worry about getting wedgies from anyone. After all, everyone here is an adult. This is college after all and it will also be his new start. Mark feels ridiculous for forgetting that this school is known for its football team. This beefy roommate of his, is completely covered in muscles as he gets up to examine Mark. Mark feels himself shrink, like the wimp he is, as he slowly puts his bags down. His roommate smirks. Glad to meet you. Mark coughs awkwardly as he tries to walk past Josh to start unpacking and getting settled in.

Josh does not say anymore as he lets Mark walk by him. Mark is unable to see Josh turning around and quickly reaching for his underwear. Mark is unable to react in time. He remembers this College wedgie stories and instantly gets memories of high school.

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Other students would kick his balls and wedgie him several times throughout the school year. He cried several times then and promised himself he would not do so anymore. His thoughts are broken when the rushing pain of fabric running through his ass is tugged once more. Mark lets out a high pitch screech as Josh starts laughing obnoxiously at him.

Every time Mark goes down on the underwear he cringes as he feels his balls and penis getting crushed. He hopes they will descend after all this is over. You really are a nerd! Mark College wedgie stories not as anything as he tries to catch his breath as another tug makes him whine in pain. Josh laughs once more but ignores Mark as he continues to yank his underwear higher and higher up his back. He is always used to standing around like this. Mark was so used reviving atomic wedgies that he would often find himself able to navigate through the school hallways by memory since he received them so often.

You can get an atomic wedgie! He hunches over in an effort to help with the pain College wedgie stories it only makes it worse for him. His dick is starting to feel numb and his face is turning red from the humiliation. Mark can only see a cloud of white fabric in his face as he remains standing still until Josh grabs him and pushes him to stand near the door entrance. I need to take pics to show the guys! Mark is used to this treatment. There are already tons of pictures on the internet of him getting wedgies.

He does not say anything. Mark knows better than to resist and fight with a jock. His best bet to is be submissive and play along. Maybe then the wedgies would hurt a little less. Josh start ordering Mark to spin around as Josh continues to take pictures of Mark. Mark blindly spins around slowly as his new roommate continues to take pictures.

He knows this is only the start of his college days. The two roommates had been arguing for what seemed like hours now. Chuck thought about it for a second, out of all the chores in the hours, he hated washing dishes the most. Ten minutes later a very satisfied Scott walked out of the room. Scott groaned in pain as he tried to find a way to remove his waistband from his forehead. Maybe this would teach him to make unneeded bets. The look of relief on your face was hilarious as you finally managed to get your underwear off your head.

Particularly because you thought I had left after giving you the atomic wedgie, rather than waiting around to enjoy the struggle and put them right back on as soon as you got yourself situated. The bros and I were playing games at my crib when one of them spotted my brieflines. And get a wedgie from?

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The Big Show would give an amazing wedgie. Similar to the infamous ski lift rope wedgie, this zip line water wedgie packs a wicked punch. The result of this mistake was some crushed balls, and to add insult to injury, his swim trunks were forced between his cheeks in a deep deep wedgie. Truly a unique wedgie experience. This is a real wedgie that I received tonight from a friend, I was not ready for this wedgie at all. I was talking on the phone and he decided to give me a wedgie. Of College wedgie stories I did not resist because I love wedgies, but nevertheless here is a gif of me. Posts Archive.

An old atomic of my nerdy self I found on my computer. Atomic wedgie for rooting for the wrong team. Shoulda pulled it over his head, though. Sweet relief. Anonymous asked: If you could give anyone a wedgie who would it be? Similarly, if anyone could give you a wedgie who would it be? See this in the app Show more.

College wedgie stories

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