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It's really in the title. As we grew up my cousin and I had a very romantic relationship that lasted for years and years. We still dated other people like all normal people, but behind it all we always had each other. Did you ever weigh the risk of discovery vs the benefits of it continuing?

How many people know IRL, and what range of reactions have you gotten from those people? Note that the increased chances of manifesting particular diseases in first cousins' offspring is negligible. It's constantly, shamefully exaggerated by holier-than-thou religious people and puritan moralists, but it's mostly a non-issue from a biological standpoint. It only starts to be avoidable if it happens several times in a row. It was a secret forbidden love affair.

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Made for some hot times. Are you still romantic with each other? If not, has it affected your relationship? What age did you realize you were into Cousin stories reddit cousin and how did you act upon it? Lasted until about I didn't realise it at first, and it took many passes on her part to "bring me around.

Any chance for anything in the future or is it called off for good? We are just different people now. We were then too actually. Polar opposites. She was very much a She loved expensive phones, cars, and clothes. I just wanted a new crank set. I wouldn't change anyhting if that's what you mean. But, I would not try to restart it now. I'm not sure which you meant, so I tried to answer both. Found the internet! Growing up, my first cousin and I were intense lovers for many years.

Posted by 12 years ago. Sort by: best. However, did your relationship ever get discovered?

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Continue this thread. Marry me! How old were you two during the romance? Does your family know? How did they react? We were very careful. How intense were you? Did you guys have sex? Was it awkward? Has it changed you or affected your relationships now? Would you do it again if you had the chance?

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Just to clarify, you are a male, and your cousin is female? Which one are you, George Michael or Maeby? What stopped the relationship? More posts from the IAmA community. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. Created May 27, Top posts august 17th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top.

Cousin stories reddit

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what are your crazy cousin stories?