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Coya Sex — Remember when you were younger and hopefully a little more innocent than you are right now? Luckily for you toms and kittens, this type of media has grown alongside your erotic tastes and needs. Pornography is there to be enjoyed in all its forms, and a of years ago I discovered Literotica.

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After combing through user-generated stories of debauchery, some s long, I was hooked and engrossed in the descriptions, the characters and where the story was going. It added another dimension to my masturbatory repertoire, as well as massively improving my sexting skills by introducing smarter ways to describe sexual acts, genitalia and how to build tension through a sexy texting encounter. I tried A. But most of these were hidden behind a paywall or were one at best.

From simple, vanilla love stories to literally sleeping your way around the galaxy, CHYOA has a story that fits into your favourite kink, your current sexy mood or something you have longed to try.

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Very fitting for my situation at the time. Getting to choose how this incredible story would play out and with who I would spend my night and what fantastical way I would get my rocks off, was something I had never experienced before. I was so enthralled with this site that even after finishing I continued to read my story to find out where it was heading, and then went exploring the site for what more it had to offer. Literally thousands of stories, each with so many twists and turns and all of it user-generated.

Although you can read all the stories you want for free and without ing up, creating an will give a deeper level of access to great options like; favouriting chapters, stories and authors, getting notified about story updates and participating in the community.

It also gives you access to my favourite thing…. Okay this is kind of cheating, but each story has a story map, and with this you can see how the chapters link together. Working in a cascade, it shows each branching path, where the chapters divert and how the story unfolds. It also highlights which chapters you have already read and where you stopped, as well as which chapters are new. Is it written from a female perspective or a male perspective? Sometimes it can be both, and you play multiple characters, or sometimes you are a cat person.

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There are hundreds of tags to suit any of your kinks and preferred story themes. You can also search stories by their tags, and a tip here is to put a hyphen before a word to exclude it from the search i. Do you have a crush on someone? A majority of stories allow you to dynamically customise the content. From simple things such as allowing you to change the names of characters, to much more detailed descriptions of height, eye colour, job, bust or penis size, and even the words used to describe these attributes.

Personalising the story makes it feel that much more real as you read through the adventure.

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CHYOA is first and foremost community-lead just like us. You can create your own chapters or entire branching narratives off the back of existing stories. A lot of stories are constantly evolving. Keep checking back on your favourite stories and discovering the new forms they take. If you have another kitten or tom with you, why not read a story together. You can take a chapter each and let the other person make the decision at the end of the chapter.

With some stories having many branching narratives you could use the same story next time you visit the site, but this time take a different path than before. Who knows where it could lead you? You can start with just a chapter or two, or if you have it in you, get to writing your very own full-length story. Bollywood Dreams. Curioser - Erotic Story. I love everything to do with role play and am boldly a lover of the vanilla. You can find me sharing pics, tips and stories in the community chat rooms or podcasting in my spare time.

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Customizable sex stories let you change the characters