Crossdressing pantyhose stories

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I remember when I was staying at my aunts house. My aunt had a nice pantyhose collection as I think most aunts do. As she wore hose all the time. Well I was wearing hose and cross dressing for about 3yrs. I had a decent collection I got from my mom as she found out and gave me some of her things and bought me Crossdressing pantyhose stories as well. Well as I was saying I was at my aunt's house and I took some of my female things with me as I was going to be staying there for the weekend.

Well my aunt was gone for the day so I decided to dress up. I had on some beige pantyhose and a white bra with a jean skirt my aunt had and a white silky top that my mom bought me. I had on some of my aunt's white strapy 3inch heels on.

I had make up on as well with a shoulder length brown wig I got during Halloween time.

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I was just happy to be dressed and was walking around the house with out a care in the world. Well when I was in the bathroom my aunt's friend came over as he would bring my aunt her mail from time to time and he would also bring her fresh vegetables from his garden. Well when I came out of the bathroom going into the living room to watch some tv. There he and I were face to face as he was in the dinning area.

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He looked at me with a non expression stare at first the same I did with him. He asked what are u doing and why are u wearing those clothes. I didn't know what to say. I stammered out my answer like Ozzy Osborne. Ugh I don't know I just like wearing them because they feel good I guess. Not knowing if that was the right answer.

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He looked at me and asked if my aunt or mom knew. I said no as I knew my mom knew but, I thought maybe the less he knew the better. He said well what should we do about this. I put my head down and said I don't know. He said I should tell your aunt and mom about this. I couldn't say anything as my whole body felt drained and heavy. I said well I will go take these clothes off. He said why. I turned around and looked at him puzzled. He said u do look kind of cute dressed like that. He said come here and sit by me on the couch.

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I was scared but excited because I was starting to develop bisexual feelings when dressed as a female. So I walked over to the couch and sat down by him. He said could u convince me not to tell. I said I don't if I could. He said well why don't u try since u like to dress like a female. Try and convince me like a female. He leaned towards me and I leaned towards him Crossdressing pantyhose stories we started kissing. I got such a rush of excitement and nervousness. I felt myself get hard in my pantyhose.

As we were kissing he started to glide his hand up and down on my pantyhosed legs. It felt so good as I was the only one who ever glided my hands up and down my legs. As we started kissing a little harder and more passionate. I started to undo us pants and he helped me pull them down and pull his cock out of his underwear. As I was gliding my hand up and down I felt it get hard. I then went down on him. Sliding my mouth over it and gagging a little as he was pretty big.

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I always remembered how my exgirlfriend gave me head so I tried to do the same and not let my teeth get Crossdressing pantyhose stories the way. As I was giving him head he put his hands on my head and started pushing my head down to make me go deeper and faster. I would swirl my tong around on his shaft and would let my tong glide up his cock as I would go up. He loved that as I could hear him breathing harder and moaning louder.

Then next thing I knew he came in my mouth. I was so horned up I swallowed all of it. After I stopped he looked at me with a happy I can't believe this happened look. I sat there as he pulled up his underwear and pants. He looked at me and we kissed again on the lips. As he got up I went with him to the door. He looked at me and said with convincing like that I wouldn't even tell myself I caught u in women's clothing. He said see u later and then he left. After he left I went an sat on the couch and just couldn't believe that. That just happened. I got horny just thinking about it and started jacking off fantasizing about him taking me and fucking me in my pantyhose.

After I cam I got up and changed and cleaned up in the shower. And waited for my aunt to come home. for Free! With a man "caught in fem clothes by my aunt's friend" 9 Votes 9. Score 4. Famous Story.

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Crossdressing pantyhose stories

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