Crossdressing stories with images

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A tell-all about coming out, getting busted, living the life, and first realizing who they were meant to be. These wonderful ladies were kind enough to share some of their most personal- real stories with us about their experiences- read along to find out. When I went to visit one time I showed her this girl on my laptop. I told her she knew her. I told her she knew her very well and has known her for a long time. So I told her it was me. I showed her just about every picture I had. I could hear the air hissing out of the tire. All the sudden the tire was completely flat… it rumbled.

I was too scared to break down all alone dressed like a woman, so… I kept going. The tire broke off eventually and I rolled all the way home on a rim. So, my mind still wonders what they think. It was probably about years before I incorporated lingerie into our interaction for the first time.

I do remember feeling silly at first.

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I had guys clothes over top of my girly outfit and a duffle bag filled with my wig, purse, and heels. I drove off and finished putting my makeup on in the car. I was so excited to actually meet others like me in public, for the first time. When the night ended I immediately knew I was going to transition and that this was me- the real me.

And it felt amazing. The life of Danielle. Where have you been all my life? I was afraid that one day she would walk in on me dressed. So, I showed her pictures and told her. Now, when I go out, I have to show her my outfits for approval.

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Of course, later she told my friend what she saw. The police and ambulance were called. I was laughed at by the doctors and nurses for wearing the boots and I was grilled by my dad as to why I had them. That was something I could not lie my way out of easily. The doctor recommended me to see a psychiatrist over it.

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She freaked out. I was so lost for words, I just hung up on her. She was very okay with it. It eventually lead to a three-some with her and her best friend. They were both bisexual and loved the idea of me crossdressing. Our relationship was very open and I loved it. She would do my makeup and take pics of me all the time.

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Instead, she went through my pictures and found many of me dressed as a woman. Of course, she sent them to people that I knew, including her mom, dad, and many others. Crossdressing stories with images next day I get so many hateful texts and messages. I was horrified and kinda lost it.

I realized that all along, this is what had been missing from my life. I made my decision that night to continue expanding on it. After putting on the wig, I finally saw…. I realized that this is me, and was who I was supposed to be. At about AM, I had to go potty. I walked out of my room, to the restroom, opened the door, and ran straight into her, doing her business.

I was horrified! I just got busted in full dress. We wound up having the first of many discussions the next day about…. Since then makeup, heels, and dressing feel so right. I have always been a woman, just in the wrong body.

Now I live full time as a woman and I have never been happier. I may not be the prettiest one, but I am the happiest one. Each day I learn more on how to be the real me. One day, I will have the surgery to make me complete. Until that day, I will be the best woman I can be. Did some of them hit close to home? It is always great to hear stories from other ladies in the community because I feel like a lot of us have gone through the same thing at one point in our life. To be able to read stories from people just like you, going through the same thing, probably makes you feel a lot better.

From Girls Just Like You A tell-all about coming out, getting busted, living the life, and first realizing who they were meant to be. The good the bad and the funny! us at glambmarketing gmail.

Crossdressing stories with images

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