Crossdressing with sister stories

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Yes, I was living as my twin sister that too officially for full time. Actually I was born as a boy and was a boy beneath my clothes till my Sex Reasment Sugery. My name was Amit. The othe of me is Amita. I belong to a very rich family. My father was two brothers having a big family industrial business on equal share basis. I am the only child of my father.

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The younger brother of my father, my uncle has two daughters only. We three are of almost similar age though they are one and two years respectively elder then me. My mother died all of a sudden when I was 8 years old and since then I was living with my uncle. He has a big house and I was given a big room, only room on first floor of the house with a big terrace and roof. After death of my mother, my father never remained in our own house which too is a big house. Once when I was 14 year old, my father called me to office of his one closest friend Mr.

I knew Diwakar uncle as the C. He then told me that that Diwakar is just like his another brother on whom he has higher trust and that if any thing happens to him, Diwakar will take full care of me and my assets. He also told me that though he has left me with the family of his brother, he do not trust his younger brother. He has noticed him play frauds many a time and once his younger brother hinted him that he is interested in having the whole business in his own name by purchasing share of my father but at a reduced cost which my father denied.

It is only due to Diwakar that his younger brother could not play any big game to occupy the whole business Crossdressing with sister stories his own name. Diwakar is the chief trustee and I am the sole beneficiary. The whole money will be transferred to me when I Crossdressing with sister stories attain my age of He also told me that I am the sole beneficiary of one more trust set from the assets of my deceased mother. He informed me that this second trust is earning a yield of 75 thousand rupees every month now and out of it Rs.

Till then, in case of any need I may come and ask to Diwakar and he will take care of my needs. Son of Diwakar uncle and me were studying in same class but he wanted to be a chartered ant like his father and I wanted to specialize in Computer Science. We both were ready to appear in our Metric Examinations. I met my father once more only and then when I was 16th yrs. It was informed to me that I will receive a claim of one million rupees for his death. As such literally I became orphan except that I was living with family of my uncle and another uncle Diwakar was always with me to take full care of me.

The story starts from here. I was a lean and thin boy with nice looks of my mother, whitish complexion and growing height. All the things were going nicely with me till I was in my 18th year of age and completed my B. These were now holidays for me and my cousin sisters after examination. I use to pass my time on my own computer visiting many web sites when I came across through some sites of lady boys and cross dressers.

This was the time when I noticed that the clothes of my cousin sisters are being hanged for drying on the terrace in front of my room. Slowly my interest increased and I started gathering courage to get a few of them in my room in nights and one day I found that I started wearing them then get aroused and leak in panties of my sisters.

I started trying to wash the spot with water and put them back for drying.

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Always I use to masturbate and spoil the clothes but then trying to wash the stains by water and re put them for getting dried. I thought that no one will notice it but it was my mistake. My sisters started smelling some thing wrong with their clothes and they decided to have a watch on the clothes in night to find out who is using them. At one hand my passion of cross dressing was increasing and I was dreaming my full makeover as a girl and at the other hand I was in great difficulty as my sisters find out that it was me who was taking away their clothes in night.

They both discussed as to why I was taking their clothes in my room in nights as they could not think of cross dressing so all they thought that I am sexually attracted towards them and use their clothes for my sexual fantasies. They told this all to my aunt and one night she knocked on my room door and asked me to open it. That time the clothes of my sisters were lying on my bed as I have not started wearing them.

Without thinking any thing I opened the door of my room and asked my aunt as to what was the matter. My aunt pushed me in my room from the door and entered in my room to find the clothes of her daughters on my Bed. She became furious and telling me that she will talk with me in the morning, took away all the clothes and closed the door of my room. I became afraid and was worrying a lot that what will happen in morning. My aunt then told every thing to my uncle and asked him to call me in the morning and ask me all about it.

My uncle also took it all from sexual point of view and thought that I am sexually attracted toward his daughters and dreaming of them I use to play with the clothes of my sisters. Next morning was very harsh on me. I was called in the room of my uncle to explain why I use to get the clothes of my sisters in my room in nights. I could not tell him about my passion of cross dressing and as such kept mum and kept my head down without answering any thing.

My uncle got angry on me and slapped me and started shouting on me when my aunt came in between and asked my uncle to calm down and that they will talk on the matter them selves and will decide what to do. As such I packed all the little I have and without telling a single word to any one, I shifted to rest house of our company. He threatened my uncle that he will take the case to police with a witness of the clothes which, on chemical tests, will prove that I am using them with a bad intension and also my sisters will confirm all what they have seen and gone through.

He told that it was sure that I will be jailed and will have to suffer the consequences. He asked my uncle Crossdressing with sister stories that now is the time that either he sell all the share of my father to him to make him Crossdressing with sister stories and sole owner of all our business and that too at the reduced price decided by him otherwise he will put me in jail and I will be in trouble.

Uncle Diwakar asked about where I am now and told my uncle to come again next day. I was summoned by my uncle Diwakar. He told me all that happened and what my uncle wanted. He asked me what the whole matter is as he was sure that I was a very sober and gentle boy and could never be sexually attracted to my sisters. He consoled me and asked me to tell him all without any fear as he is with me to take my safe guard.

I then slowly gathered courage and Crossdressing with sister stories him all that how it all started and how I got the passion of cross dressing and that I never thought of my sisters from sexual point of view. My uncle Diwakar was well aware about cross dressing as he was reading a lot about them. He told me that he know all about this passion. So far it is non sexual, it is a harmless passion but I should decide myself either to get control over my this passion as our society do not accept it at all and always take it sexually or I should decide to change myself into a girl with medical aid and legally should become a female if I wanted to wear female clothes.

He also told me that even then I will be getting Rs. Uncle Diwakar told me that he had thought fully on all the matter and it will be better for me if I shift to some another city permanently far away from the eyes of my uncle. He assured me that he will always take care of me as his own son even if I live away from that city and for any advice or guidance I can contact him any time. I agreed to it and went back to rest house. I gave my consent and told him that he is the best judge and he can go ahead with whatever he think best in my interest.

Today is June 16th, my birth day when I have now completed 18th year of my age and have legally became a major person to take my own decisions. He also told me that today I should reach the office of our company and sit on the chair as one of the Directors of the company before transferring my share in the company in full to my uncle.

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He assured me that he will also be with me to take care of all the proceeds. As such I got ready and reached in the office of my company. A meeting of the management was summoned after lunch hours and in that meeting all was decided as already agreed between my real uncle and uncle Diwakar. I ed the documents and one week time was given for all that needed officially to declare the whole deed and receive money from my real uncle by the Trust set by my father for my benefit and which was to be transferred to me on my completion of age of 25 years.

That night I could not sleep and thought a lot on the point as to where to shift permanently away from this very city and then I decided to shift permanently to Bangalore where no one knows me, to make it my own city. I also decided to buy two adjacent two BHK nice flats as decided to live my two lives in full, as a male self and as my female side also.

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I conveyed my decision to uncle Diwakar and requested him to use his own sources to purchase the flats as per my desire using the money of the Trust Fund which I got from my mother and put remaining money in investment as he use to do earlier. By this time my own bank to which now I was having full access was containing about one million rupees for my ready use. During this week, I was called by my bankers and they took my specimen atures and issued me a Debit cum ATM Card for my ready use.

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A cheque book was also issued to me for my use. Officially whole money of the Trust of my mother was transferred to my bank. Soon uncle Diwakar informed me that he has been in touch with the property dealers in Bangalore and have got few offers so I should go to Bangalore and select the best which I like most. I took the flight to Bangalore and checked in a hotel room. Then I contacted the property dealer.

Crossdressing with sister stories

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