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Post a Comment. Tuesday, January 20, great chastity cuckold story. The change in Jessica has been stunning. When we first discussed getting married she told me of her desire for one year of chastity for me. She told me that she had been hurt by other men and that she didn't want to get hurt again. She told me that men get bored when they can have sex whenever they want. She told me that if I truly loved her, I would consent to her wishes.

And that wish was for me to wear a cock cage and for us to wait a year before we begin having sex together. Jessica felt that by waiting a year before having sex that this would guarantee the commitment to our marriage. By agreeing to wait a year to have sex, and by agreeing to wear a cock cage twenty four hours a day, Jessica felt that this would demonstrate the level of my commitment to her and to the marriage.

She said that by not having sex for a full year it would heighten my desire for her and that when we did finally have sex, it would be a very intense, very spiritual experience. It would demonstrate the sanctity of our marriage. Jessica got many of her ideas from her best friend Vanessa. Vanessa, Cuckold chasity stories a stunningly beautiful and confident, haughty woman, was also extremely angry at men.

Both of her marriages ended when she discovered her husbands cheating on her. Subsequently, she has become a very bitter and vengeful woman. For some reason she has an affect on Jessica like an older sister. Jessica seems to acquiesce to Vanessa's wishes. Jessica told me that she and Vanessa discussed me and decided that the first year of enforced chastity was the best way to protect Jessica.

Though I found Cuckold chasity stories wanting to wait a year after we got married very strange, I accepted her terms out of respect and love for her. I think Jessica is the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen and even though the one year wait would be hard to bear, I felt it would be worth it in the end.

Jessica would regularly un-lock the cock cage and let me out. She would allow me to rub my cock up against her moist pussy. The main difference being that she was always allowed to cum, and I was always denied orgasm. Jessica told me that "Men are too over-sexed. By denying you orgasm I'm teaching you restraint and how nice it can be just to cuddle.

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We found that after a session of rubbing up against Jessica's pussy I would need to place an ice-pack against my straining cock and my increasingly blue balls in order to get me back into the cock cage. Once I was back inside the cock cage Jessica would usually cum either by playing with her self or letting me eat her to orgasm.

She claimed that by her climaxing and me being denied that our sexuality's were more equal. That since women were generally less sexual than men that her cumming and my frustration made us on the same level. I don't really know that it made a lot of sense, but that's what Jessica wanted and I was only too happy to give in to her. During this period in our relationship Jessica was very sweet, in a kind of little girl way. After a period of sexually exciting and then denying me after she placed the ice pack on me and locking me back into the cock cage she would get very tender with me.

She would hold me in her arms and kiss my face tenderly. She would then say "I'm sorry it has to be this way. I'm sorry you have to be so frustrated. Poor little hubby! But soon the year will be up and Cuckold chasity stories and I will have sex all the time and you'll be able to cum as much as you want! It'll be worth the wait, I promise! Besides, it's only for a year. It's not like you're never going to let me cum! That would be horrible! That would be too cruel! Can you imagine, never cumming again!

That would be something! You're not mad at me are you?

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If that's what makes you happy, then that's what we will do. Throughout the first year of our marriage this scene was played out over and over again. Jessica being very tender and girlish with me, even though she did enforce the "No cum" rule with an iron hand. Finally our one year anniversary had arrived.

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Finally I was to be let out of my cock cage, Jessica and I would consummate our marriage with a night of passionate lovemaking and I would be allowed to cum after a year of total sexual frustration. The night started promisingly with Jessica wearing a very sexy outfit consisting of a mini skirt, black three inch high stiletto pumps, a sexy blouse and a dark red shade of lipstick on her lips.

After much discussion by Jessica of it being "The Big Night! Unfortunately, just as we were beginning to get things going the phone rang. It was Vanessa, who, apparently was very upset. Jessica tried to console her over the phone.

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Apparently the fellow she had been seeing for the last few months was also seeing another woman. Vanessa sounded enraged. Then Jessica said the words to Vanessa that put a shudder down my spine. Cuckold chasity stories know, use Andrew as a symbol of what's wrong with men in general? Not only was my big night being interrupted but by an angry, bitter woman whom my wife was offering me up to for some kind of punching bag.

After Jessica got off the phone she told me that she was sorry but that Vanessa was so upset. She apologized for the interruption to our evening and for the offer to use me as a kind of punching bag. But that she felt that it would really help Vanessa to feel better. A few minutes later Vanessa showed up and she was extremely angry.

The next thing I knew was that a ball gag was being forced into my mouth and then I was told to remove all of my clothes. I complied, not knowing what was going to happen next and fearing the worst. The two women were oddly in sync, as if they had planned this whole evening before. Jessica laid down on the floor on her back and I was told to get on my hands and knees above her. Jessica's face was now inches away from mine.

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Jessica then spoke. Why don't you use Andrew as a stand-in for what you would do to Doug if you could. Then Vanessa spoke. If Doug were Cuckold chasity stories I'd kick him in the balls, hard. So, Andrew, get ready. This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me!

Vanessa brought up her high heeled platform shoe with her exposed painted red toe-nails up into my balls. After a moment she kicked me again in my balls. At this point, Jessica, who has been watching my face intently begins to kiss my face tenderly and say "Poor baby, poor, poor baby!

Instead of my balls getting relief from a year of frustration, they were being kicked viciously by an angry blonde. Jessica was continuously kissing my face and making tender comments. But the kicks to my balls kept coming. Kick after kick reined up into my aching balls. After what seemed like Cuckold chasity stories eternity, probably fifteen minutes, Vanessa had had her fill. She probably kicked me in the balls thirty times. Jessica got up and laid down on our bed, face up.

She motioned for me to her. I hobbled over to the bed and laid down next to her with tears running down my cheeks and my balls throbbing from the pain. Men are such pigs! They are all pricks. They always fuck you over. Thanks Jessica for letting me take out my anger on Andrew. Thanks for letting me kick him in the balls like that. I think I feel a little bit better. The way the two women were talking it was like I wasn't even in the room. Tonight is Andrew's and I's one year anniversary.

And, as you know, tonight is the night that I'm scheduled to take off Andrew's cock cage and let him make love to me for the very first time. It's also the night when I promised Andrew that he could cum for the first time in a year. But, after seeing you tonight and hearing your story about how Doug betrayed you, I'm beginning to have second thoughts. Do you think I should honor my promise to Andrew and let him make love to me and then cum, or should I post pone this for a while? What was Jessica doing? Of all the nights not to ask Vanessa's opinion on this matter, this was the one.

I started to scream my objection to this line of questioning but to no avail, I was only able to make a groaning sound inside my mouth. As soon as he starts having sex with you and cumming on a regular basis he'll start taking you for granted and start sleeping around on you with other women.

Men are all the same. They are all such pigs! No, Jessica, my advice is to put all that off for another year.

Cuckold chasity stories

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