Cuckold husband humiliation stories

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I had been locked up in the CB and Rox put the key on a chain around her neck before she left to meet her date. She called me after she got to the lounge and told me she was safe and was chatting with a very handsome black man and she would call me back later. When I usually wait I think about her flirting and play with my dick but today I could not. The feeling was more one of calm and being subdued. Roxanne called about an hour later and said she was really enjoying herself fondling the key around her neck as she flirted with her new handsome friend.

She gave the phone to him which I hate because it only reinforces my helplessness. He went on to tell me how much he was enjoying my wife. I feel so weak in those situations all I could only respond that she was a lovely lady. Roxanne took back the phone and informed me she might call me later.

I knew what she meant. She would do whatever she wanted to and all I could do was wait and wonder. My cucky angst began to rise as I pondered what she might do with Cuckold husband humiliation stories would she go back to his place, would she bring him home or would she just tease him and set up a play meeting later? My lil dick began to get hard but the CB discourages you from getting fully erect so I tried to calm down.

She had taken pictures of my pathetic dick after she locked it up so I posted them in a cuckold group and began chatting with a few other cucky boys in the group about my angst. Misery loves company and of course the others knew of my dilemma. Many of them had been there before. When you started this you thought it would be fun and talked her into it. Maybe it was her hesitation, maybe it was her assurance she only needed you, maybe it was your own greed but whatever it was you believed ultimately you would still be in control.

Now that she has experienced another man outside the marriage and discovered your inadequacy the tables have been turned. She is in complete control now and there is nothing you can do about it.

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Part of you is ashamed and humiliated that what started out as a fantasy is now a reality. The fantasy never matched the reality and now you must face the truth. Your ears have heard the screams of her passion as a well endowed lover takes her to heights of ecstasy that you could never imagined her feeling with you.

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Your heart has felt the shame of your male pride being beaten into submission and yet the cause of it all, your deficient penis strains at the thought of her salacious ways. Cucky Angst indeed! About an hour later she called back and asked if I had the place cleaned up because she was bringing someone home who wanted to meet me.

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She said it would be fun for someone else to see me all locked up. I knew if I wanted to be released and feel her this evening I had better be a good cucky boy. I could see why she was smiling. Billy was a very handsome professional black man who seemed at ease with the situation.

He shook my hand confidently and I sensed no hesitation on his part. Not all men are in that situation; I am inches and lbs and Billy was about but had a thick muscular stature about him. There was no doubt that he was confident. His confidence made me feel comfortable and less ashamed. I help them get their coats off and offered to pour them a drink. As I walked off into the kitchen I saw them embrace each other. I poured the drinks as they began kissing and fondling each other on the couch.

I saw his hands moving all over my wife and as she embraced him tightly. I knew she wanted him as she ground her body against him. I handed them their drinks as they stopped pawing each other for a second. She left to go to the bathroom and Billy and I chatted. He began telling about his business. He owns a distribution center and was thinking about selling it because of the unstable gas prices. It was easy to see why she was attracted him. Roxanne likes intelligent confidant men and he was not lacking in either department.

She came back Cuckold husband humiliation stories went right to him, ignoring me, and put her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Gone were the days of her looking for my approval, gone were the days of her making sure I was excited while watching, this was about what she wanted now. She took out his thick black cock and I could see her smile. She prefers thickness to length. She started sucking him into her mouth like a kid licking a lollipop. I knew we Cuckold husband humiliation stories in for a hot evening by her reactions.

She enjoyed the fucking but she did not enjoy the recovery time. Billy looked a bit thicker and he was going to be in the 8 to 9 inch range, just the right size for her. Once he was hard she stood up and took him by the hand into our bedroom walking right past me.

I knew better not to follow them; I had to wait until I was called into the bedroom, if I was called. Sometimes she would get so excited by her lover she would forget to call me in until afterwards. I could hear their muffled sounds and she was giggling like a charmed school girl. It seemed like an eternity but I finally heard her voice calling my name.

Billy was laying flat on his back on the bed and she was hunched over him sucking his thick black cock. Roxanne looked up at me and motioned for me to get between his legs. She began stripping off her clothes next to Billy, showing him all of her assets. She then climbed on top of his face and she began moaning. She road his face and kept telling me to get him nice and hard so he can fuck her good.

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I sucked him deep into my throat as I watched her ride his face. When Roxanne wanted it she could be down right nasty. As I was sucking him I thought I tasted precum on the tip of his cock. She slid off of him and told me to move over. It had been awhile since she had some cock. I am not allowed to fuck her anymore until she has been fucked by a real man. She likes to tell me the only thing I will ever get anymore is a well stretched pussy. She was grinding him hard and he was pumping his cock into her fast and furious and soon they were both cumming.

I watched her squeeze it all out of him. I could see her body trembling on top of his magnificent black physique. He grabbed her ass cheeks and I could see his big black hands squeezing them tightly as he drove every inch of his thick black cock into her Cuckold husband humiliation stories eager cunt. I held her tightly to his torso and she kept screaming as he was shooting his hot creampie load deep inside of her.

I snapped a few pics and dove right in. I started lapping her wet pussy like a madman and she started cumming again pushing their cum onto my face. She grabbed my hair and just held my face on her pussy as she released herself. She let my hair go and then ordered me to look up at Billy so he could see it. They were both enjoying the show. I was so humiliated and yet I could not stop myself even if I wanted to. I had lost all pride and all I had left was the hope they would allow me to please them.

She ordered me to clean his cock. I reached over and sucked his semi-hard cock into my mouth licking all the cum off the sides. I took it deep in my throat and sucked it hard draining any Cuckold husband humiliation stories drops of cum from the head. I felt so much relief when she took off the case. I stood there beside the bed as she snuggled up next to Billy.

I knew she wanted him to see how pathetic I was as I stood there like a school boy being punished. She seemed to be occupied with him and forgot about embarrassing me anymore. Everyone relaxed and we all chatted for about 20 minutes. Finally, Rox decided to pay some attention to me and ordered me to the bed. I crawled on the other side of them and she started kissing me and stroking my dick. She began telling me I had better get hard so I could feel her well fucked pussy. All the talk must have gotten Billy excited because before I knew it he has her on her knees and was fucking her from behind.

Cuckold husband humiliation stories

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