Cuckold tumblr story

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A week? So all the better to reward you for your patient obedience! My wife stepped up close to me, and kissed me on the lips; my mouth opened Cuckold tumblr story, and I felt her warm, moist tongue slither across mine most provocatively! My cock stiffened inside the clear plastic chastity device I was wearing on her request, and it caused the thick plastic ring behind my testicles to pull against them. Well, youv'e been such a good and faithful cuckold, that I want to reward you. She held it up in the light. It glittered as she turned it.

She also smiled. She pulled my undershorts down around my ankles as I stood there. I stepped out of them and she knelt back down and inserted the small key into the shiny padlock. It clicked open, and she unfastened the device and sat it on the night stand table. My cock was fully erect by then, and my wife began slowly stroking my cock, and looking up into my face. It was a purely rhetorical question, of course, but she asked it anyway. It did feel good. After all, I had been in chastity for nine long days! Cuckold tumblr story to that, I knew that she was going out that evening to fuck Tyrone, her latest big black cock bull!

Am I right? She continued to stroke my throbbing erection as she teased and taunted me about fucking Tyrone! It excited me hearing her say such things. It always had, in fact! It had been the foundation from which our cuckold relationship had been built upon from the start! After a few more teasing strokesI knew I was coming. She kept pumping my cock shaft. When I did come, she kept stroking, and I gasped out very loudly, as a very large, ropey glob of cum spurted out into the air; like a creamy-white, glimmering, fluid rope. Others followed soon after, and I could see my wife smiling at the sight of my release!

Give it all to ME. After waiting patiently?! She liked that, and she smiled. Then, with a certain reluctance to stop, she let go of my cock and it began to sag from exhaustion. Instead, I felt strangely excited! I watched her turn the corner and disappear from sight, with my balls aching from the strength of my recent ejaculations. Then I went to get a damp towel and some toilet paper, and proceeded to wipe up the large mess she and I had just left of on our bedroom floor!

I was on my hands and knees, wiping up my own cum; and as I did that, my wife was on her way to meet Tyrone; and he was going to fuck her! It was such a curious predicament to be in; and yet, I reminded myself that it had been my idea from the very start! I was simply acknowledging a fact! Blog Store 3some 3some Story Tweet. I could feel her fingers probing my crotch. She looked up into my face, and smiled. She had some of my sperm on her fingers, and she had me lick it off; smiling faintly as I did.

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Cuckold tumblr story

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