Cuckolded husband stories

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My wife has always had a thing for her boss, she always used to tell me how attactive he was and after a while the chemistry between them built up so much that I let them have sex. They sent me pictures, they went on a business trip together and this is the story about how it all started and if I regret my decision to share my wife with her boss.

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My husband and I went to our first cuckold, hotwife and bull orgy and I had to share my experience. It took me a while to get it out of him, but after a few long chats I found out all the details and he become my slutty best friend. It started with a blowjob, then he cleaned up, then he tried pegging and finally he had a man inside him without a condom and got to experience the feeling of having another mans cum inside his tight man pussy.

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The idea of my partner and I sharing another guys cum though a romantic kiss, just drives me wild. It took a lot of teaching and training, but I finally got my partner to try it and this is how it happened. I recently read the femdom queens posts on cuckin and it inspired me to try out pegging my husband.

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It happened and now he is a full bi cuckold and all his holes are being used regularly by my bull. First off I ticket off a lot of firsts in one night. This is my guide on how I humiliate my pathetic, small dick cuckold husband. Does anyone else love making their partners friends hard? I wanted to share my story here and see if any of you have a similar kink.

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This is my experience of the whole thing and how it transformed me into a blowjob queen. My husband used to be straight, then I got a kink were I wanted to see him with another man.

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Cuckolded husband stories

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