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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. So has far as other fetishes go this is one that is right behind omo for me.

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I was wondering how many people here are into the same kind of thing. I think like omo it's mostly about the loss of control. I'm not talking about premature ejaculation though. I intentionally trying to make someone else cum in their pants. I've done that too. I have came in my pants a few times over the years and also made a few different girls cum in their pants.

I've had a couple different girlfriends that were really into teasing me and both were able to get me to cum in my pants more than once. It takes a lot work to achieve this and if they hadn't been intent on it happening it wouldn't have. Once was in a car I was driving.

Another we were in the backseat of a car with another couple in front that didn't even know. One time in a girls bedroom who still lived at home. Most of the time I didn't just submit to it and was trying to fight back the urge. Which really only makes it hotter. This is probably my favorite time because Cum in pants story was in public. I went to the movies with my girlfriend at the time and I wasn't expecting anything like this to happen. It was only minutes into the movie and she put her hand on my lap resting her hand right on my cock.

I started getting hard right away. After a few minutes she started cupping her hand over my throbbing dick and would give it a subtle squeeze every few minutes. It didn't take long before I was rock hard. From there it turned into occasionally patting the bulge in my jeans and back to just cupping it. Then she started teasing me and blowing in my ear. Eventually she started rubbing harder. By now I'm leaking pre cum into my boxer briefs and it's only adding to the pleasure.

By this time she knows I'm basically soaked and goes back to just cupping it and kinda holding it through my jeans. My cock was throbbing so hard and each time it Cum in pants story she would give it a gentle squeeze. I didn't see any of the movie but we're like an hour into it now. I'm breathing heavy and she starts rubbing faster and leans over and says right in my ear but not quietly "You're gonna cum in pants You're gonna shoot your load.

I know it! You're about to blow it all over yourself right now She keeps teasing me until I explode and pump shot after shot of cum into my underwear. It goes on and on and I feel like I'm going to pass out.

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I was trying to play it cool until then but when I finally stop cumming she starts rubbing harder. I can't take anymore and I'm like crawling out of my seat when she says kinda loudly "Aww did you cum in your pants? Once I recovered I tried to watch some of it too. When it ended I had to walk out with a huge wet stain on my light blue jeans.

But I loved every minute. She did this a few other times but most times her hand ended up in my pants. The time I was driving it wasn't gonna happen even Cum in pants story I was trying to just let it go and she just reached in my pants to make sure I finished. She liked to make a mess in my shorts especially if I had to stay in the clothes for a while. I'll share some of the other stories if people are interested and would love to hear any others. A girl making her mind up to to dominate me and force me to cum in my pants is a huge turn on for me and I love trying to get girls to cum in their pants.

The thing is it just le to clothes coming off unless both of you are into it. Dutch Gus 6 posts. Kraftwerk 4 posts. Fred 4 posts. March 10, I think like omo it's mostly about the loss of contro. March 21, This is exactly the same for me. I have another story about the same girl as the theater story. I'll call her Jamie since that's not her name was my girlfriend at the time. June 11, Yeah, I'm kind of really into the same thing. I don't know I guess there's just something really hot about the situation. I've actually had a girl who I was sitting next to one time ask me if she could grab my crotch, and I didn't hesitate to say yes : That was sort of where I got that little kink in the first place.

I actually find cumming in pants more hot than peeing in pants. For me, it is the ultimate turn-on. It's intimate. That's the best way I can describe why I like it. Shooting lo into your own clothing, because you just can't fight back the sexual pleasure. You're so turned on, you can't help but do it all over yourself — release yourself right then and there, in your pants. I can imagine after this, lots of dry humping Cum in pants story rubbing, maybe followed by more cumming. This is something me and my partner have agreed to experiment with. I don't like vanilla sex. This is the kind of stuff I like.

And he is totally supportive and partly understanding.

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Definitely something I'm interested in. Not sure if I like it more than omo, it's close enough on the list that which kink I'm more into varies by mood. If it's a desired goal through consensual activity, that's fine. But it can be a control issue with an unhealthy motive. The same can be said for causing someone to wet their pants. I have done that! Not in a movie theather, but in our TV-couch at home. My husband likes it very much And so do I! Me and my husband love doing this, whether at home or out in public, we love to tease each other and make each other cum.

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