Dad fucks his daughter stories

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I know it is wrong but I have been having immoral thoughts about my teenage daughter for some time.

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Thoughts that have entered my dreams and haunted me. I sometimes wake up with cold chills and a very hard cock needing relief. Some of my best sex with my wife occurs when I drill her from behind after feeding her my cock and emptying my first load down her throat. My cock usually stays hard and I fuck her hard and long before filling her cunt with my second full load of the night. Why my daughter affects me so is a mystery to me. It is not like my wife is denying me her charms. Quite the opposite, she loves to fuck and sucks with the best of them. My daughter started developing at an early age and now at sixteen is in full bloom.

She is literally a sex goddess. And did I mention, she has an ass to die for. Is it any wonder how I lust after her, and want to fuck her so much. It was during one of these sessions that I got a creepy feeling of being watched. A feeling that overwhelmed me. She had her hand down her panties masturbating furiously. Both my wife and I were being very vocal; that should have woken up anybody in the house.

I waited till my wife went to sleep. There I saw her lying on her side with her back to me seemingly asleep. Had I only imagined her being in our room and watching? Back in bed, my hard-on refused to go down. My cock ached with lust for my daughter. An ache that would torment me for the next several days. Then a message arrived.

My mother-in-law had been victimized by a serious stroke and Dad fucks his daughter stories wife would fly out for Fort Myers that very day. The first night we were home alone, I was in bed furiously masturbating thinking of my daughter with the most impure thoughts. When I was about to cum, I got that same creepy feeling of being watched. I froze and looked up and standing there with a lust-filled, dazed look was my daughter who was also masturbating. My cock erupted sending a geyser upward and falling back on my belly. I could feel the warmth of it. Almost afraid to look, I peered back toward my daughter only to find her not there.

Again, I wondered if I had only imagined it. I slowly crept to her room and looked in only to see her on her side with her back to me appearing to be asleep. My imagination must be running away with me, I thought. Returning to my room, I finally fell into a fitful sleep. I started having nightmares of my daughter catching me masturbating while thinking of her voluptuous body. In the morning I awoke totally unrested. I went to work, but could not concentrate, as visions of my daughter watching me masturbate kept dancing through my thoughts.

I decided to leave Dad fucks his daughter stories office early and arrived home early around three PM. Entering the house, I could hear the sounds of someone in the throes of sexual bliss.

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Oh, daddy I loved sucking it so much. I was in such a state of shock, at first, I was not aware of the extreme erection I was experiencing until my cock began to ache. Oh my god, I thought, my baby daughter is masturbating to the thoughts of sucking my cock and me fucking her. I literally ran to my bedroom and removed my clothes and jumped into the shower as I started masturbating looking for much needed relief. Soon I was splattering the shower walls with huge amounts of cum as I was achieving an earth-shattering orgasm. Maybe my best ever.

I slid down and was sitting on the floor of the shower with my eyes transfixed on the cum sliding down the shower wall. Funny how the sight of that cum had me mesmerized. The thought ran through my mind that perhaps I had not imagined seeing my daughter watching me as we both masturbated.

She was lying there peacefully sleeping completely nude, with the most contented smile on her face. For the first time since my wife left, I slept well. That was till I was awaken with the feeling of my cock in a warm moist mouth. My first thought was my wife had returned and was giving me one of her special blowjobs, which I loved.

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But there was something different about this blowjob. Something I could not readily identify. I slowly opened my eyes to see a head of long blonde hair bobbing up and down between my legs.

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Since my wife was a redhead, it had to be my daughter. Without warning I blew a huge load in her mouth with two big spurts followed by several smaller ones. Followed by a gagging and choking. Now I knew I had not been imagining things. I was also amazed how quickly and often she came coating my tongue, lips and face with her delicious nectar. There was no doubt about my ability to fuck her after the marvelous blowjob I had received, my cock was rock hard and throbbing. And fuck her I did. As I entered her tight hot cunt, the feeling was better than any I had ever experienced.

Her pussy was like an oven. I pounded her as hard or harder than any pussy before. My lust knew no bounds. This teenager was a superb Dad fucks his daughter stories. The orgasm I had experienced from her blow job was earth-shattering, but the orgasm I experienced fucking her was a shot to the moon and back.

That message eased my mind considerably. But later I started feeling remorse for my incestuous actions. Remorse that quickly ended when we fucked again later that same evening. My wife was a fantastic fuck, getting a ten on a scale of one to ten, but my daughter would require a new scale to be developed.

My wife did not return for four more days and each day we fucked each morning and night. My wife returned horny as hell as she had not been fucked for over a week, or so I thought. After a serious lovemaking session, which included great oral and fucking, she offered a confession. for Free! Score 4. Published 2 years ago.

Looking back up, my daughter was gone. That shocked me as I wondered how many times had she sucked cock. As I withdrew my cock from her pussy, I could see large amounts of cum seeping out. Incest Fantasy incest sucking fucking.

Dad fucks his daughter stories

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