Daddy fucks teen daughter stories

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Im 6 ft 2 with pretty good abs, a very deep voice and a 8 inch cock blessed I have 2 kids, my 17 year old daughter Tara and my 10 year old son Aaron. My wife and I broke up a year ago due to personal issues, I moved out and the kids visited me in my own home. Me and my wife got on as friends and everything was perfect, but then one day…. I rinsed off the soap from my hair, looked down and realised I had a boner.

Oh it felt good after months without a single fuck. I could hear Aaron running around outside playing with his nerf guns, shooting at his sister. She was a good sister to him. She cheered him up and played games with him and helped him through the divorce. She was a good sibling. And I kept wanking.

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After a few minutes I had to stiffle my groans, but to no avail. You okay in there. Shit, she was coming up the stairs. I looked down and realised too late that my towel was failing miserably to cover my bulging cock.

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She finally snapped out of the stare, smiled at me and walked out. I quickly finished off with an anti-climatic orgasm, got dressed and saunted down the stairs like nothing happened.

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You okay? Keeping an eye on Tara who was smiling to herself in the corner. The rest of the day was normal, but every now and again I caught Tara staring at my bulge and she even brushed past it once or twice. What was she playing at? For dinner, we had sausage and mash. I kept watching Tara eat sausages in the most explicit way, obviously pretending to give a blow job but I ignore it.

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But she was only kidding, right? Search for:.

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Daddy fucks teen daughter stories

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