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Request : hi!!! I love all your works and I need to order a steve rogers smut. Where reader is teenger, maybe 17teen, and she is tonys daughter. Also she has a crush on steve and he likes her too and one day sth happened and they ended up…. Pls a lot of dirty talk and maybe a daddy kink? Thank you! I thought I taught you better?? You rolled your eyes at your father as you damn well knew he would freak out at your grade. His head snapped up as he set your report card down on the table; his fingers gently massaging his temples.

You gave your dad a smirk before sipping your water and taking a seat next to Steve at the table. Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt a strong hand grip your knee tightly. From the corner of your eye, you could see Steve narrowing his eyes at you; quirking his eyebrow in your direction and you lowered your head.

Your father talked about him a lot because your grandfather served in the war with him. From all the stories you heard growing up, he sounded like an astonishing man. Your dreams came true when your father told you they found Captain America and unfroze him. Before you knew it, Steve became a part of the Avengers and moved in.

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Over the years, things were easy, uncomplicated. You were younger, and you knew better than to go after an older man, especially because of the age gap. There was always flirtations happening between the two of you; but nothing physical happened until you turned The look Steve gave you made heat pool in your belly as your core became wet. You whimpered quietly as he took his hand off your knee.

You huffed out in annoyance, not wanting to study anymore. Steve gripped your knee again before quickly wandering his hand up your thigh; your arousal pooling in your Daddy kink x reader lemon as you bit your lip. The elevator doors opened and you walked straight through your living room and into your bedroom.

Sitting on your bed, you waited for what was to come; a grin spreading on your face as you heard the elevator ding. Glancing out your bedroom doors, you saw Steve stalk towards you; your face heating up from arousal as your breathing became ragged. Just the sight of him turned you on and you were excited; like a damn dog in heat. You quickly stood up to your feet as Steve approached you; his hands gripping your waist as his lips crushed ours in a heated kiss.

You parted your mouth as his tongue traced along your lower lip. As his tongue connected with yours, you moaned into his mouth; your panties become more wet by the minute. His hands tangled into your hair as he pulled your head back; his dark eyes watching your reaction.

A soft moan left your mouth as he positioned you onto the bed. You removed your shirt and bra rather hastily so he could have access to your chest. You arched your back as your fingers tugged at your sheets; reveling in the feel of his mouth on you. His tongue swirled around your hardened nipple while his free hand tugged at your other nipple. Giving him a smirk, you spread your legs and wiggled your eyebrows at him. His growl resonated throughout the room; your body trembling in desire.

Nibbling your lower lip, you nodded to him eagerly. My baby girl got a B minus on her mid-term. Maybe she should be punished. Your legs started to shake as he continued to assault your clit in the most pleasurable way; the way he knew how to make you come. His tongue stopped moving as he pulled himself away from you. Your chest was rising and falling at a rapid rate as you just wanted your release. His tongue licked up your core and to your nub. Without hesitation, he d his sexual assault on you, quickly plunging a finger deep into your core as his tongue rolled around your throbbing pearl.

His finger curled, hitting your sweet spot as you felt yourself start to tighten. With his relentless suckles on your clit, you fell overboard and hurdled towards your orgasm as it washed through your body. Steve coaxed you down from your high as you unclutched your knuckles form your sheets.

Your breathing was still rough but it soon started to even out. Opening your eyes, you saw Steve rummage through your drawers, finding the condoms before he took one out. Leaning up on your elbows, you watched as he lifted his shirt from his body before removing his pants. Your mouth watered at the naked sight of him. You got to your knees, crawling on the bed towards him. His knees hit the edge of the bed before you looked down to his erect cock. Daddy kink x reader lemon up through your long lashes, you asked his permission. His lips curled into a smirk; his hands threading through your hair.

You closed your eyes as you reveled at the feeling, nodding your head at him. You quickly grasped his cock in your hands as your tongue darted out, swirling along his tip and tasting his pre-cum. You hummed in happiness at the salty taste before taking him fully into your mouth. His grip on your hair tightened as he growled out in response. Hallowing your cheeks, you bobbed up and down a few times as your free hand cusped his balls, rolling them around your palm. He grinned at your response; a mixture of love and lust in his eyes.

As Steve positioned himself, you straddled his waist; leaning down to capture his lips with yours. You ran you soaking slit along his condom cloaked cock, moaning into his mouth at the feeling as his hands trailed lightly up and down your thighs. You got up on your knees and gripped his cock, lining him up at your entrance; teasing yourself in the process. Slowly, you sunk down onto him until he was fully sheathed inside of you.

Both of your moans resounded in your quiet room. Steve gripped your hips, willing you to move, to do something. You splayed your hands on his bare chest, loving the feel of his muscles beneath your fingers as you raised your hips before sinking back down on him. He large cock filled you up, deeper than ever and you loved riding him. You continued to gyrate your hips, moving around in a circle and then up and down.

The coil in your stomach started to tighten; your inner walls mimicking the feeling. Locking eyes with him, Daddy kink x reader lemon waited until he gave you the al. As Steve raised his eyebrows, he pushed against your clit and you instantaneously saw stars as you cried out in pleasure. Time slowed as you felt Steve pulsating inside of you; his cock throbbing against your tightening walls. You collapsed onto his chest; your breath ragged as you clung to him. Pushing up on his chest you gazed lovingly into his eyes.

Steve leaned upwards, capturing your lips with his. You lifted your hips off of him as he fell out of you; rolling over onto your bed. Steve discarded the condom into the wastebasket before pulling his robe around you.

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Grabbing your books from your backpack, you sat at your desk. Steve came up behind you, kissing you on your temple. Tag List: princess-evans-addict potterhead white-chocolate-mocha-fan patzammit missfirstavenger wildestdreamsrps miss-cap21 pumbibaby kanupps06 zohoffman the-real-kellymonster mustbenot srgntjbarnes marvelmakeuplover remember-that-one-blog projectxhappiness 01asianista hispeculiartreasure.

Kink Request : hi!!!

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