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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Julie and I were totally naked, on top of the bed, making love when our daughter, Candie entered the room. We were at a nudist resort, so she too was clothesless.

Our suite was equipped with curtains rather than doors on the rooms, and our curtains were tied open. Candie had been quiet when she patted in on the lushly carpeted floor. I could see her young body out of the corner of my eye. Knowing she was watching me fuck her mother gave me an extra thrill. I pretended not to notice her. I had gotten Julie pregnant when she was 16, and even at that, I was not the first boy to sample her wares. Julie and I were both glad Candie had not gotten pregnant yet. We both knew that she had gone to the room of Max, one of the other guests at the resort.

She made no effort to cover or conceal the evidence of their sexual dalliance. My hands were on Daughter swap stories rock hard nipples and the rhythm of my stroking caused a sensual massage of her ample breasts. She had a big smile on her face. Again, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Candie.

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Then she moved to a position directly behind us. What do you think of that? She began strumming her clit in time with my thrusts. I bought her a toy for her last birthday. I just hope she is initiated by someone as good as you or Max. He was slow and gentle and then fast, then slow Her breathing became ragged and she bit her lip. It was the third orgasm she had experienced in that session. That put me over the top.

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I had a vision of our beautiful young daughter on her back with a big cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy. I could imagine her tits bouncing and her face grimacing with pleasure. After a few more strokes I was unloading a massive volley of scalding spunk into her hungrily clutching womb.

I pumped a couple of more times and then I collapsed onto her. When I reached her pubes, I kissed and licked around the thick but tidy Daughter swap stories she kept there. Copious quantities of sex sauce were oozing from her sex slot. I scooped up some of that which was pooling on the bed and rubbed it into her belly skin.

I felt a dollop of cum slip out of my cock. I knew Candie could easily see what was going on if she was watching. I hoped she was. I felt my dick trying to get stiff again, just thinking about it. A few seconds later it was fully hard and I could feel the weight of my balls as they hung in their sac.

There was a salty taste in my mouth as my tongue brought the froth of Julie and her lover and me and her and a little sweat to my palate. Speaking of eating, I wonder what Candie tastes like. I suspect she knows. Remember you spent that whole night with Steve when we were here last year and when you came back to the room you looked pretty well fucked to me. My cock was fully hard now and I made no effort to hide it as I climbed up onto the bed next to Julie.

I casually wiped the moisture from my chin. You and Lisa look out for each other. Those boys are a few years older than you and they might have more than food on their minds once they get you two naked girls down to that lake in the dark.

Julie was sitting on the floor between his legs as he massaged her back and neck. Jackie was lying on the couch with her head on my thigh as I casually cupped her breast, lightly tweaking her nipple. We had enjoyed a light dinner and were just talking. The topic had turned to our daughters and sex and sex with our daughters. Julie had reached back between her and Max and made a comment on how the topic seemed to affect him. Jackie had reached up and cupped my balls and agreed that the affect seemed to be contagious. Just then the girls entered the room. They had been drinking cheap wine and they kind of reeked as they sat down with us.

Candie, usually pretty careful about her poses, sat on the floor cross-legged, facing Max and Julie. Lisa sprawled on the other sofa, not careful about modesty either. I thought you said mine was the prettiest! My daughter stood up and walked, on wobbly legs over to Max and her mother. Dana, who do you think has the prettiest pussy? At the same time Lisa ed her and they Daughter swap stories got down on hands and knees with their asses facing Julie and Max. I saw Julie reach back between them again.

In an instant Max reached ahead with his fingers and quickly inserted one in to each of the two girls just inches from him. Mitchell are nasty perverts? She looked at me and I saw lust in her eyes. Her nipples were hard and her clit was peeking out of its little hood. My little girl was about to become a woman. For another hour our two families chatted and drank. The girls spent a lot of time whispering and giggling. I was mesmerized watching their lithe bodies, slim hips, perky breasts and slender thighs.

I also made a point to take special appreciation of their flat tummies, tight asses and sweet looking pussies. At one point Julie and Max went into the kitchen to get more snacks. They were gone for quite a while and it was pretty quiet. Lisa and Candie remarked that it was taking a long time and maybe they needed some Daughter swap stories. Jackie and I looked at each other knowingly. A few seconds later Julie and Max entered the room, each carrying a bowl of chips and dip.

Lisa quickly ran over and sat on my thigh. As she draped her arm around my shoulder her firm little tittie brushed against my face.

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Candie is a baby! I could smell her natural fragrances, wine and sex. My cock shot to full hardness in an instant. I gave Candie a big hug and a hot, open-mouthed kiss. I could feel her tits pressed into my chest and again my cock sprang to life. We all climbed into bed together as soon as we made it back to our room. Lisa slept between Julie and I, at least for a little while. We were treated to a very hot bisexual teenager with seemingly unlimited energy.

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Daughter swap stories she sucked me, my wife sucked her tits and I sucked and ate her ass and pussy. Unfortunately, I was so wiped out from the drink and exertion that I fell asleep almost immediately. Luckily, I awoke a quarter of an hour later. By then, Lisa and Julie were locked in a saphic wrestling match, each trying to out do the other with the skill and enthusiasm of near nymphomania. As much as I wanted to in, my wife informed me that it was a girls only event, so I contented myself with watching and stroking. In the morning I was awakened by Lisa voraciously attacking my nipples while Julie sucked my cock.

Julie said they had fallen asleep shortly after I had and had just woken up a few minutes earlier and both were very hungry. I offered to give them each some sausage and little hot cream but they said they wanted to save that for later. We then got up and showered together. The shower was great. It was crowded, but I got to lather each of them up and they worked on me. Our family has always taken showers together, but our shower area is a lot larger. There are some advantages to less space.

We took a table out by the swimming pool and were waiting for our food. Julie and Lisa were over at one of the flowerbeds admiring some exotic flora and I felt my cock twitching again as I watched them.

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All of a sudden Candie appeared next to my arm. As I turned to face her, my eyes were about level with her ribcage. Her nipples were bright pink and she had a small Daughter swap stories on one of her tits. I put my arm around her waist and reached up for a kiss.

Max came over holding a cup of coffee. His cock was almost at my eye level as he straightened up I watched Candie kiss its dark head. She pulled us both together. I noticed that Jackie had ed Lisa and Julie by the flowers. But Lisa is damn hot herself. After you left I went to the john and when I came out, Jackie was doing the 69 with Candie. They looked so inviting that Mr. Since Candie was on top, I stuck my tongue in her ass and let Jackie get her cunt good and ready. Then I put in a finger and brought her off with a little g-spot tickle. That little bitch was begging for it by the time I put my cock to her fuck hole.

I glanced at Candie who was blushing as she smiled at me teasingly. Her nipples were hard and pointed. He just kept sliding it in and out. I came several times before his knees got too tired. I thought his dick was going to pop out of my mouth. Oh daddy, it was so great! I only wish you and me had done it a long time ago.

You guys trade wives and Lisa and me will trade moms! An incredibly good thing is Nudism. So there are no secrets about the body of the other participants. Everything is like on TV - you see, you judge, you like, you don't like. Easy life.

Daughter swap stories

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