Daughters friend sex story

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This all started a few years back. No body have movie video rental stores anymore. We actually still have a successful video rental store in my little town. Yes we have RedBox rental in locations around town. But the rental store is alive and well here. Ok, so at the time this all started, my daughter Becky was in 2nd grade.

And was doing great in school.

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Being in a small town means you see the same people day after day. And my town is no stranger to that. After awhile you began remembering faces and names as you come across these locals.

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In my case, I would see the same teller at my bank at least once or twice a week. She was very friendly, and we always seemed to hit it off in chatter. Her name is Ashley.

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Well as time passed I began seeing her occasionally working the counter of our video rental store. In small talk I found out she was having to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. One evening I went in looking for a few movies. But anyway, as I walked in I saw Ashley at the counter and I made a beeline to her to just chat a bit. When I leaned on the counter I notice a cutie of a girl sitting in a chair behind the counter with Ashley. At this moment I assumed it was her daughter.

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I had never met any of her family so it was speculation. But I had seen her before at my own daughters school. She was sitting on the chair wearing the standard school colored uniform for our town. Which she was in a tan skirt and a Green Polo shirt. I only paused a moment to notice her and went into conversation with Ashley. As we talked I caught a glimpse of the chubby cutiepies panties as she proped up her legs on the chair and continued playing on here gameing device.

Young married maths teacher. I was a bit taken at the clean open shot I was given from her seated position. Her panties were light pink and hugged every inch of her lower regions which perfectly outlined the shape of her innocence.

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I could even make out her plump little slit through the cotton fabric. I made no sudden reaction, but only acted as if I was looking in her general direction. Which seemed to work in hiding the fact I was staring very hard. I finished talking with Ashley and went about finding the movies I wanted.

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After, I returned to the counter. Ashley had stepped out from the counter and was returning movies. Search for:. I hope you all enjoy my first post here. Please leave a commrnt or rating. Thank You. Spread the love.

Daughters friend sex story

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My Daughters Little Friend