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Content Warning: All characters in this story are over the age of 18, and are consenting adults engaging in Age-play. Hope you enjoy! I laid on my back, on top of the fluffy blankets that covered my bed. I looked up at the blue eyes of my Daddy, looking back into mine. Even after being together for so long, I still hide my blushing face behind my fluffy, white, wolf stuffie because he was so handsome.

Daddy said it was playtime, and he had a new toy for us to play with.

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I giggled with excitement as he brought out a metal rod, coated black with leather cuffs attached on either end by metal links. My Daddy has gotten restraints for me before, but never one with a metal bar. Daddy smiles at me and presses his thumb into a small metal button. Then the bar clicks and slides apart into a longer bar. Hearing it snap into place scared me a little, but feeling it move my legs further apart made my princess parts tingle.

I squeezed my stuffie tighter and whimpered as I buried my face in his fur. His fingers make me feel good, and I coo into my white wolf. I like the way these new restraints make my princess parts feel, and giggle as Daddy holds them up above me. I peek up from behind my wolf and see Daddy smiling at me. He slowly puts a finger inside my parts, and I feel my juices covering it.

It almost tickles as I feel it sliding in and out. Daddy takes his finger out and rubs my wetness in tight circles over that tiny spot that feels really really good. It tickles a little, Ddlg erotic stories also makes my body feel warm. His touch makes my legs wiggle, and I feel really funny, but I like it. Daddy stops touching me, and smiles. He knows my paci makes me feel better, and I can let Daddy have what he wants if I feel better.

He tells me to open my mouth, and puts my paci in. I smile around my paci, and I feel happy. Daddy wants to play with my princess parts again, so I nod my head, and let him. I feel Daddy rub my princess parts with his fingers, and look down to watch. Sometimes I get scared, and sometimes Ddlg erotic stories wanna see what Daddy does to my parts.

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He moves closer, and I see his Daddy lollipop get really close. I get scared again, but I trust my Daddy, and I like the way he makes my princess parts feel. I hug my wolf tighter as his lollipop touches the wet part, and he pushes it inside. It stretched me and whimpered in discomfort, but Daddy was slow and waited for me to be ok before moving again.

My ankles were still restrained, and that made my little princess hole get wetter. He huffs, and I feel myself about to cum for Daddy. His eyes keep watching me as he makes me feel really really good.

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I moan through my paci, and Daddy thrusts faster to help me cum. I feel something really hot build up in me, then release.

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Daddy likes it too, because he starts to grunt, and his chest turns red. When Daddy feels better, he takes off the straps, and I can move my legs on my own again. Daddy also cleans up my tummy and tucks me into bed. He gets into bed with me, and he cuddles me with his strong arms.

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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Ddlg erotic stories

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