Delivery man sex stories

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I am a horny lady and as my husband is out of town most of the time, I am usually left alone and find means to have sex with someone else. I wondered how a man can be so good in bed. My sexual desires made me aroused and I got horny to have exceptionally hot sex with someone. I was hungry as well, in the mood for pizza and ordered the same.

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I decided to have a good, long bath before having the meal. I changed my clothes and dressed up in a piece of red-hot lingerie. I came back to my drawing room and continued watching the movie.

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I watched what Christian did to Ana and my nipples turned hard. I wondered if I looked sexy enough to attract a man like Christian who would lick my erect nubs and play with my cleavage which was very visible in my sexy apparel. Then, the delivery boy called me up and asked for my exact location. The bell rang and I rushed to open the door. I could see his eyes bulge in appreciation.

I knew I was looking hot AF. I invited him inside to pay for the pizza. He was drenched because of the rain so I gave him a towel and touched his hands to arouse him a bit. I asked him to sit and offered a glass of Delivery man sex stories. His eyes were stuck to my cleavage. I gave him a shirt to change too as he was all wet, but he hesitated. Then I asked him for a drink and he denied it again.

I told him to relax and poured him a drink. I sat in front of him and started spreading my legs. He was aroused and I went to sit on his lap. He put his hands inside my negligee and felt me up. His dick was hard and my breasts were exposed now. He had pulled down my top and was busy playing with them.

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I looked at his erect dick and was quite impressed by his size. He looked confused but still in the mood. I was completely nude at this point. He started licking my vagina and was roughly pressing my breast too. Then I sucked on his cock for a while to tease him. We were ready to have some wild sex. He started squeezing my huge melons again. He pressed my clit with his lips and my pussy turned hot. I began to squirt. He stroked his dick and made me kneel. He inserted his huge dick in my wet pussy and started fucking me. It went inside me easily as I was so wet. He was squeezing my boobs while fucking me and I kept moaning.

This made him wilder and hornier. He asked me to spread my legs wide and began pumping harder. His dick went deep inside my tight pussy as his balls slapped my thighs. I came again and again but he kept fucking me effortlessly.

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We did the doggy style while he pulled my hair and had a doggy ride. We changed to missionary and he was on me sucking and biting my nipples. He came in my tight cunt as I came again. I was so full of his cum that my pussy was leaking. He removed his cock slowly out of me and it was visible that I was loaded with thick cum. I enjoyed fucking him and now whenever my husband is out of town; this delivery boy is one call away from fulfilling all my dirty sexual desires.

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I know I am cheating my husband but I feel destiny brought me to a stranger and I ended up fucking a delivery boy. I am ready to be his whore for a lifetime. How I ended up having sex with a stripper Double dick — The horny doctor and the shemale nurse. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Delivery man sex stories

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