Diaper change stories

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It happens to the best of us moms whether we are the brand new mama or the veteran mama of 4. View the discussion thread. Each month local events are run, all based on curriculum created by early childhood educators. Search form Search. Diaper Change Horror Stories. Here are some fun stories shared by a few of our famiizuu mamas.

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We went to hubby's aunts house for Christmas dinner. She had a beautiful white carpet in her family room. While eating dinner my little guy needed to be changed.

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We asked where we could change him and were told it was ok to change them right there on the floor. We were prepared with a receiving blanket and a change pad. As soon as hubby took off the diaper, the pooplosion happened; all over hubby and the white carpet!

It was already the second time we had changed his clothes so he ended up along with hubby eating Christmas dinner with no pants on! I was talking to hubby with my son on my lap. All of a sudden I felt very warm and just knew it wasn't spit up. I looked down to find that he had gone right through his diaper and clothes and no it wasn't pee. I handed the baby off to him and jumped in the shower with clothes on. All of a sudden the shower Diaper change stories was being pushed aside and my hubby was covered in poop as well!

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All three of us ended up rinsing off together! I was home alone changing my son on the change table. Right before I could get the clean diaper on, he decided it would be a good time to pee, all over me and in my mouth! I had no choice but to finish changing him remember to never leave a baby unattended even for a quick minute before I could put him in his crib and run to the bathroom to wash out my mouth! My experience is a potty training horror story.

My two year old no longer Diaper change stories to poo in his diaper and will go to the toilet which is awesome! However, he has recenty decided he doesn't want our help. I sent the kids to their rooms to get ready for bed when my son decided he needed to go potty. Instead of calling me to help him, he ran to my bathroom to go. Unfortunately, he did not get his clothes and pull ups off in time and ended up pooing on my bathroom floor. This is when he panicked, walked through the poop and tracked it right through my carpeted bedroom, hallway and stairs.

It was a very long night of cleaning carpets on my hands and knees.

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When baby girl was about 7 months old, she had a rough night with diarrhea. It was literally diaper change after diaper change. When it finally looked like it had come to an end as it had been 3 hours since her last poopI decided to give her a bath.

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I put her in the tub and started to wash her hair when all of a sudden the water started to turn brown. Turns out she wasn't feeling better yet after all! Had to grab her out of the tub and we both got in the shower so I could wash the shampoo out of her hair and get her back in a diaper.

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Worst experience EVER! Do any of these sound familiar to you? Feel free to share your diaper changing horror story with us! Recent articles. User. We hope you enjoy your Famiizuu mail. You may unsubscribe at any time. Mother's Day crafts that mom will treasure forever. Traditional Easter Meal Suggestions.

Diaper change stories

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