Diaper forced story

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As always, he was in Mrs. Before long, Kyle felt the familiar sensation of warmth as he flooded his diaper; the thick padded plastic expanded and left a wonderful soaked bulge between his legs. He had never worn or wet a diaper as an adult, but his imagination was strong and the dream was intense. As he peered through the bars of the crib, Mrs. D approached with a clean diaper and a bottle of powder.

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The part of the dream Kyle anticipated most was having his diaper checked. But the excitement he felt as she reached toward his diaper always woke him up.

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Each time it happened, he tried hard to hold on the dream, hoping just once he wouldn't wake up It was no different on this occasion. The dream slipped away just as she approached, but something different happened this time. Instead of laying still, grasping hard at the fleeting images of the dream, Kyle opened his eyes and saw Mrs. D still standing by his side - hovering over him. Kyle looked down in confusion.

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He was diapered and wet. He blushed as he looked back at Mrs. Was he still sleeping? Had he been dreaming within a dream?

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Before he could make sense of what was happening, Mrs. D reached to check his diaper again. Only, this time - to his surprise - it didn't happen. About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

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