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I feel blocked af and the next moment I write a 4k Smut one shot but oh well. Thinking about my big strong hands running up your thighs, while you struggle against my silk tie around your wrists? And all mine. My cock is so hard…. I imagine climbing up your body, straddling you while you lick up and down my long hard cock. Do you like that? Fuuuuuck… just like that.

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I grab your hair, making you gag as I fuck your mouth. I run my fingers through your slick pussy. Have you ever been this wet before?

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A week? A month? A year? My dirty slut. Can you feel that? My fingers rubbing your clit? Wrap your hand around my cock, Darling. Just like that…. I want to be inside of you. You feel that?

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The tip of my cock? Your whole body was shaking as your orgasm washed over you. You could feel a thin layer of sweat over your whole body as your breath came in fast paces. The deep voice of the man from the porn you were listening to was still panting in your ear. You felt your body tingling. Someone you had never met? Looking at the clock you decided to take a shower and then go to bed. And maybe put a face to that dude that made you cum so hard. It was his 35th birthday and you offered to help him with the party preparations.

Frowning you turned, putting the rest of the bottles into the fridge, before Dirty sex stories tumblr closed it. When you turned around, your brother was still wearing that weird grin. The grin that never meant something good. An hour later, the first people had already arrived, you made your way outside. You needed a little breather. Being more introverted than your brother all your life, you were the one who usually stayed at home. You preferred a lazy night in instead of going out, meeting a bunch of new people you would probably never see again. Breathing in deep you rested your head on your hand as you looked over the rooftops of London.

Your brother had bought this penthouse almost 10 years ago when it was just a big construction side and renovated it all by himself. You loved this rooftop terrace. Startled, you jumped. Looking to your side you had to tilt your head up to see the face of the man who startled you. Sharp cheekbones framed his face, a kind smile on his lips.

His eyes watched you attentively. He was clean shaven, his Dirty sex stories tumblr hair gelled back. He looked like royalty. He mirrored your smile, showing his white teeth. I know. You chuckled, taking his hand, but instead of shaking it, he turned your hand, bringing the back of yours to his lips, as he looked at you.

You were sitting outside across from him. He had gotten you a drink earlier. His name is Kal. You saw him pull his phone out, before he handed it to you. His finger brushing over yours, making you smile a little. He grinned. You bit your lip as you looked at him. It had now been six weeks since you met Henry. You feel the butterflies everytime you see his name on your phone.

You decided on a light yellow summer dress and some flat sandals. Your hair braided over your shoulder. Maybe you put a little more effort into your outfit today and maybe you were wearing the new white lingerie you bought. Because you were ready.

Ready for more than just an hour long make out sessions on either your couch or his. And God his lips… You jumped when your doorbell rang. Laughing to yourself, you shook your head as you grabbed your purse. Your hands ran up his back, diving into his soft hair.

His hands were on your hips, pulling you closer towards him. Walking hand in hand with him through the park your thoughts drifted off to the thought that consumed your mind lately. You were sure you knew Henry from somewhere. And he promised to tell you today. You looked up at him, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. Almost three years.

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His hands came up to cup your cheek before he leaned in and kissed you softly. You heard the click of the shutter, parting from his lips, to see him holding up his camera to snap a picture of the both of you. Oh crap! Did you say that out loud? After a Dirty sex stories tumblr day in the park, Henry took a billion pictures of either you or Kal you were laying in his bed, your back pressed against his naked chest as he had his laptop in his lap, showing you the pictures he had taken. The photo he took of the two of you kissing got a black and white filter and it might be the cutest photo you had ever seen.

He nodded, kissing your forehead as he shut his laptop down and put it on his bedside table. He cocked his eyebrow, arm pulling you closer to him. Looking up at you, waiting for your consent, you nodded and let him pull the shirt off.

His hands ran up your back, opening your bra. He pushed the fabric down your shoulders. Can I watch you do your thing? He gave you his key for the time he was away the week before, and told you to keep it.

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You pulled the leash off of Kal who you dog-sat for the day because Henry had a photoshoot very early in the morning. He left you sleeping in his bed.

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At this point you were spending more time at his place than at yours. Pulling your shoes off you made your way inside of the house. Kal was already laying in his dog bed. You saw him sitting in front of his computer, his recording gear out. Wrapping your arms around his chest, your head resting on his shoulder you found his lips in a soft kiss. And by now I know what you sound like when you cum. Blushing you hid your face against his neck. But today I wanna improvise. He pulled you closer to him, parting your legs.

Raising your eyebrow at him, you gasped as his hands landed on your ass. He chuckled. Looking up at him with big eyes you sighed. One of his hands on the back of your head pulled you towards him, kissing you longingly while his other hand found one of your breasts, massaging it. You bit on his lip as he parted from you.

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While he sucked it, his other hand wandered in between your legs. Henry looked up at you, his eyes even more intense, his chin resting on the valley of your breasts. With a grin he looked up at you as you got down on your knees in between his legs, your hands rubbing his thighs up and down, making him groan. You want it? You want my cock? You nodded.

Taking me deep inside that pretty little mouth… fuck…. And the biggest you ever had. Getting closer, you licked the drops of precum of his tip, like a lollipop making him hiss. One of his hands came to rest on his thigh, while his other rested on your cheek. Looking up at him you let your tongue run a strip from his base to the tip, one of your hands massaging his balls. You loved the way you could make this huge man melt with just a touch.

Dirty sex stories tumblr

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