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I first became interested in spanking when I was about fourteen and found a weekly tabloid that published letters from readers about spanking experiences. As a young teenage boy I found these letters both interesting and exciting and began to wonder what it would be like to receive an actual spanking. My parents were not strong disciplinarians and ruled with vocal scoldings rather than physical punishment. As I grew older I secretly experimented with self-spanking using a paddle or belt to slap my buttocks and thighs to try to feel the effect of discipline.

Naturally I controlled the whole effect and could stop immediately if it started to sting too much so it never really developed into an honest, true to life punishment session. It became a secret part of my life as my interest in spanking was not something that I could discuss with just anyone, either a close friend or a casual acquaintance. I believed people would think I was a little crazy to be interested Disciplinarian spanking stories such a subject and avoided showing any interest even if spanking came up in a general conversation — reflecting a nonchalant attitude even though I was all ears in listening to other comments.

I read everything I could on the subject and continued to develop a strong interest in receiving an actual, real-life spanking myself. I often fantasized about what it would be like Disciplinarian spanking stories my fantasies included various scenarios — all of which resulted in a punishment session in which I received a sound bare-bottom spanking. In my early twenties I came across an advertisement in a weekly tabloid that immediately caught my attention.

It read:. Mature male with country residence has authentic woodshed available for good, old-fashioned discipline sessions. Young men in need of discipline are invited to contact this strict, no-nonsense discipinarian with extensive experience in administering over-the-knee bare-bottom spankings with hand, paddle, hairbrush or strap.

Also traditional woodshed discipline administered with a well-worn, well-oiled razor strap guaranteed to get in improved behaviour and attitude. If you are in need of genuine, old-fashioned guidance from a father figure who is strict, caring and discreet but will help you in your quest for behaviour modification or attitude adjustment, then respond to this ad for authentic bare-bottom sessions guaranteed to bring howls Disciplinarian spanking stories your lips and tears to your eyes. I responded to the ad by introducing myself and explaining my interest in spanking and asked that the advertiser reply with a method of contact.

It was almost two weeks before the envelope arrived in the mail. I opened it with anticipation. Although the reply was short, thanking me for my response and indicating if I was serious about receiving old-fashioned discipline he would be pleased to hear from me and he concluded with a telephone where he could be reached.

It was ed Carlton Baines. That evening I called Mr. He answered the telephone on the third ring. I told him who I was and thanked him for his letter. In our brief conversation he explained that he was an experienced disciplinarian in his mid-fifties who was offering his services to those who believed they could benefit from an authentic session of corporal punishment in an effort to improve themselves — either for bad habits, misconduct, inappropriate behaviour or generally a poor attitude. There were no fees for his services but he insisted on a complete understanding that co-operation was essential, confidentiality and discretion of utmost importance, and that his authority was to be accepted without question or challenge.

With that understanding he was prepared to administer authentic, old-fashioned discipline in the temporary role of guardian or father-figure.

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The choice of implement or implements would be entirely his and would be applied only to the bare bottom and bare thighs for a length of time to be determined solely by him. He did assure me, however, that his punishments were not unreasonably harsh nor would there be any lasting damage other than a few welts or bruises that would disappear in just a few days. On the other hand, should I choose to experience one of his discipline sessions, I could expect to react to it in a normal fashion with tears and howls and dancing legs, the end result being a very well-punished young man with a stinging, burning, fire red bottom and matching thighs.

Baines assured me he took pride in the authenticity of his discipline and it was not to be taken lightly. I indicated that I understood his sincereness and seriousness and that I was prepared to agree to all of his terms and conditions. We agreed that I should come to his home the next evening at p. He gave directions to his home, which was just under an hour away from my home, and asked me to bring with me a written outline of my character failings for which discipline would be beneficial, a short description of my experiences with corporal punishment, if any, and a summary or written of the type of punishment, in my imagination, that I would receive from Mr.

Well, with my strong desire to receive a proper spanking, it was not too difficult to come up with a list of my failings that might warrant a spanking, a description of my non-existent spanking experiences, and due to my numerous fantasies, an of the type of spanking I expected Disciplinarian spanking stories receive — the latter being described as an over-the-knee bare-bottome spanking with a paddle or strap. Baines responded immediately to my knock. His home sat on a large country estate of probably one hundred acres, was set back far from the road and was very private.

Baines himself was a tall, broad-shouldered man with greying hair. He displayed an aura of self-confidence that immediately commanded respect. I was escorted inside to an office or den where we each took a seat. Baines asked me for my paperwork and took a few minutes reading it over, nodding silently to himself as he read. After satisfying himself that he understood my needs, Mr Baines re-iterated some of the things we discussed on the telephone and indicated Disciplinarian spanking stories we would now proceed.

First he would escort me upstairs to a bedroom where the punishment would take place. I was to regard him as a father-figure or strict uncle figure, whatever I felt comfortable with, but I was to recognize his authority to deal with me and that I was to obey his every command. He would leave me alone for a few minutes at which time I was to completely undress — I was to strip naked — so that when he re-entered the room there would be no doubt as to who was in charge.

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There was a psychological factor in him being fully dressed and in control and I in a naked state waiting expectantly for my punishment fate. On this occasion my punishment would be an over-the-knee spanking — first a fairly long, brisk, hand spanking on my bottom and thighs followed by a sound paddling with a sturdy, woodenback hairbrush.

He would conclude the session with a short but very effective application of a stout leather strap to my bare bottom and thighs, sort of a punishment climax to make sure the message sinks in and to give me something to remember. It would also be a good introduction to the strap as it was one of his favourite implements and one he used frequently on "clients" who visited him on a regular basis.

If I had any intention of trying a visit to his woodshed it would give me a small sampling of the more formidable razor strap that he sometimes wielded when administering a woodshed strapping. Baines asked me if I had any questions.

Was I ready to go upstairs? He escorted me upstairs to the bedroom. There was an armless straight chair placed menacingly in the center of the room. I was told to get completely undressed and that he would return in ten minutes. I obeyed and spent the next ten minutes in nervous anticipation, squirming and shivering, until the door opened and Mr. Baines re-entered the room. In his right hand he carried a large solid hairbrush and a short, thick black leather strap. He immediately sat down on the straight chair and beckoned me to his side.

I was quickly upended across his knees with my hands resting on the floor on one side and my toes just barely making contact with the floor on the other. My bare bottom was arched over his right thigh offering a tempting target for his ministrations. He immediately went into action. His big, firm hand was applied to my bare flesh with loud smacks that soon had me gasping and squirming on his lap. He visited each cheek of my bottom and each thigh with brisk swats that formed no particular pattern but at the same time ensured that each would receive equal treatment.

The relentless stinging smacks soon had my legs dancing and my hips bouncing from side to side on Mr. My oohs and aahhs turned into owwhs and ouches as he built up a burning heat in my bottom. I was surprised at how long the hand spanking went on. Finally, there was a pause and I realized he was reaching for the hairbrush. He took a few minutes to scold me and to offer the opinion that he hoped that I was learning a lesson from this session. Then he raised the hairbrush. What followed was a calm, cool, controlled assault on my bare flesh with the sturdy, hard, wooden-back hairbrush that had me kicking my legs frantically and yelping and howling with each briskly delivered smack to my bottom and thighs.

Baines held me Disciplinarian spanking stories in position and no matter how I squirmed and heaved and bounced I could not avoid the stinging hairbrush that landed on the chosen target with remarkable accuracy and consistency. I was soon crying openly and pleading desperately for Mr. Baines to stop but my pleas were ignored. The hairbrush rose and fell alternating from bottom cheek to bottom cheek and squirming thigh to squirming thigh.

Up and down each side the hairbrush fell, each stroke overlapping thefrom the top of my hips to my knees with an extra dose applied to my upper thighs in the process. My legs danced and scissored in continuous motion in direct response to the burning hairbrush. I had never felt so helpless and controlled in my life. The entire target area of bottom and thighs felt on Disciplinarian spanking stories. Suddenly the hairbrushing stopped and I lay sobbing across Mr. Another scolding followed whereby Mr. Baines proclaimed he was sure I was benefitting from his lesson as he Disciplinarian spanking stories tell from my obvious response to his discipline.

He felt that it was important that I also benefit from his strap on this, my first session, since it would ensure that this experience would be a memorable one. It would also introduce me to its severity so that I would know what to expect the next time a disciplinary session requiring the use of the strap was warranted. I felt Mr. Baines grip me tighter around the waist, then he applied the first stroke of the strap. It exploded flush across the crest of my bottom cheeks with a terrific sting that took my breath away. Before I could recover from the shock I felt another stinging slap just below the first and I gurgled a yelp.

Then another and another equally devastating stroke smacked across my bottom and I began to react with howls and screeches. When the strap visited my thighs I was yelling frantically and my legs danced wildly about in all directions. Baines made sure the strap visited every area of my punished flesh before finally bringing the spanking to a halt and releasing me from his grasp.

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The strapping had been much shorter than the hand spanking and hairbrushing but certainly a lot more effective. I jumped to my feet and danced about the room rubbing my poor bottom and thighs vigorously in a vain attempt to ease the sting. Baines left me in the bedroom to recover and invited me to him in his den when I felt up to it. As I gently massaged my burning cheeks I had to admit that Mr.

Baines was certainly Disciplinarian spanking stories no-nonsense disciplinarian. Help the archive! Please tell us if any story tags are missing or incorrect. It read: Mature male with country residence has authentic woodshed available for good, old-fashioned discipline sessions. The ad ended with a code for a response.

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Disciplinarian spanking stories

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