Doctor patient love stories

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Hospitals are places immersed in sickness and distress. But sometimes, in the midst of despair and suffering, people find love. Almost three decades ago, I did! Beyond the official handshake, there was a sense of familiarity. In the autumn of my mother was diagnosed with leukaemia. We had to meet a senior consultant at AIIMS, but the buildings were blocked by resident doctors who were on a flash strike.

In a state of anger and emotional turmoil, I argued with some of them. One kind soul let us in. No points for guessing who! The big C took my mother away within eight months and destiny took me back to the hospital as the health reporter of this newspaper.

I never imagined that I could fall in love with my go-to doctor for innumerable ideas for the health stories I wrote. We mostly met in the hospital. He always found time for me and his native sense of humour and interest in multiple subjects other than Medicine, was a draw.

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When our respective professional demands took us to different cities and countries on asments and scholarships, phone calls and hand-written letters brought us closer and made us realise that the two States — Andhra Pradesh and Bengal — had to merge! This is not to say the debate over mishti doi and gongura pickle is dead.

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It keeps resurrecting in various forms two decades on! For the Malayali onco-surgeon, it was love at first sight with the Gujarati girl, and from tohe became the doctor in-charge of her mother for every surgery, all the follow-up treatment and the numerous hospital stays. He took the first flight out the next morning, missing his exam.

There were many such occasions She recalls her first lunch date with Rajay in Novemberwhen her mother suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. He cried and was with us for every ritual. Bindi had fondly spoken about Rajay to her mother a few times and she knew in her heart that they had her blessings. The bond of sharing a traumatic experience makes relationships stronger. They got married in and describe each other as different as Doctor patient love stories and cheese. There are moments in the hospital when nurses can make you better doctors, says Dr S Sivakumar, a neurosurgeon from Kozhikode.

But I was scared too, because he was an established doctor of repute and also belonged to a different religion. When Lilly expressed her desire to go to Saudi Arabia inSivakumar agreed to wait for six years until her return. Letters and weekly phone calls strengthened the bond and Lilly came in to get married. It has not just been a loving husband-wife relationship at home. Both have also played the real doctor-nurse role for each other in the hospital, when she was diagnosed with a lump in the breast and had to be operated upon and he underwent a surgery for a swelling in his right palm. Our code of editorial values.

Despite being riddled with trauma and anxious moments, hospitals have also proven to be a place where people find their life-partners. Related Articles. Close X. Lessons from Nature. Navaratri at Suguna Vilasa Sabha. Dharma protects. A panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram revives paddy cultivation after two decades. This Navaratri, it is small format 'golu' with unique collectibles from IPL teams to idli shops. Police veterans host hockey tournament as tribute to past players.

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Doctor patient love stories

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