Dog rapes girl story

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This story from Maggiexx, has been read 7 4 1 2 2 times. My dog raped me Written by Maggiexx,ongenre zoophilia Hello, my names Maggie, i'm 16, big tits, round ass. I was 13, my parents were staying at a hotel for night i'm guessing so they were having sex. I was taking a shower and its normal for my great Dane Rio to be in the bathroom while I shower, I got out and Rio isn't ever agressive but he bit my thigh, I yelled in pain "RIO!!

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I woke up to finding ot his dragged down my panties and was trying to hump me, I felt his cock getting bigger and bigger I was in shock. I tried to get up but he started growling, I ignored his warning and he bit my shoulder. I was in pain while he was quickly searching for my vagina, I cried and pleaded, I knew I had to give in. He found my entry I felt his knot swelling up, It began feeling pretty good but I wasn't okay with this, I had passed out and woke up with him licking up my cum, I was disgusted I did crave more but no thanks. My parents came home the next day, I was so embarrassed, how the hell could I ever tell them?!

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My parents found out and were disgusted in me, they didn't think I was the victim, I felt lost, lonely, I didn't wanna commit suicide but I wrote a suicide note so my parents would realize that I was a victim, they did fall for it, I find myself messy as hell, do ya'll agree? Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

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Raped by my dog