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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Happy Tails School. Here we are, more of my work from Writing. I tried to fit this as best I could into a story form, as it did come from an interactive.

Once again, this Is my original work except for the names of Miles and Molly who belong to commicow6. Her son Miles was an absolute terror. He was the most disobedient 16 year old child imaginable. Whenever Molly saw a dog being walked down the street in perfect obedience, she longed for that kind of behavior for her son. One day she noticed a special ad in the paper. She had to try something. She called the school.

You say that you can make ANY disobedient hard-case into a loyal member of the family. Does any apply to 16 year old boys? The canine influence tends to have a profound effect on humans. But yes, they will be obedient. She needed any solution.

When does it start? Feed your son dog food in the morning before he comes. But Molly Dog tf stories to go through with it. In the morning Miles walked downstairs for breakfast. Miles looked at the dog food with confusion on his face. As miles listened to what was in the food, Dog tf stories began to drool a bit. It did sound wonderful! Slowly, Miles spooned a bit of the food into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

It was the best thing he'd ever tasted! Soon after Miles had eaten the whole bowl. This is great! School hun. With that he returned to his bedroom and threw his shoes on. With that they got in the car and headed to school. Finally they arrived. Miles looked at the school. It read "Happy Tails School. Thanks mom! I've got some errands to run. As Molly left, she watched Miles slowly walk towards the school, his behind waving slowly back and forth.

She smiled. She'd soon have an obedient son. As Miles entered, he froze.

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What was this? This school was full of dogs! What he assumed was the trainer noticed him and called, "Welcome Miles, my name is Sarah. We've been waiting for you! Are you ready to learn? This is a school for dogs! His mom did say he'd be learning some fun things today, this must have been what she meant. Miles took a moment to think about this. You are going to be a model for the dogs today.

You simply need to follow my instructions. This was kind of strange, but he went with it. Better than school anyways. Miles walked up to Sarah and turned towards the dogs. Miles sat like a dog as best he could, with his butt flat on the ground and his hands on the floor in front of him. With how long his legs were, it was really uncomfortable. Slowly, each of them followed suite and sat.

Miles smiled, he was glad he was helping these dogs learn, this wasn't so bad after Dog tf stories. Suddenly he took notice of one of the dogs, a beautiful golden retriever.

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That'd be great! He went to take his place next to Annie, sitting in the same position he had modeled, it felt like the right way to sit. He heard a bark behind him, looking back he saw his favorite dog and blushed. He hope he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of her. Miles arrived at Sarah, finally coming to the sitting position he had modeled earlier. Are you alright? Sarah smiled. Annie come here and show Miles how to cool down. She began panting, her long tongue hanging out of her mouth. Now you try, maybe it will help. Miles kept panting. As he did, his tongue began to change, it flattened Dog tf stories lengthened.

Finally it began to work, his tongue going up and down, reaching all the way to his chin. Just remember that whenever you get too warm. Miles I believe your mom should be outside waiting for you. We'll see everyone tomorrow. As Miles walked out Sarah called to him, "Miles you were a very good boy today. As Miles left, he looked back at Annie, she gave a bark at him that caused his ears to twitch a bit.

He hoped he'd see her again. Molly watched her son as he walked to the car, hopefully this first session changed his attitude. It must have, Molly smiled to herself. But I did learn a useful trick for keeping myself cool. Pulling his tongue back in with some effort, Miles continued. She is the one that showed me how to cool off. I hope I get to see her again. So do you want to keep going to this school instead of your old one? Miles could barely contain his excitement. Miles could barely contain his excitement at the news that he was going to continue school at Happy Tails. Molly stole a glance at him every now and then in the passenger seat.

Ever since she told him he could keep going, Miles had been wagging his butt back and forth in his seat. With another glance, she discovered he had stopped wagging his butt and was shifting around in his seat. I just feel like I'm sitting on Dog tf stories. With that they pulled into the driveway.

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Miles turned around and Molly noticed a lump in his pants just about his behind. Miles complied, and Molly saw a one inch lump on his skin with thick blonde hair covering it. It seemed to be wiggling slightly under his skin. This stopped Molly cold. The long tongue, the hairy bump on his behind…Sarah did say that the canine influence of the school would have a profound effect on a human. But Dog tf stories this was the cost for a happy family, so be it. We just need to get you into some looser pants.

Miles followed her advice and put some gym shorts on, this helped a lot. After finding a comfortable pair of shorts, Miles returned downstairs. Molly had put some macaroni and cheese on the table for him. Miles heart sank.

He didn't want mac and cheese! I can't remember what the name was, but it was wonderful. Can I have some of that? She poured Miles a bowl of the dog food she had fed him that morning. Miles didn't hesitate this time. He didn't want to go through the trouble of spooning the delicious food up. So he did what suddenly came very natural to him. He put his face in the bowl and started eating. His longer tongue helped immensely with getting as much food as possible in his mouth. Molly watched her son as he ate, paying particular attention to the lump in the back of his gym shorts. Yes it was clearly wiggling a bit.

As Miles ate, she filled up a bowl of water and brought it to the table. Molly smiled. Sarah was right. It seemed that acting like a dog at school was having a profound effect on Miles.

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