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Damon Luciano is the son of a powerful mafia boss and Damon Luciano is the son of a powerful mafia boss and has taken over the family business. A week had passed and Ailah was recovering at home. Damon had his men doting on her while he threw himself into his work. He'd promised her he would spend the weekend with her with no distractions. Ailah felt excited, yet she had a knawing feeling in her stomach. She still felt so much guilt over her poor decisions and really needed quality time with Damon to hash everything out.

Ailah sat up in bed and peeked towards her door.

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Of course there was a man standing there guarding her like a prisoner. She slumped back into her pillow and turned on the t. Suddenly her phone rang and she grabbed it quickly a warm smile crossing her face seeing her friends name flash across the screen. Are Damon's men treating you well? Ailah blushed.

Laney half snorted when she laughed. What does he want with a beautiful woman like yourself? Terrell looked at her, his face expressionless. Terrell sat across from her leaning back and spreading his legs slightly.

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He rubbed a hand across his brow then sighed loudly leaning forward and piercing Laney with his blue eyes. Laney shifted in her seat feeling uncomfortable. Butterflies danced in Laney's stomach and she peered up at him trying to push the feeling away. He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.

Dark curls bounced around his face, his eyes like ice. She couldn't help but lower her gaze from his. He smirked slightly before going back to a stern gaze. She knew about Ailah and Damon's relationship, she was always so intrigued and would get excited everytime Ailah would tell her of her punishments.

She thought she found that relationship in her husband but quickly realized he didn't care about her well being at all and just wanted to beat on her for fun. She suddenly swallowed knowing Terrell must know as well, maybe even overheard these sessions before. Laney stepped back ''what on earth are you going on about Terrell" she brushed her hair back trying to act non chalant.

Terrell tilted his head slightly ''you don't think I have heard you girls talking about Ailah and Damon's arrangement, you ran right into that prick husband of yours trap thinking he could give you what you need" he grit his teeth '' if Domestic discipline free stories bastard wasn't dead I would have killed him myself" Laney's eyes widened and she felt her face grow warm she swallowed hard unable to speak.

Terrell grabbed her hand and pulled her closer leaning down and kissing her mouth hard. Laney didn't stop him and pressed into his kiss feeling all kinds of sensations she never thought possible.

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Terrell stepped back and held her by the shoulders looking in her eyes. Terrell moved to Laney's bed and pulled a chair in front of it. Terrell's voice was dark and sent a wave of chills through her but the excitement rising in her chest felt like it would burst open at any time. She walked to the bed not looking at him and sat placing her hands behind her to hold herself up. He leaned forward placing his elbows on his knees and narrowing his eyes at her. Laney just sat there blinking at him feeling like a naughty girl being scolded.

Laney screamed surprised. She struggled ''are you crazy! Laney stopped struggling but remained silent, she squeezed her eyes tightly unsure what to say to this man as she lay across his lap. Terrell brought his hand down hard on her backside sending a surge of pain and pleasure through her ''You will not EVER, put yourself in danger like that again, do Domestic discipline free stories understand me" he bit the words out harshly and continued to spank her.

Laney pressed her lips together trying not to struggle, the stinging was getting too much to bear and she begged him to stop. I want to make sure you learned a lesson" his voice was softer. He didn't want to push her too far for her first session but he felt a Domestic discipline free stories connection to this gorgeous woman and he wanted to keep her safe for the rest of her life.

Suddenly Laney felt a huge sense of relief wash over her, all her years of loneliness and torment and her body and mind felt clear for the first time. She started sobbing uncontrollably, not only because her ass hurt like hell but because she felt safe somehow. Terrel flipped her dress back down and sat her up in his lap wrapping his arms around her hugging her tightly. Laney sat there hiccuping through the tears until his soft shhhs calmed her.

She looked at him her face smeared with tears and mascara. Terrell suddenly felt guilty and wiped the tears from her face ''I care about you" he said softly. He laid her down on the bed and climbed in beside her holding her tightly. Married to the Mob, a domesti By Littlewritingcone Part 1, Power Struggle. A night on the town. Moving forward. Damon Delivers. New Beginings, old habits. Mistakes will be made. You are reading Married to the Mob, a domestic discipline mafia story. Continue Reading. When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in One Friday night, Maizie decides to do the unbelievable and hops into bed with a mysterious, sexy stranger.

Only thinking it was a one night stand, t I watch as he never looks at me but continues to laugh away w When Aubrey Goldstein got divorced, her life made a complete Now she's 29, broke and unemployed. It seemed like her life was getting worse until Start Reading with Browser.

Domestic discipline free stories

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