Domestic discipline punishment stories

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When I went upstairs, I found that Amy had dumped several handfuls of uncooked white rice in the corner that I usually stand in. Unsure, I knelt down awkwardly on the rice facing the corner. I gasped as my full body weight was transferred onto my knees, allowing the rice to dig in painfully. It was way worse than it looked. I immediately tried to adjust so that less rice was under my knees, but I was already in big trouble, so I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to breathe through the pain.

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Amy finally came upstairs after what felt like an eternity. My heart started thumping, but I stayed still and waited for instructions.

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My head is racing as I try to figure out how to come clean. She knows I lied about something. I stand up gingerly, my knees stinging from the rice. I brush off the pieces that have stuck to my skin and hobble over to the master bathroom where Amy is standing by the shower. A shower? She normally only forces me to take a shower before a bedtime spanking. Amy gestures wordlessly to the tub, so I climb in and stare at her expectantly. I comply, wondering what the heck is going on.

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You are going to relay to me everything that happened yesterday from the moment you bought the tickets to the moment Melissa showed up this morning. When you answer me completely- and truthfully — we will turn the water off and begin your punishment.

Ice cold water hits my skin, and I shriek and jump away. Amy grabs my arm and yanks me back under the cold stream. I howl in misery and start panting hard. Please let me move it hurts sooooo baddddd. Amy turns me around and lands five loud swats on my frozen bottom. I burst into tears and continue to beg her to let me get out. Please let me get out.

I can hardly feel my skin. She hands me a towel, and I immediately envelop myself in the fluffy warmth. She lathers the bar, and sticks it into my mouth, forcing me to jerk and gag due to the invasion of bitter soapiness. I comply, tearfully. You can make purchases with your own debit card, and if you want anything else, no matter how small, you will ask me and get permission.

You are grounded from TV for a month, and you can use your phone for one hour in the evenings, but that is it. I will drive you to school when possible, and otherwise you can walk or use public transit. She takes my towel away, and I head downstairs with a pout. This punishment is already terrible. When Amy gets downstairs, she Domestic discipline punishment stories the tv remote, a wooden spoon, and sits on the couch. During those 60 minutes, Melissa pointed me to a great documentary about the dangers of drunk driving.

You will watch it on the tv in front of you while I spank. A 60 minute spanking?! Watching tv during it?! Amy clicks on the TV and starts the documentary. When the introduction begins, the wooden spoon cracks down. The documentary starts, and Amy is hitting me every seconds with the spoon. The documentary is heart wrenchingly terrible. When I try to bury my head and look away, Amy grabs a handful of my hair and holds me painfully in place, all while continuing to pepper every inch of my bottom with gradual swats. The spoon is driving me crazy. Please, please have mercy.

I return to crying and watching the documentary. She slows the swats down at the 30 minute mark. She gives me five minutes to watch the documentary in silence before her torture s. By the 45 minute mark, every swat of the spoon makes me hiss in misery, and my tears are blurring my vision. Amy takes a few moments to rub my back. In the last five minutes of the documentary, she picks up the pace, causing me to scream and twist as she lands hard swats on my already sore and hot bottom. At long last, the credits roll across the screen and Domestic discipline punishment stories collapse over her knee, sobbing as she pets my hair and rubs my back.

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The drunk driving was dangerous, but the lying and your bad behavior yesterday just made me feel disrespected. So for that, we have a little more of this punishment to go before the slate is clean. Her gentle attention feels good. Gradually, her hand moves to the crevice between my cheeks, and I feel her finger right above the entrance to my back door.

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I tense in fear. Amy knows that I hate anything being near that entrance. Slowly, Amy presses one finger inside of my delicate rosebud, and I gasp in horror. I let myself go limp over her lap. Amy removes her finger and I feel something being pressed against the same entrance. My eyes go wide. When the five minutes is finally up, everything below my waist is stinging. Amy removes the ginger and helps me sit up. After that, the slate will be clean other than the groundings and what not. I let myself smile just a little and crawl into her arms eagerly.

She reminds me of how loved I am. I cry a little more, and when we both feel a little better, I stand up to go handle the driveway. Amy is a sneaky one. Juliet laughs in agreement. My butt kills and I have no more privileges to lose. Juliet agrees, but tells me that her phone privileges are suspended until the following evening. Just a midwestern girl living in a fantasy discipline world : View all posts by shaesfiction. Like Like. Hi, Just discovered your blog. This whole Shae story is just great. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

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Published March 21, Post Double Trouble Pt. Scary creative, Domestic discipline punishment stories. Thanks, Lucy!! Xx Like Like.

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Domestic discipline punishment stories

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