Dominant daddy stories

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Pinching my nipples through my shirt Whispering in my ear "Who's a good little slut? It's my first time at his house, it's always been in a hotel room before and I feel like he has more power over me here I hope he does. I take all my clothes off and sit on his sofa in my underwear.

There he is, waiting right outside the train station. This is so risky.

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I open the door of his car and throw him a quick smile as I jump in. He waits for me to close the door so the internal light to goes off and we're shaded with darkness. I turn my head and look up at him, licking at my cum on the floor. I look myself up and down in the full length mirror. I've wanted one of these crotchless fishnet body stockings forever and I look hella good in it.

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My rock hard nipples poke through the fish netting. A girl's gotta have rules We'd been glancing at each other across the office all morning, I'd even made extra trips to the coffee machine just so he'd talk to me. And now, an from him pops up in the corner of my computer screen. It's a blank with the subject 'Check your phone.

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I stand there in my underwear and heels looking straight at my new Daddy. He places the wand on the side table and runs the leather whip through his fingers.

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I quiver with excitement as he brushes it across my shoulders and then my cleavage. As Chris and I leave the bar, it starts pouring with rain. Instead of putting his jacket on, he holds it over my head. He wraps his coat right over me and holds me while we walk quickly towards the taxi. I check my phone one last time before getting out the taxi.

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I'm definitely in the right place according to Google maps. I almost forget to pay the fair, I'm so used to using Uber in the city. This is it, The Bar, hardly an exciting name for

Dominant daddy stories

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