Dominant daughter stories

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Dominating My Daddy.

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By Unholy1. Before you start reading this, be advised that there are some things in this story that not everyone may enjoy.

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Monica lay in her bed and twirled her hair while she aimlessly flipped through the stations on her big screen TV in her room. This would seem normal for a rich girl to anyone who saw it, except for the fact that Monica is 9 years old, and gets whatever she wants from her family.

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Her parents Shelia and Ron are both wealthy people after taking a chance by investing in Starbucks back when it was just a coffee shop. But when Monica caught them with kiddy porn on their computer, she threatened to expose them for the perverts they are, unless they did everything she said.

In an instant she had two of her own personal sex slaves.

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Shortly after there was a knock on her bedroom door. How may I serve you?

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Sliding up to the edge of her bed, she hiked up her skirt to reveal her pantiless preteen pussy. She wore the white blouse that is two sizes too small and the short black skirt that shows off her naked ass and pussy whenever she bends over. When she does you are to bring her up here immediately so that I may insure she has done as ordered.

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She could see the bulge in his work pants growing to a delicious size. The sight he saw when he got up to the side of the minivan, nearly made him cum in his pants. As he took a seat next to her, Sheila kneeled down on the ground between his legs.

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She made quick work of his belt, and after hooking her hands in his jeans, she pulled them down in one swift moment. No underwear? She continued to jerk Jason off into her mouth as rope after rope of hot tasty cum shot into her mouth and down her throat as she swallowed. When he finally stopped cumming, Jason just fell limp on the seat while Sheila milked the last drops of cum from his softening cock.

Suddenly though she was pushed back off of Jason and startled as he started to pull up his jeans.

Dominant daughter stories

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