Dominant girlfriend stories

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Reading this story you would be sexually aroused and emotionally high. My name is Akhilesh, age 24, city Calcutta, average size manhood, normal Bengali guy. We both are from upper-middle-class Bengali family and we both are independent. We stay together right now and have our Dominant girlfriend stories business with a flat of our own in Saltlake. She is a modern girl and our compatibility factor is very high.

Interestingly, we both can play as dominant and sub. We both have our own als if we want to play Dom and Sub. In public, she is my princess but in private she is my dirty little whore. I will now narrate about my one day experience with her. It was a Wednesday evening. As soon as we left the office, we decided to drink and smoke.

She was rolling a t whereas I was driving and we brought 2 beers from our local liquor shop. In an open and vacant place in Saltlake, we smoked the t and drank the beer on our car. We felt so good mood at that time.

As soon as we reached our flat, she opened the gate. And all of a sudden, I kissed her neckline very hard to leave a mark and lifted her tight ass a little bit and spanked it hard. Then, she gave me a soft moan. So, I too got my al to carry on. I told her to get fresh and wait for me by my bedside.

She knew what I meant. In the meanwhile, I also used the other washroom and changed my t-shirt and went to our room.

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And there Dominant girlfriend stories was at her waiting posture, completely naked, sitting straight on her knees, breast uplifted, legs parted. She had her hands behind her back, bunned hair showing off her neckline and the red mark of my kiss. She kept facing downwards waiting for me obediently. Her body was shining in dim room light and her pussy was wet and totally vulnerable to me. I went to her, lifted her face and bent down to kiss her lips softly. Gradually, I increased my pace and ended up biting her lips and pinching her nipples and again she moaned.

I caressed her body. Then, I move my hands gently through her body making her more connected towards me. Then with my left middle finger and caressed her pussy lips and she trembled. I held her bun tightly and she understood that she has to sit straight. She cannot move and cannot moan and have to look straight into my eyes.

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I was playing with her phycology. The vibe was like your body and mind. I played with her pussy lips for a few seconds and inserted my middle finger suddenly. She moaned, jerked and closed her legs. I pulled her hair down.

She immediately stopped, opened her leg and she knew very well that she disobeyed my order and she will be punished. I removed my finger from her pussy. It was dripping her hot cum. She was a little bit terrified for her mistake but her eyes were saying that from deep inside that she knew that she pleased me with the raw fresh smell of her nectar.

I make her taste her own juice which I knew would make her aroused. She first licked then sucked clean my finger. I was already gaining a huge boner after all these but I manage not to lose myself so early. I noticed her face which was glistering with fear and joy and her eyes was looking straight into my eyes. We, being fond of BDSM, we have different toys brought from international markets. Even some are basic Indian household stuff which we use only for our enjoyment and to maintain hygiene.

We have two separate drawers with a of a master and mistress on each drawer and there is a ground rule that she cannot Dominant girlfriend stories my drawer without my permission and the rule goes same for me as well even when we are not playing, the rule of the house set by the master and the mistress still prevails and we strictly follow this.

I was sucking her nipple softly but that was making her go crazy. So, she was moaning heavily but I caught her throat to stop the moaning and smacked her left boob with my bare hand. Soon, she jerked in pain. You better understand it easily or else I will make you understand which you will find very difficult. Do you want me to make you understand?

Do you bitch? I asked her again continued sucking her nipple forcefully and pinched it very hard. She shouted in pain and then I released Dominant girlfriend stories. She was short in her breath after this activity, Dominant girlfriend stories can smell from her body that she was totally aroused. I put a chain nipple clamp on each of her nipples and she jerked a little but maintained to stay calm. I kissed her on her forehead and watched her from a distance which made my boner hurt under my jeans. I then open her blindfold and told her to crawl towards me.

That sight looked so awesome. I loved it. Can you imagine a girl with such good boob size coming towards you crawling? Mainly, with a chain nipple clamp. I added a small stone earing to put some weight on her nipple. She enjoyed and I too felt excited after watching her crawling. As she was crawling her boobs jiggled a little bit and her bottom was going up and down in a rhythm. I was in need to fuck her. She came near my erect dick under my pant.

I lifted her chin. Please, can I touch it, sir? You closed your legs when I was feeling you. How dare you ask for your reward? She faced downward in a shame and fear. I am your little girl. I smiled and caressed her back. Then, I bought a riding crop and told her to be on her knees again. She followed my order.

Soon, I redirected her hand to her head which was now giving me a full view of her bosom and her armpit. She looked like a sex god.

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I blindfolded her and slowly and gently brushed my riding crop down her spine. Then, she moaned and I could see the goosebumps running down her body. I started whipping her in a rhythm. When I gently did this for 20 times, each time she counted in her panting voice. As soon as I finished, I started kissing her and caressed those red-hot parts of her body.

I was also short on my breath and believe me, my dick was hurting. I had some water and poured the rest of the water on her face. She drank whatever she can. She was also panting. Wao, I loved her red hot ass and her boobs looked red too.

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I sat in my crouch opening my jeans only in my boxer and watched her eagerness to be in me. I called her and she came crawling towards me. What a scene, I love this part! My dick was throbbing while watching the scene. She crawled to me like my dirty bitch and looked at my eyes for my next order.

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Then, I kissed her eyes, then her ears. I pressed her red boobs firmly and she moaned in pain. I smooched her immediately. We both were at out extreme points and I could feel that she cannot even hold anymore. I squeezed her pussy while it was already too wet.

As I tickled her pussy lips, she started to shake. I stopped and as a reward of excellence, I gave her my hot rod to suck and to play. She sucked and played with me for 5mins and when I was in the heaven, I just brought her up by pulling her hair. She started panting Dominant girlfriend stories kissing my bare chest and my nipples. Then, I rubbed her pussy twice. It was very wet and I just made her slide in my wet cock. We both were in full of pleasure. She was riding me good and steady. While I was sucking and licking her boobs, it jiggled in front of my eyes.

I let her ride for 5more minutes and then I carried her to our bed and fucked her in the missionary position for 10 more minutes. We both came close to our finishing line. We both ended our sexual drama at a time with great pleasure and orgasm. Then, we kissed and bid goodnight and stayed on top of each other with my dick in her love hole. I hope you all liked it.

Dominant girlfriend stories

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Dominating My Hot Girlfriend – A BDSM Story