Double daddy short story

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Mamma was a free spirit, a hippie chick back in the day. But Vicenza wants to know. A photo her Mom Laila Zaid hid from her sends the kid packing the moment her mother skips off from the Universa Cosmica Cosmic Universe commune deep in the mountains.

She sketches him Eduardo Moscovis in a few quick strokes and he agrees to take her own. But after giving him a couple of hints in that first meeting, she just blurts it out. Jumping right into that removes suspense and any tension that might build up over him not knowing and her wanting to tell him.

And she meets a boy from a Carnival group, Naked Amoeba.

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Cabu Pedro Ottoni is bubbly and supportive and seriously into the hippy girl, who fits right in with a Carnival parade corps. Uh oh. Both embrace the possibility and take the commune-raised Vicenza hiking, beach walking, to museums and fancy meals.

At every point, promising comic directions to take this are lost or abandoned. A few scenes with Mom in an ashram teleconferencing group meditations with the guru, who has moved to LA. A Netflix release.

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Double daddy short story

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