Double long leg cast story

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Part 7 by Castgimp. The way I see it, this story could end any of different ways. I almost always Double long leg cast story trouble ending these stories. Maybe you've already noticed. Starting them is no problem. I get this idea in my head and it just takes off. It's like I can see the guy, whoever he is, with his leg in a cast, and that makes me hard, and the more I think about him and picture him, the harder I get. So I start writing it down. Sometimes the whole story comes to me all at once.

Sometimes, and more usually, it kind of evolves once I start writing. As I write, I feel like I kind of get to know the guy or the guys in the story. Part of why it's hard for me to end them is I hate to say good-bye. I want these guys with their legs in casts to hang around for a while, so I can enjoy their company. And the endings always seem artificial somehow.

You can't really wrap lives up in a neat little package and say "the end. Sadly, now more than ever, we know that to be true. So anyhow, these are my ideas for the ending of this story. I'm sure that if you were writing this story, you might end it differently. One friend of mine wrote and told me that he wanted to see it end with a beach sex scene, with these two guys rolling around naked in the sand next to the Pacific Ocean, knocking bottom with their casts on, four crutches lying there next to the blanket.

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I could have written it that way, but I didn't. I actually haven't written any of it, as you'll see in a minute. This is more like an outline of what I would have written if I had actually written an ending for this story. So you'll have to kind of envision it as I tell you about it. Use your imagination to fill in the details I've left out. And if you can think of a better ending, write it down and send it to me and I'll post it here.

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The more endings the better. Episode 1: The Hotel Room I imagine Mark and Scott spending the next two weeks humping their brains out in their hotel room. Try to picture it: two hot, handsome, masculine men, both with casts on their legs, both in love with each other, both horny as hell. I think Double long leg cast story spend almost all of their time naked, because they really have no reason to get dressed. And let's face it. They like being naked. They'd stay in the hotel because they have nowhere else to go, and getting around isn't all that easy. While Scott's broken ankle and his fiber short leg cast allow him to be fairly mobile, Mark's more recently broken leg and his plaster long leg cast require that he lay low for a while, keeping off his leg as much as possible.

They're also a little bit self-conscious about going out together, two guys with their legs in casts. Besides, they're happy to be together, just the two of them, and truly, they have no reason to go out. They have a mini-bar that gets restocked every day, and three meals a day via room service is just a phone call away.

The hotel is picking up all of Mark's expenses until he can travel again because they are worried about getting sued by a guy who fell in their bathtub and broke his leg. And if they did decide to go out, they'd have to get dressed, and we've already established that at this point in time they'd rather be naked. As it is, they just throw on those white cotton terrycloth bathrobes the hotel provides whenever they have to answer the door to let the housekeeper or the room service guys in and out, and then they get naked again as soon as the door is shut.

In the company of each other, their world is pretty complete. They enjoy the daily rituals of their artificial domestic life together. Every morning Scott helps Mark bathe by sitting him down on the closed lid of the toilet seat and helping him wash with a wet cloth.

Then Scott actually manages a shower, with his cast wrapped in plastic. Mark stands next to the tub, leaning on his crutches, and Scott leans on him with one hand to steady himself while he washes. They are both a little skittish about falling in the tub.

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The hotel has great digital cable, so they watch some TV, and some pay per view movies, and sometimes they put on their bathrobes sit on the balcony watching the ocean. But mostly they fuck. It is their honeymoon after all.

And just when they think they can't possibly fuck anymore, they look each other in the eye, and there is something about their casts and their nakedness that makes them rock-hard again, and before they know it they're pawing each other and groping and grinding and sucking again, and despite the fact that both of their dicks are nearly raw at this point, pretty soon they are screaming and shooting and hollering and slamming their bodies against each other again.

For both of them, it is a fantasy come true. For the first time in their lives they have unlimited naked time with another hot guy with his leg in a cast. Who knew life could be so good? They both find themselves surprised by the small things that turn them on.

Sometimes it is simply the sound of their two casts knocking together as one of them rolls over in bed. Sometimes it is the feel of the other's cast against a lingering finger, or the intimacy of touching that place where the other's cast ends and his Double long leg cast story begins.

Sometimes it is just the naked honesty of two men lying in bed together, two men who aren't afraid to admit that they need each other. And it's not just the constant horniness and the great sex that feels so good. There is also a deep and peaceful contentment that has established itself within them. They find themselves uncharacteristically vulnerable, sometimes even on the verge of tears, and even that seems right.

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Sometimes when they are done making love they find that the sweat and heavy breathing gives way to soft weeping, and they cradle each other, and they are gentle and tender and quiet as they lie there and softly stroke each other's warm bellies.

Other times, when they've been grinding and humping and slamming their bodies together, and they finally eke out one more sharp short orgasm, they collapse back down into the Double long leg cast story sheets giggling together like schoolboys. Above all else, despite their broken bones, they are supremely happy. But all good things eventually must come to an end. They can't live like this in a hotel room together forever. Scott's medical leave is coming to an end, and he will have to return to military service.

And Double long leg cast story leg will eventually heal, and he will have to return to his job in Philadelphia. This thought lurks always in the back of their minds, though they try to push it as far as possible from their consciousness.

After two weeks of nearly soul-numbing happiness, Mark is scheduled to return to his orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up visit. During that visit, they remove the plaster cast that has been immobilizing his leg. After another series of x-rays, the surgeon pronounces him on the mend. This time they immobilize his leg in a full-length fiber cast, one that is lighter and will make him more mobile.

This cast, like the first one, goes from his forefoot all the way up to the top of his thigh. The doctor tells him that he is now free to travel and move around as much as he is able. It is still too soon to put weight on the leg, but that will come, the doctor tells him, in four more weeks. So, regretfully, Mark concludes that he must travel home, because there really is no justification for staying on here in California in this hotel room.

They talk about what to do. There is no good solution. Scott can't exactly go back east with Mark, and Mark can't exactly stay on the West Coast with Scott. They talk about visiting each other, and calling, and ing, but Mark has a sick feeling in his stomach that once they say good-bye, that will be the end of it. He is pretty sure that once Scott is back on his feet and back on the base and back in uniform, he will forget about Mark, or will force himself to forget about him.

He doesn't doubt Scott's love for him, but he doubts Scott's strength to withstand the pressures he faces in his job as a Marine. So their farewell is difficult, and sad. Both men are stoic and silent in the face of the inevitable ending of this relatively short period of pure happiness.

Despite their honesty with each other during the last two weeks, both of them are now reluctant to say the things that are on their hearts, because they are two strong masculine men, and they have been long accustomed to protecting themselves from hurt and loss.

Double long leg cast story

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