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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Two for one on Saturday. We were at a late graduation party for my cousin's. She graduated this past May, but her family never got around to having a party for her. She was home from college this weekend, so her parents threw her a rather impromptu graduation party on Saturday. Despite the two-day notice, there were still almost people there! She was wearing one of those one-piece shorts jumper things, not sure what they are called. She was clearly braless.

This family is particularly religious and extremely conservative when it comes to showing skin, let alone something like brastraps, so she was probably braless to avoid showing brastraps and didn't have a strapless bra with her. I told my wife, "I can't believe she is wearing that in front of all these people. I said, "Because anytime she bends over she is going to flash people. I said, "It isn't revealing when she is standing up, of course, but it's really loose and if she bends over it will show everything.

My wife scoffed and said I pay too much attention to this things. I told my wife, "She is going to show things, Downblouse wife stories. I said, "You can tell that her bra is too big because her shirt goes into the top of her bra a bit, and if she bends over we will see inside, just like your sister all the time.

I said, "It's fun being married to a very visual person who is hyper aware of everything around us, isn't it? I just know that I definitely saw it. She could see a car accident and wouldn't even be able to tell you if they were cars, SUVs, or trucks that were involved; just "I saw an accident today". On the way home, she quizzed me on what people were wearing that had nothing to do with boobs, and I was able to describe a dozen people and what they were wearing, just to convince her it isn't always about noticing boobs.

Yesterday I was shopping in a large shopping center. That day there were a lot of promo girls encouraging them to buy their products. One of the promo girls caught my attention the most. She was wearing a blue low-cut top. Her neckline was so big that a piece of black padded bra Downblouse wife stories out. She was about 21 years old. Very slim. Her smile was fantastic, her hair was blond. In that low-cut top I could see her whole breasts. She had small breasts but very pretty. The best of all was that her padded bra was too big. Gap between a bra and breasts was so big.

It was very easy to see her whole puffy nipple. She had an incredibly beautiful nipple. Very large puffy Nipple. It was the biggest puffy Nipple I've ever seen. The nipple was very soft and bright. She was a bit embarrassed because I think she didn't expect to get such a low-cut top for work. That day there were a lot of people in the store and I know that many guys had this fantastic view. Live tv downblouse. In the background one of his female assistants bent over to pick something up. Her shirt had a big scoop neck and was loose on top.

I may have backed up and watched her bend over a couple of times in slo-mo on the dvr.

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The Following 15 Users Say Thank You to whatnow3 For This Useful Post: Candi Delightcollectorcrazyhorse91feather64fellatiorulesJessjiinx81maymedson11mrhendersonnectcoupleoldbuckeyeOmega88stivtylergalxchange3. Originally Posted by whatnow3. Students nipples. I work as a PE teacher at the university. My student are years old. I have gym classes every day.

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Many excercises require leaning. Many girls wear low-cut tops. When I see if the excercises are done correctly I have a view of the whole breasts of these girls. Most girls have well-fitting bras and nothing special can be seen, but a lot of students wear too big bras, and thats how I have seen a lot of nipples.

cute gal Chana

Sometimes its a whole nipple and sometimes its just a piece. I have one favourite student who is cute and always has low-cut top and oversized bra. Her breasts are small but she has big puffy nipples. Its unbelievable how many girls wear too big bras. The Following 24 Users Say Thank You to bonerts12 For This Useful Post: Candi DelightClickRickcrazyhorse91fellatiorulesJessjiinx81kimokeokubalollolz9maymedson11mrhendersonmysweetie61nectcoupleoldbuckeyeOmega88pridesamsnffhrtightsstivtobenidatylergalvoyukwatcherwhatnow3xchange3. Originally Posted by bonerts She organised a birthday party for her daughter last weekend which had a Disney princess theme - fancy dress and all that.

I was absolutely dreading it to be honest. When I got there she was super grateful for my help and I pretended to be totally fine with it, despite wishing I could be Downblouse wife stories else than running a kids birthday party. Little did I know that was quickly about to change. Shortly after she shouted down for me to come upstairs. Turns out it was a corset-style top with a big, flowing skirt and a tiara. However, soon as she turned around, it was clear this was going to be a fantastic afternoon.

Basically this meant there was a gap of at least an inch between the front part of the corset top and her little breasts. From my vantage point she was essentially standing beside me topless. I could literally see both little boobs, nipples and all. She was too busy fussing with the food etc to really notice. She hung it from the top of the door frame, so had to reach up Downblouse wife stories to attach it. I stood and watched as she reached up - it was incredible - essentially the corset top stayed where it was, while her chest popped out into view above it. Both her tiny tits were completely out and in full view for a good 20 seconds as she stretched upwards above her.

Luckily there were no other adults there to say anything and the kids were too young to realise. She said it felt a bit big on her but that she was really pleased with it too - and more importantly, that she was going to keep it in case her daughter was still into Disney at her next birthday. My wife and I were at a store to get a gift card; a store that we had never been in and would never go there again.

We are not the demographic at all. As we were waiting in the long line of hyper-energetic women wanting to buy their clothes, I noticed something looked "off" with the shirt of one of the cashiers. She also had the most annoying personality of Downblouse wife stories group of cashiers, and I hoped we wouldn't get into her line. Well, we got into her line. As I got closer, it looked like she had huge boobs but her cleavage didn't seem to match, if that makes sense. As she was ringing us up, she had to bend over deeply to use their tablet-type cash machine thing that small stores use these days.

Well, the entire time, I could see that she had an open shirt on over another open shirt, then a yellow tank top, then this super padded strapless bra that was pushing up her tiny, presumably flappy boobs, but it was pushing her dark, huge areola out of the top. The top half of her areola was on display, and her nipple was about to pop out.

Essentially, from afar her boobs looked huge, but they were actually very tiny and flabby she was only about 25, toowhich is what made her outfit seem so "off" at first glance. She must have shown s it not s of people that day. Fashion over function, I guess. That's extremely hot. It sounds like she's insecure about the size of her Downblouse wife stories Not a huge deal, probably, but given the context, it was a huge deal for me. Last night at a fancy concert, I ran into an acquaintance of mine. Very professional; her life depends on it.

Last night she was at the concert with a client and his wife no, nothing naughtyand I noticed her amazing dress. Low cut, but fit well. I immediately had the thought I usually do: "It looks appropriate standing up, but what happens when she bends over? Anyway, JUST as I thought that, she bent over to show my wife the super fancy detail at the bottom of her dress we couldn't care less, but it fits the woman's priorities to show people, I guess.

Despite the front being very low-cut, she actually had a bra on I have no idea how, but she's always been able to pull miracles. BUT, both cups gave way a bit and I saw her amazing nipples. Very dark. Permanently erect. Tiny areola. With her extremely pale skin, I was shocked at the darkness. They also pointed way off to the side far more than most. The client and his wife were looking, too, and the wife gave the client a smirk of "go ahead, you already saw them" when I looked for her reaction.

Given the decades I have known her on and off and never even seen a bra strap out of place, my heart was thumping so hard that I almost passed out. Again, not a huge deal, but given the context, for me it certainly was!! The Following 39 Users Say Thank You to Gnome For This Useful Post: ArchicraftasdvlernerbertimosbigteletextbritrobCandi DelightClickRickcrazyhorse91cufan86DanielshawDippsyDudelDRDavenportGSHedoRocksjiinx81kesowikrushboy07kusolnsbmaymedson11mrhendersonmsmyrtlenectcoupleohioguy4funoldbuckeyeOmega88palladinpridesamRohitrracoonzsith11spinalatorsquarestestme97tobenidatylergalvoyukwhatnow3xchange3.

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Downblouse wife stories

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