Dragon mating stories

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Drunken burps and a biting chill filled the air. That could only mean one thing….

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Hiccup made a gentle sigh as he got up from bed and felt the cold wood beneath him, leaving iced splinters in his tunic and he brushed them off unfazed. It was always this way, of course. No snow had fallen on the ground yet but the promise of tomorrow still hung in the air.

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And as Hiccup inhaled, he tasted ice on his tongue. The dragons just nuzzled his hand, purring still as a look of content floated on his features. Calm was more of the word, actually. Toothless usually bounced off the walls before Hiccup even had an eye open. Perhaps the chill was finally getting to him?

And by how crowded it was, it seemed a majority of the Vikings had the same idea as well. It was open air, and had walls short enough to see around, but still tall enough that the boys were still separate from the women. Hiccup, though, had a special spot. Toothless had made a point that he was staying with Hiccup even as he bathed but Hiccup had made a point to pick the only spot in the entire bath house where he not only had privacy…. The steam of the bath kept her covered just as much as the low lying wall did.

Hiccup leaned up a little and placed his arms cross over the Dragon mating stories of the wall, smiling. It was hard to believe, still, that two years ago Hiccup was so close to death at the hand of that dragon. She reached over the top of the wall and touched his damp shoulder, giving him her best smile.

Hiccup made his way back over to her. Even with the wall separating their bodies he still kissed her intensely, their hands lacing together over the top of the wall and the steam of the bath making them both a little light headed.

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It was two days later after the first snow of the season that the dragons made their way back to the rookery. Astrid decided to fly with Stormfly there, and Hiccup and Toothless were in tow to fly her back. It was her first time being on the island, after all.

Astrid laughed. But Astrid only smiled and took his hand. He almost jolted out of her grasp, looking at her with shock before a playfulness within him finally sank in. He was sure he was going to get slapped for that remark. But he was at a point in his relationship with Astrid where he had the ability to control when he got hit without her even knowing.

He braced for impact, but instead something else hit him entirely. Hiccup, on the other hand, blinked rapidly and almost Dragon mating stories at her words. But instead he was bold and kissed her burning cheek.

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Stormfly called Astrid over, breaking away from the many Nadders Dragon mating stories for her attention to say goodbye to her rider. As the Nadder and the girl spoke softly and affectionately to each other Hiccup walked back over to Toothless, who just seemed more than a little bit grumpy. Toothless perked his head up, licking Hiccup gently. The dragon simply looked at him in confusion, yet there was a hope in his eyes that gleamed far back behind his pupils. Hiccup tried to the read the expression…it was familiar, yet new.

Like he had seen it before, just perhaps someplace else…. Seeing all the other dragons mating and having someone and all Toothless had were humans. And a few moments later, Astrid showed up. She seemed saddened and Hiccup beckoned her over. The girl sat next to him and they both leaned against Toothless while Hiccup put an arm around her.

Astrid leaned further into his shoulder. Like clockwork, though, Toothless got up from behind them, both Hiccup and Astrid toppling backwards. The dragon was becoming testier around Astrid lately.

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He had expected that when they first started dating. But it had been well over a year at that point, and he and Astrid had seemed to come to a happy medium a long time ago. But since Snoggletog was rearing near, it seemed all bets with Toothless niceness towards Astrid were off the table. Toothless just went back to nuzzling Hiccup, and Hiccup wrapped his arms loosely around the dragon again, still sighing. The dragon growled once more but readied himself for flight, resisting the urge to flip Astrid off as she climbed on, and trying desperately to ignore the way her hands traveled up and down Hiccup chest and shoulders and the way her lips nibbled at his ear as they flew home.

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A gentle kiss goodnight was all Toothless would allow before Toothless shoved his way in between them and instead of being mad, Astrid just looked saddened. She frowned. Hiccup stomped inside, his heavy movements were more than enough Dragon mating stories Toothless to know his human was upset.

But the dragon was being stubborn. And finally Hiccup looked up at Toothless, disappointment in his eyes being an understatement. Especially since she was already upset about Stormfly being gone for mating. Toothless seemed said at the rookery being among all the mating dragons yet he had no ificant other.

And then all of the sudden he showed such animosity towards Astrid and him whenever they were together. Toothless perked up, almost…. Toothless moved close to Hiccup, purring. Okay, bud? The happiness in the dragons eyes left immediately and he snuffed away, frustrated. Hiccup was a little shocked, thinking he had finally solved the problem. Toothless, instead, went to his corner in the room and proceeded to burn the ground around him before going to sleep, doing all of it in a general fuss.

Hiccup knew better then to try and reason with Toothless when he got that. The dragon would pout through the night and hopefully wake up with w new mindset. And with that Hiccup blew out the last of the candles and went to sleep himself.

Astrid had told practically told him that she wanted to have his children…. RJ Tumblr Themes. The name's BlackRose Rose for shortI'm just a burnt college grad, looking for work, getting my life together, and often crying in the process. Watch me descend into madness right before your very eyes! Oh, and I have this silly dream of making my own comics and novels, so I started a webcomic called "My New Friend is a Cat".

Check it out I guess? I think it's pretty good, but then, I drew it so of course i Dragon mating stories that. I used to write fanfics.

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It was Snoggletog on Berk once again. Toothless made a noise, and the two sprung apart almost instantly. And his dragon was jealous of his girlfriend… To be continued…. Tags: hiccless hiccstrid httyd how to train your dragon fanfic hiccup toothless astrid snoggletog rosefic.

Dragon mating stories

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