Dragon story breeding time

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Dragon Story is fun that you can have different methods of breeding various dragons in the game. In this complete breeding guide, we will go over the most common and effective breeding combos in Dragon Story. You do not need to know every single breeding rule, but just the most useful and common ones for you to get the Dragon Story dragon that you want. This Dragon Story breeding guide will do just that for you. If you have found it helpful, take a look at our other Dragon Story guides to see if they can help you too!

This guide offers a simple walkthrough to help you navigate could be otherwise complicated dragon story breeding combinations. We do not give you fluff, but simple and easy to follow breeding guides and tutorials. You will be able to get all of the breedable dragon Story dragons except the limited ones that are given through special events or promotions. It should be noted that even though a specific breeding combination is listed here for Dragon Story.

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There is always a chance that you will not be able to get the wanted breeding. Yous imply have to breed your Dragon Story dragon a couple more times to get the needed bred offspring dragon.

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If you do not breed the dragon you want, just keep on trying until you successfully breed one. Before the guide, we will give you an estimate on the various odds of dragon breeds in Dragon Story. Your levels, elements, and orders of the dragon does not make a difference in its breeding. However, the more rare dragons are, well, harder to breed because they are more rare. Below is our denotations on how rarity works in our Dragon Story breeding help. There are 5 basic element of dragons currently in Dragon Story. You will start with these dragons to build them into future more advanced dragons through the breeding formulas.

With different combination and mutations, they will breed into the many dragon variables in Dragon Story. Below are the different breeding combinations for Dragon Story generation 1 dragons. Please note that you can get a breeding result of common and rare breeds. The rare breeds are listed in to note that you may have harder time to get them. With this, you will be able to tell the best way to get the common, rare, and super rare dragon breeding combination. The Dragon story breeding time dragon when breed with its own element, will reproduce itself only.

In this stage, you can create the Magic and Pink Virtue dragons through the two opposing elements in generation 1. With the Magic Dragon created before, you can combine them into generation 3 dragons that are totally different from the Dragon breeds. With the elements of dragon breeds introduced into Dragon Story, you will be able to breed Diamond or Infinity dragons. These two dragons are two ultra rare breeds that can be breeded as long as you have all 4 different elements in its parents.

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Thus, there are many breeding combinations that are possible to create the Diamond or Infinity Dragon. We will name a few here to make your life easier. Note you can breed the generation 5 ultra rare even if you use a hybrid. However, if you use the pure element, you will have higher odds of getting the Generation 5 relatively. This means that when you do not have any of the generation 5 dragon story dragons, use hybrid to increase your odds at getting any. But once you obtain 1, start using non hybrids to increase the relative odds of breeding the one dragon that you need. Team Lava has just released a new feature that allows you to get rid of your extra dragons.

At the moment there are two unique craft dragons:. You can learn more about the Dragon Story Trading and Spell crafting. As more dragon breeds and elements are updated into the game, we will update this guide accordingly, be sure to bookmark this and share it with your friends! Please like us too on Facebook.

Dragon story breeding time

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Dragon Story Breeding Guide