Drunk sister sex story

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It was almost 2 a. My parents were away for the weekend and my sister was out with some of her friends. Since our parents were gone we were both obviously having a good time being on our own but it was getting late and I was actually getting a little worried about her.

Finally a car pulled up in the driveway. Well, there she was. I could just finish watching this movie and go to bed. Damn, I had to admit, my sister was hot! She was seventeen, a year older than me. She had a near perfect body, long legs, round, sexy ass, trim waist and big, firm breasts. She also had long, lustrous black hair and big, beautiful brown eyes. She walked unsteadily Drunk sister sex story the room and started to plop down on the couch. Instead she landed in my lap. Her soft lips pressed hard against mine and then… Holy shit!

That was her tongue in my mouth! My sister was making out with me and it felt really good! She squirmed around. What am I sitting on here?? She slid down onto her knees on the floor and her hand slid over the bulge in my pants. I hardly breathed.

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Finally she unzipped my pants and my dick popped out. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over the head of my cock. I actually whimpered. She took it into her warm, wet mouth and slid her lips up and down my cock for several minutes, rolling her tongue all over it. She pulled herself to her feet. I just sat there for several minutes with my dick sticking straight up, trying to understand what had just happened. Then I got up, tucked my dick into my pants as well as I could and rushed upstairs.

The light was on in the bathroom and the water was running. I snuck past and into my room. I got into bed and started to calm down. Okay, she was drunk. I heard Andrea moving around in her room. Suddenly the door opened and she stood there in the doorway. It was dark but I could see that she was naked.

She sat down on the bed and lifted the covers.

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Then she slid into the bed butt first so that I was unintentionally spooning her. Her fantastic bare ass bumped against the front of my shorts and I had a new erection in seconds. We lay there like that for a while. She kept shifting, always moving closer against me. Her breast bumped against my hand and I guess I have to admit I moved to get the maximum contact with them without being obvious. She turned toward me and put her finger over my lips. She moved her finger and kissed me again.

I think this could be lots better. She continued to kiss me as she pulled down my shorts. I completely gave in to temptation and squeezed my sisters tits. They felt so good! So warm and soft but firm.

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I leaned down to lick and kiss them and she moaned happily. She rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her. I might be going to hell but this felt way too good to stop. She was hot inside and so tight. Her pussy felt amazing squeezing my cock. I wanted to start pounding her like crazy but I made myself go slow at first. That feels so gooood! She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me close to her and gazed up at me with her big, dark eyes. I started moving faster. She moaned and writhed under me. I woke up and looked over at my naked sister laying beside me.

The blanket was down low and I could see her breasts clearly in the morning light. I just stared at them for a few minutes and then I tried to get up. Unfortunately we were both pretty tangled in the covers and I shook her awake. Her breath was awful but she looked really cute in a rumpled, bedheaded way. I always make sure to take my pills. You and me.

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Please, Jimmy? I got up and pulled on my shorts and then pulled the covers up to her neck. I brought her aspirin and a glass of water. I also close the shades to block out the sun. I sat down next to her and started rubbing her temples in the way that helps when I get a headache. She came back, still naked, and came up close to me again. Drunk sister sex story kissed me. Now her breath smelled of mouth wash. She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. I started the water going and then dropped my shorts and we stepped in together.

She was still pretty groggy and leaned against me as the water ran down on us. I took the soap and started washing her. I soaped her back and butt. She giggled and nipped my earlobe as I slid the soap between her legs. Then she leaned against the wall and I washed her big, soft breasts and firm, flat stomach. I leaned down to wash her legs then I stood up and even washed her hair.

She started licking up and down my dick and then she leaned down to play with my balls. Then she squeezed her fantastic breasts around my dick and started jerking me off with them, licking my head when it popped out the top.

Then I started to cum. She turned and threw her arms around me and lay her head against my chest. And so good in bed. Especially around mom and dad. I kissed her. And I want you to be my girlfriend. Even if you are my sister. Share Story. My Sister Got Drunk. You must to do that! No ?

Drunk sister sex story

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