Ebony foot fetish stories

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Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 19 posts. Can you believe i just type a whole fuckn story and the laptop cut off!!! Oh well on to my short story. I have been cursed with this lust for females feet since I was about 5 years old if my memory serves me right. My grandmother shared with me that I liked feet every since I was 3 because she remembers when I would always lay on the floor in front of the couch where her and her husband at that time would sit and watch movies.

She said the only way I would be quiet was when she would rub her feet on my tummy and head. OMG, I wish I could have remember that!!! My grandmother has very nice feet even today, but that's another story on to my aunt. I was raised by a small family which consist of my grandmother, my two aunts and my moms. Being the only child I was loved very much but spended many days sometime bored. My mom was the youngest of her two sister in which she had me at 17yrs old.

Ebony foot fetish stories I was about 5 my mom decided to go back to college so she would leave me with my aunts to babysit almost all the time while she would go to school or study late nights at the libarary. One of my Aunt, we will call her Tracy was about 31 yrs old at the time. To this day I still think she has some of the most pretties feet and they never ever Ebony foot fetish stories. I think this is why I love coco butter so much. I have so many stories and so much to say I'm just going to choose one and try to make it short as possible One evening winter night my moms was getting ready to go to her friends house and told my aunt Tracy she would be back in the morning.

Mom's waited at the house till Tracy got out of the shower and was dressed then she left. I was not too much of a bad kid just did a lot of talking even when a person was on the phone and my aunt was always on the phone. So as it got late my aunt turned off the lights and put on a movie. Usually when she turns off the lights that's usually a to settle down but the little spark of energy that I was, I would contiune to talk. Tracy sat on the love seat with both her legs under her indian style and ask me to lay down on the floor in front of her and to be quiet with a calm and pleasant voice while she talked on the phone.

Tracy loved me alot and knew of my fetish I think because she would always see my grandmother calm me down with her feet, not to metion I was always playing with all the ladies feet so they was used to it and accept it. Sometimes they would ask for me to come down stairs to warm there feet up. Mannn the memories.

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OK back to the story So as my aunt got on the phone I took my short very skinny bony self over to where she was sitting on the couch and laid directly in front of her layin on my back and watched the movie. As she was on the phone I turned my head to ask her about the movie and the most unbelieveble thing happed!

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She quietly told me to shhhhh and unfolded one of her legs and place her extremely ice cold lightly golden colored sole smack dead on my face covering my lips nose and part of my eyes. I thought my heart was going to stop beating I could hear it throught the inside of my ears.

She left her foot on my face for about 5mins then she rocked it back and forth gently while crunching her toes trying to grab my nose. Now thanks to all the koo-aid I was drinking my bladder was starting to talk to me. Ebony foot fetish stories was so upset to leave but I couldn't hold it anymore so I put her foot off my face and ask her if I could go to the bathroom.

She said yes honey and be sure to wash your hands before you leave. I ended up washing my face with cold water to calm my heart becasue it was beating fast as heck. When I finshed using the bathroom, I came back to the same spot I was laying and to my disappoinment my aunt had put her foot back on the couch this time laying on her side with her legs folded next to her. So as I layed down on my back and contiune to watch the movie for about ten minutes I turned my head to my aunt and smiled. My aunt looked back down at me reach down to pinch my checks, she always loved to pinch my check on my face.

When she sat back up to continue her phone conversation I turned back around to the T. Out of no where I felt something rubbing my stomach.

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Out of the corner of my eyes I could see my aunt rubbing my tummy and chest with on of her pretty gold polish toes. While she was still on the phone she was trying to wiggle her toes through my button up flannel shirt. Mind you I had a very small frame for my age so as my aunt tried repeatedly over and over to fit hit foot in between the two closed buttons of my shirt, I guess she relize her feet was too wide. The next thing I know, she stops rubbing my stomach, reach down with here phone still on the side of her ear and shouders and unbutton on of the buttons on my shirt.

My whole world had stop spinning and it became so quiet in my head beacuse I could not believe what just happen, better yet what was about to happen next. As my aunt sat back onto the couch she place her same foot on my stomach and this time wiggled her super cold toes throught the single openned button and rubbed my stomach and chest though the inside of my shirt. She had shoved her foot soo far into my shirt I could feel her silky cold soft arch against my stomach.

As she was rubbing my stomach and moving her toes under my shirt I was quiet the whole entire time trying to calm my heart from not beating so fast but I couldn't. In fact I believe she could feel it beating fast but she didnt care.

As I was laying there for a long time I over herad her say to her friend he is finally sleep and need to get some ice cream but didnt want to move because her feet felt sooo warm right Ebony foot fetish stories. Well i'm deeply sorry if this is too long of a story I tried to make it as short as possible. Sometimes I wish there was a device that could play images you remember in your brain onto the tv because I would love to view it again. I tell ya being a kid is the best years sometimes She is about 45 now and is cool about my fetish, in fact she lets me take pics of her feet in new shoes from time to time.

Yoooo great story do me a fav and write some more stories about ya aunt man. NZ Tony. Your aunt does have great feet, well worth a good licking. TRaVeY wrote: Yoooo great story do me a fav and write some more stories Ebony foot fetish stories ya aunt man. Clover wrote: TRaVeY wrote: Yoooo great story do me a fav and write some more stories about ya aunt man.

Great soles from what I can seewith wrinkles, great toenail polish, and yum I like. So what happened now that you're older? She just let you take pics of her feet? Just askin. And thanks for sharing. God i love ebony feet, story good, pics good. Good post! I will be posting more stories and many more pics very soon just need to find time in this busy life we live in do it.

Clover I think your comment turned me on more than the actual post. I like these types of stories

Ebony foot fetish stories

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