Edging sex stories

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She was really interesting between the sheets, always trying out new things and wanting to please. She was the only one Johnson had ever dated that made him really look forward to sex, she was that good. They had planned a date night at his place, a night of sweet foods, movies, and sex!

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She had ordered food already, and there was a bottle of wine to go with it. The wine set the mood for pleasure, and in no time they were kissing, their lips moving on top each other in a fantastic French kiss. She kissed him, her lips dancing all over his body before she finally brought her head to rest in between his legs.

He moaned softly as she wrapped her soft fingers around his firm cock, her tongue twirling around his tip as pleasure vibrated through him. She moved in, taking all his inches into her mouth as she coated him with her saliva. She twirled and rolled her tongue all over him, stroking his balls with her hand as she pleased him.

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He moaned as she deep throated him, the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat as saliva dripped down the edges of her mouth. She stroked him with her hands now, twisting her fingers around his tip and balls as she pleased him to the max. She stroked him faster, beating his meat faster and faster as she drove him towards orgasm. That was the best orgasm he had ever experienced, he had never seen himself cum that way.

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Edging sex stories

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