Electro torture stories

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The soldiers came after midnight, Abid Khan says, his hands trembling, one of around two dozen young men in just one part of occupied Kashmir who say they have been tortured by the Indian army. The alleged abuse, residents say, is aimed at creating a climate of fear after India stripped the long-restive, blood-soaked Himalayan region of its autonomy on August 5. Khan, 26, from Hirpora village in Shopian district, says he was dragged out and blindfolded along with his brother, who has learning difficulties, on August Read: Stories of torture following annexation by India emerge from occupied Kashmir.

Once inside the nearby Chowgam army camp, Khan said soldiers stripped him naked, tied up his legs and wrists, suspended him and beat him with rods. The Electro torture stories major, Khan said, accused him of inviting Riyaz Naikoo from Hizbul Mujahideen — one of several armed groups fighting Indian rule — to his recent marriage. One of them said 'I will make you impotent'. After being released at dawn and barely able to stand, Khan says he kept vomiting for 10 days and only managed to start moving around again after 20 days.

See: How India is seeking to portray 'calm, normalcy' in locked-down occupied Kashmir. India's national security advisor has denied that the military has committed any atrocities, a statement echoed by Col Rajesh Kalia, an army spokesman in Kashmir.

Three other villagers told AFP they were also tortured.

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In total, around two dozen young men in the villages of Shopian told similar stories. The pattern is often of soldiers raiding homes, taking identity cards and mobiles and telling young men to report to the camps to retrieve them.

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One year-old, who declined to be named but shared with AFP photos of his wounds, said he has reported to the Pahnoo camp three times since August 27 and was abused each time. An Electro torture stories accused him of giving food to Kashmiri fighters and then offered him money for information, he said. Another time, he was grilled about a former classmate who is now a fighter. Obaid Khan, also 21, from Gugloora village said he had to go to the same camp to retrieve his ID and phone on August Sajjad Hyder Khan, a local official in Pinjoora village, told AFP he has seen a list of 1, people detained by police and soldiers from Shopian alone, one of the four districts in the southern Kashmir Valley.

Header image: Abid Khan, 26, who says he was tortured by the Indian army looks on during an interview with AFP at Haripora village in Shopian district, in occupied Kashmir. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. AFP Updated 17 Sep, am. Disclaimer: The contents of the article below might cause distress to some readers. Comments 82 Closed. Popular Newest Oldest. Imtiaz Hunzai Berlin. Sep 16, pm. Brutality on armless humanity.

This is inhuman by Occupied Indian army. Recommend 0. If this story is correct, this case should be taken to human rights commission. Ayush Chaudhary. Vijay, You believe on these people? Asif A. Unfortunately, the torture of innocent Kashmiries and the violation of the Geneva Conventions by Indian Army has become a new normal in today's callous world. Not commendable, if true. To commit brutality and try to suppress the rebellion. Medical record have no hospital seal.

Vijay, I agree. There is no justifiable reason for such behavior. Honest, do you think any hospital will write assault by security forces!? Medical record pointing out assault by security forces. Something's not correct. What else you could expect from them, this is what they have been doing to the innocent Kashmirees for decades. Where are the Indian? Proud Pakistani. Bilal, Something is clearly going on in that valley. And if India was so truthful then it would allow a UN team to visit Kashmir for themselves if there is normality there.

They dont which clearly shows they have Electro torture stories hell of a lot to hide. As the saying goes they are afraid that many hidden skeletons will fall out of the closet. Vijay, Read Indian human Rights Commission report all ready issued.

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Look closely at the medical report, see a lady in single piece. Which hospital is this? Ayush Chaudhary, do you beilve he is Vijay? Deepak, Hospital need not to mention who did it. They can only document injuries and stamp their findings.

Abid Khan's allegations needs to be test in the court of law. Eagle eyes. I know this guy. Lives in AJK. Rohit Gupta. Bilal, You caught it man!! Bharat Dave. Bilal, Yes. Don't believe. Where is the proof that the facts stated are correct? Babu jaleela. Where is the proof?

Need concrete evidence. Maybe the Indian army needs to look at itself to find the real terrorists in occupied Kashmir.

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Nice try! If such a thing happens, Congress and opposition would have pounced on the opportunity. They pounce on government even when there is no opportunity. Brutality will end soon. Hitler was elected so Modi Asian Hitler. Both are one and same. If it is true I condem.

Iqbal Zaman. Sad and shameful Rohit Gupta, you probably would believeif Modi say that sun dose not arise from east. I am only here to read comments by Indians to justify torture for a book project. Love India. Sep 17, am.

Was this report and pictures authenticated? Vijay, are you truly an Hindu. What you can expect from Indians they even cant provide civilian rights to the Electro torture stories as well as hindus lower cast in their own country, and ofcourse UN is sleeping after taking NYQUIL :. M P Dhore, Principal, Nagpur. Don't know how much this story tells the fact but I condemn and oposore any kind of brutality anywhere in the world. Humans should treat other humans with love and respect irrespective of caste, religion, color, nationality, language etc. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad.

What else is called barbaricism, cruelty, brutality, cowardness, racism and crimes against humanity? Rohit Gupta, yes after the tortured him they took him to a doctor to create medical records??

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Ayush Chaudhary Wait for the time when same will happen to you and everybody will believe you and nobody will care. Imtiaz Hunzai Berlinhow did they let you enter berlin. Raj, pl don't believe this Vijay. Prashant Gupta. Very hard to believe.

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What is the source of information if all networks to outside world are disconnected. Vorshal Handa. I do not see the name of the hospital or the name of the clinic. I would also like to know the criminal record of this person in the photo.

Bilal, yes, a doctor would just write "trauma" or at most "trauma due to assault" and not "trauma due to assault by security forces". Medical record says it was done by security forces. Medical record should have mentioned name also, who did it Old saying, do not throw stones if you live in glass houses.

Electro torture stories

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