Embarrassing caught naked stories

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Yeah, that doesn't sound too bad, but still kinda awkward. Glad you're better! Mine might be one of the most embarrassing listed so far. I'm sorry you were crying, but it sounds like your pair definitely are worth seeing! I certainly wish I could see the proof, lol! And I know Seinfeld so well, I know that you meant "spectacular", not magnificent. BubbaTech So did I. So you saw it all, huh? Doesn't sound very embarrassing if she didn't notice you, but naked is still naked, lol!

Fair enough. I just moved back near my hometown, and was staying with a couple friends one guy, one girl. My female friend knocked on my door one morning, which woke me up. She asked a breakfast-related question while I was only covered by a thin sheet. As she was talking, she noticed I had major morning wood going on. She made a joke about how I was happy to see her, lol. She then said I might as well just show her.

When I realized she was serious, I pulled the sheet away, and my hard dick was there for her viewing. Her eyes got wide and she stared at it for a few seconds, before yelling Embarrassing caught naked stories didn't say you were naked!

I thought you had boxers on or something! I said I was sorry, but she pointed out "not sorry enough to put it back away, apparently". She must have not hated it though, because we talk about it occassionally. Tommyboy23 Xper 5. Caught masturbating? Someone walk in on you in the shower? Naked in the house and forget that someone else was home? Maybe you caught a family member letting it all hang out! Share Facebook. Have an embarrassing "Caught Naked" story?

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Add Opinion. Vegie Xper 1. When I was 12yrs I had never seen a girls privates. I was playing on a shed with two girls from next door and I made a challange offer that I would show them mine if they show me thiers. They had a quick private chat and said ok. The shed was empty with just one door to enter. I was told to go first so I just quickly pull my pants n undies down to my knees and up again just a quick flash.

I was feeling afraid. The older girl said no take everything off and put all your clothes behind youthe door was behind my back. I was very reluctant to follow her instruction but my desire to see them nude over ride my fear I am now totaly nude facing the older girl I never noticed what the younger one was doing Then the older one yelled go quickly and the younger one flew out of the shed door she had picked up all my clothes n took them with her.

The other Embarrassing caught naked stories followed her and I was left on the empty shed by myself naked and nothing to cover myself with. After about 5 mins I heard some one coming to the shed i was pissed scared. The two girls had intended to go and get some of thier friends and bring them to the shed to see me naked but thier plan was broken when they got inside thier house and thier mom was there with her friend and two daughters and ask what they were doing with the clothes.

They told thier mom what had happen in the shed and Embarrassing caught naked stories mom and her friend and her two daughters all headed to the shed. Now there were 2 adult women and 4 girls in the shed with me. I crouched in a corner covering myself the best I could. The mom told me to stand up straight and put my hands on my head.

And they all could see me clearly I was just reaching puberty and had few pubic hairs The oldest girl commented that my penis was tiny. The friend of the mom said that can change as i was shriveled up with fear. The one holding me now tell the girls they can feel my privates which they all did and of course it started to grow. The mom had a feather and started tickling my but hole and inner thigh and my ball with the feather and full on errection soon happen. O was then told to stand straight and turn around and girls had full view of my errection.

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All of these happened I was mastrubating in bathroom My sis came to take bath and removed her towel My sperms came out seeing her naked She slapped me Hit me in balls as I was watching porn. My father caught me mastrubating and watching porn. He hit me with belt. One day I was in bathroom asking my mom for towel. She didn't listen. I came out naked. She laughed at me. This Friday my sis grabbed my towel.

I was naked in front of her. She made laugh of my penis. I asked her for towel n she said," tissue paper would be enough for me" n today I had night fall. I was cleaning myself with tissue paper. She said," you took my advice. It happened with me when I was I was coming out from bathroom naked. My parents wnt to office and sister was there.

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But she left the door opened. When I came out the daughters 17 and 11 back then of our house owner was sitting there using my phone I ran holding my penis. She followed me recording me. Then I got irritated then showed them my penis. They laughed at me. They still make fun of me. They call me "chota nangu bhaiya" Hmm, mine isn't really that bad. I got ill last year, a bad throat and chest infection and hadn't eaten for about three days, could barely drink and eventually my temperature got too high and I passed out and had had a couple of fits.

Had to be taken into hospital but before that, I had felt really cold and I'd got stockings on underneath my jeans with socks too and I think I had like two shirts and a jacket. I got admitted to the MDU and had to spend the night there and my boyfriend and my parents couldn't stay. My boyfriend had remembered to come back with a milkshake for me to drink but forgot my pyjamas so I was sleeping in all my clothes because I felt really weak and couldn't get my fingers to tie the robe at the back and I was being checked on every hour and didn't want to Embarrassing caught naked stories undressed when someone came in.

Eventually, I started to get the fever out and got way too hot in all my layers and decided fuck it, take everything off and figure out the robe. The poor dude who came to check on me every hour managed to pull the curtain back to see me leaning against the wall to support myself with my trousers down around my ankles and the ridiculous stockings still on and looking kinda like death warmed up :P He looked incredibly shocked and kinda blurted out an apology before running off and coming back ten minutes later, loudly declaring that he was there before he walked in this time.

It wasn't too embarrassing seeing as he was a nurse and he'd seen stuff like that all the time anyway and I was kinda too feverish to really care, but I think that's the only time anyone's ever caught me unawares. Anna96 95 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Xper 6. I wasn't exactly naked but I'll share it anyways. So my parents my sister and me were on holidays in south france in an apartment complex. So my parents had gone out for supper and my sister was leaving for the reception the only spot with free wifi. Being by myself I decided to go and take a shower, obviously my sister locked the front door behind her and took the keys with her. Anyways as I left the shower, I heard somebody enter, thinking it was my sister I wrapped a towrl around me and entered the living room.

It was the janitor who changed the lightbulb of the ceiling lamp and he looked so shocked and apologized over and over again. AthleticMom 2. It was a setup not to be trusted so immediately after honoring the bet, ran upstairs crying. It was because I was well endowed and many classmates were curious to see them naked. Seinfeld episode. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Extremely embarrassed by my boyfriends little brother walking in on us at the hotel.

Girls, My crush caught me masturbating and Embarrassing caught naked stories to embarrassed to see her again? Girls, has your brother ever seen you naked? Sort Girls First Guys First. Citizenkirk opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Mom was crashed out in her bed sleeping off what I thought was a ificant amount of alcohol, facing away from where I lay, in my bed, appearing to be dead to the world.

I found out that appearances are not always what they seem because it turns out that I wasn't the only one wound up by that last t we were passing between us.

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My ability to make good decisions was apparently almost non-existent at point because I was hot and had a raging hard on from the weed and the booze and laying above the covers she gets the cool air on me and release the tension am I growing area seems like a good idea at the time since there was no way that my mom would be awake for at least 4 or 5 hours. So I'm laying there masturbating when suddenly I hear noise from my mom's bed and she's suddenly gets up going to the closet and she get something to put on and sees me lying there no time to to protect my modesty and fairly enough time to get my hands to my sides pretending to be asleep because I was too embarrassed about my masturbation in the bed next to hers to admit that I was awake and jerking off and playing view of her so I just lay there with my penis going from semi-ret to fully erect while I watched her through the slit in my eyes as she stared at my genitals with an unreadable look on her face.

There was no precum coming out to give me away but the the rate at which my penis was growing and my testicles retracting were an obvious giveaway that I was either awake and aware that she was watching me or that I was having a wet dream which was unlikely at my Embarrassing caught naked stories.

She went outside to smoke cigarette leaving the lights off and because I did not want to give away the facts that I was awake I had to remain naked above the covers with my dick twitching Embarrassing caught naked stories and down as she came back inside and took an appraising look at my genitals before putting away her jacket and going back to bed. She knew I was jerking off and I knew that she knew it because she knew as much about my anatomy from the time I was born till my 47th birthday as I did when she got up to smoke a cigarette and saw me exposed and erecting on the bed next to hers.

I came clean the following morning coming out of the shower has she passed by the open bathroom door and admitting that I was masturbating when she woke up and saw me and playing to my morning wood standing erect admitting that it embarrassed me to be caught to be caught red-handed when I should have been more discreet.

I pointed I pointed at my erection and told her that I wasn't embarrassed by her seeing me with morning wood on display, what embarrassed me, was what she saw last night was not morning wood. The booze in the weed may have impaired my judgment a bit.

She told me not to worry about it not to be embarrassed. She wasn't uncomfortable either way and if I wanted to masturbate before breakfast she was fine with that but I have to do it out there on my bed because she needed the bathroom for showering. My elder sister 20 : This happened few years ago. I was I was mastrubating in washroom.

Embarrassing caught naked stories

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