Embarrassing commando stories

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passionate Lilah

This happened 3 months ago and I'm a senior. Grade 12 Three months ago I had the biggest crush on this really good looking guy, I mean the type were you can't think straight because you can't take your mind off of him. Anyway, I had a school dance one day and I was trying my absolute best to look good.

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The whole deal, putting on my new outfit, which was very slimming. My outfit was a tub top and a long skirt.

horney singles Angel

You can already see where this is going When I got to the dance the place was crowded and the music was already going. I saw my crush we'll call him Bryan Well, Bryan was there and I was planning on asking him to dance.

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So I started walking up to him. He turned and saw me coming and someone stepped on my skirt!! My whole skirt came down!

cute girl Leslie

To make things "better" I decided to go commando!! I was completely surrounded by people. I went to pull up my skirt quickly but a guy we'll call him Stew had already picked it up and thrown it to one of his buddies. I tried to run to a bathroom in the gym but I go to school with a bunch of jerks and they wouldn't let me out. In fact one of them pulled down my shirt.

foxy madam Samara

After I managed to escape I never went back to that school. I still see some of those people around town and they always ask me to give them another "show" I haven't seen my ex-crush since.

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Embarrassing commando stories

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