Embarrassing doctor visit stories

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Legitimate question… is the doctor the only person on earth whom you pay money to have them openly insult you to your face? Last time I went, my doc told me I was over-weight and that my back mole looked weird. How much do I owe you? One day, I was visiting a new doctor and he asked me to remove my pants. I had forgotten that the night before I had shaved off exactly one half of my pub hair. Embarrassing doctor visit stories was getting my physical before I headed off to college and Mr. Doctor was taking a look at my bologna pony and gon.

I mean, what else was I gonna do with my curlies. So anyway, Mr. Doctor pulls down my trousers and starts laughing. I was getting a physical exam a few years ago so I could play HS football. This time the doctor made me strip and made me cough. Went to the doctor when I was about 8 months pregnant. At that point in my pregnancy, I was very gassy and if I tried to hold it in it would get painful after a while.

I held it in for a while thinking that if I did fart the doctor would be in at any moment. So I decided to let it go. The tiniest little fart ever, but, it stunk like something crawled up my butt and died. Thirty seconds later, the doctor walked in and asked me what that smell was. No one else can tell, but even just the idea is so hot for me. No one knows about it, not even my wife. One day, when I was doing that, I got into a car accident.

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I was rushed into the hospital. I had to be stripped down so they could make sure I was okay. Even more embarrassing was when she gave it back after I was getting changed out of my hospital gown. I was about 14 years old, showing up for my routine physical examination for school.

It was about to begin. As I jumped on the scale, my stomach started killing me. It slowly went away. I get the okay to cough as the doctor cups my balls. I coughed a little harder than usual, and I splattered poop everywhere. I left specks of poop juice on the outer side of her hand and pooped a soupy spot on the floor. I never went back to the school clinic again. He spread his arms and I was a little surprised. Was he just welcoming me? Did he want a hug?

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I started to move in for a hug, but he stepped back a little and made a clearer indication that he was just politely gesturing me to enter the room before him. Sheepfaced, I put my head down and marched into the room. I got dressed and just wore my pants from the other day. Bored, I look around and then look down. I freak out, pull them out as fast as possible, and throw them away. As soon as the band-aid was on, I made my way outside as fast as I could, face red the whole time. I had to go in for a physical for a part-time job, and they sent me to the hospital covered by whatever plan they have.

The doctor spun around immediately in her swivel chair and asked what I was doing. She smiled and handed me my paperwork, saying I was Embarrassing doctor visit stories enough to work. I ran as fast as I could from the hospital once I was done, embarrassed and bright red in the face. Had a serious cold and chest congestion.

Went in to the doctor just to make sure everything was cool. I let out a major sneeze. A huge glob of snot flew out and landed on the back of his hair. After the exam, he and I are walking down the hall and the snot is dripping down his neck.

He looked at me and just walked away. About six months later, I was in to see him again. We had a great laugh. I was under anesthesia after having my wisdom teeth removed. Sure enough, my friend arrived to see me laughing at myself in the mirror.

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The doctor had to leave the room. I was just kidding. I needed to transfer to another clinic because the doctor has low sense of humor. I was getting my prostate checked out by this pretty good looking female urologist. She had to insert a catheter since I was having trouble peeing. Well, I requested a female doctor just to be more comfortable and all was going quite well until she asked if a student doctor could come in the room as well.

I said yes, not even thinking about it and walks in this amazingly handsome man while my legs are held wide open. I have never been so mortified in my life, my instant reaction was to snap close my legs while forgetting that my doctor was in between them.

Oh my. I went to the doctor for a routine pap smear. My doctor starts talking about her son at Columbia Embarrassing doctor visit stories how she thinks she should set him and I up. She stopped talking for the rest of the visit. It was my first pap smear, and I was up on the table, naked except for my socks and a gown and very nervous. The lady gynecologist walks in and asks me to lay back and spread them, which I did. My daughter has some just like that!! Turns out she was talking about my Hello Kitty socks I was wearing, not my lady bits. I was very relieved. Probably too much information but I once went to the gynecologist for a regular check up.

I started crying and apologizing over and over again. I ended up switching doctors after the incident. I went to the doctor for some intestinal bleeding. So I bend over the table, she lubes up and digs for treasure. Too late!

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Doctor pulls her finger out and plop, out lands a turd, right on the floor. I was able to hold back the rest but the damage was done. When I turned 30, I suddenly became a hypochondriac.

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I had the mumps during my first year of college, and along with that I got Orchitis swelling of the balls caused by the mumps in my left nut, which swelled up to the size of a potato. It was really painful and heavy so I had to carry it everywhere for a while. So I went to the doctors, he checked my mumps and then I told him there was another problem.

I drop my pants, lay on the doctor bed thing and he came over to examine. I was getting my first physical to play sports when I was about 11 years old. As expected, I was a little freaked out when I had to drop my pants and let an old dude feel my balls, so as it was happening I cringe and turn my head away. I was having a lump on my balls checked.

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I described the said lump to the doctor and he went about trying to locate it himself. I was lying down at this stage staring at the ceiling.

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After about a minute of him fumbling, he admitted defeat and asked me to find it. So I sat up and started to jumble them around in my hands.

Embarrassing doctor visit stories

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