Embarrassing enema stories

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It was a very chilly day in early March, at 8 a.

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I felt drained, tired and sore my Embarrassing enema stories from the three 3 day prep I had just finished that morning. I was directed to outpatient registration by a girl at the reception desk in the hospital foyer. I wanted to expose my raw anus and prove to her that I had. At the Radiology desk a young nurse got up and took me to a private changing room. This last statement was audible enough for everybody in the adjacent waiting area to hear.

A man, about 40 years of age looked up with a flush face and a crooked smile gazing at me, seeming like he was picturing to himself my naked body lying on an exam table with enema tube attached, with the cute, but loud, little Florence Nightingale behind me holding the bagefficiently doing her work. Several other patients, both male and female-early arrivals-I thought seemed not to hear, or pretended not to.

Registration Desk. I put Embarrassing enema stories the gown opened in the back, as instructed and, mindful of potential gawking co-patients sitting outside, carefully tied the strings in the back hoping that they would stay that way. I jokingly said, although my attempt at humor to lighten the embarrassment fell flat. She said this in a voice clearly above the volume required for the situation and without regard for my Embarrassing enema stories and humility. Not long after I took a seat next to the other two condemned, Nurse Loud returned and selected the young attractive slightly built Hispanic woman as her first victim.

Nurse Loud held the large entrance door wide open, and as she did, I got a view of what awaited me in that room: a bare hospital bed with a tall standard next to it from which hung an enormous enema bag connected to large bore tubing wrapped around one of the other of four hooks attached to the contraption. Whether it was my imagination or not I thought I saw the Hispanic girl hesitate as she entered the chamber. I gave a nervous little laugh as the site of the contents of that room combined with the forcefulness of the little enema nurse unnerved me a bit.

The guy laughed. I noticed then that he was attractive, with a muscular build which was outlined by the sheer hospital gown he wore. He had a mane of thick curly dark hair, and some gray showed upon careful examination. Tom laughed. I heard Tom say, not aware he caught this scene also. I suddenly felt humiliated for the submissive Latin beauty, knowing that Tom and I had seen her so intimately evolved.

It was like we were interloping on some taboo private moment. The door closed and the Tech walked briskly off to a room down the hall. A few minutes later the door quickly opened and both Loud and Hernandez emerged almost on the run as the nurse had her arm around her Latin victim, the latter, holding the back of her gown closed with one hand and her stomach with the other while quickly being escorted to a room marked with a female symbol on the door obviously a private haven for the expulsion of the reservoir within her.

Both entered,the Nurse exited a short time later, and headed towards Tom and me. Tom was obviously embarrassed, and no doubt thinking about that door being opened to my view by some officious tech. Sheepishly Tom followed her into the enema chamber and I felt a sensation of arousal watching him enter as he tightly held his gown closed with his right hand, grasping the doorknob with his left and entering ahead of his nurse. About 15 minutes later Tom emerged from the room, quickly led by the nurse avoiding eye contact with me.

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This last loud question caught the curious look of a lady who was walking her child of about 10 years of age towards the seating area where I was located, to await his barium enema, as his mother later told me. Now the nurse directed her attention to me. I felt a twinge in the pit of my stomach, my face turned red as she walked briskly towards me.

I was never more humiliated in my life! Everybody in the room now has the image of mefetal positioned, tube in anus, bulging enema bag suspended above me, filled to my physical capacity, pounds of me with a hundred pounds of water cascading through my intestines, holding it in for dear life perhaps unable to contain the tsunami, eventually to expelling it violently into an enamel bedpan, or worse in the bed like poor Tom, or perhaps lose it on the floor on my way to the toilet?

I am so embarrassed! Red faced I sat quickly so the late hearers might not observe my image and think, perhaps and hopefully, she was talking to someone else. I sat for another ten minutes before nurse Ratchet returned. As my face was buried in a magazine, solely for the purpose of hiding its red hue, I did not see or hear her approach.

A reprieve! Ratchet took the little boy by the hand and Embarrassing enema stories him into the enema chamber, as he looked for his mom over his shoulder. They both came towards me as I pretended to be reading in order to avoid what they may perceive to be an inquisitive look, so neither would feel they had to give me a full report about their experience.

As I turned to offer him words of comfort, suddenly, the X-ray tech appeared and quickly ordered Tom to follow her as she was ready for his X-ray. As he walked away with the tech in the lead, I noticed the rear of his gown was quite wet making the outline of his great bottom very evident. The door to the enema chamber opened as little Miss Enema lead young Peter to the toilet.

Immediately after she said this a loud whoosh could be heard and a sudden splash of water hit the floor! The Tech led me into a room which contained a large and highly polished white piece of equipment over a metal table with a silver top covered with white blankets.

Just then the older X-ray tech reappeared, this time holding the largest enema bag I ever saw, in fact I never thought there could be a need for the manufacture of something so big for the intended purpose! How much can a human being tolerate? Also, it was filled to bulging with a thick white liquid and had an appendage attached, a long white wide bore hose at Embarrassing enema stories end of which was affixed a light blue enema tip, a black squeeze ball and a small tan square plastic device.

The young X-ray tech must have seen my surprise and concern as I gazed with dread at this instrument of medical torture.

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Then, all was quiet for a minute while the anticipation grew in the pit of my stomach and deep in my bowels,when suddenly, I felt a draft against my now totally exposed rear, as without warning he lifted my gown exposing my ass in all its glory. I then felt him part my butt-cheeks and Embarrassing enema stories what I assumed was his finger up and down my butt crack in the area of my rectum which was now exposed to his view. I felt the well lubricated tube slide easily into my rectum. Just then Nurse Loud entered the room. I could tell they were annoyed by the interruption.

Meanwhile I was totally exposed on my side, gown open revealing my butt, tube in place, and a very uncomfortable sensation in my rectum, as the balloon made me feel like I had to either pass gas or poop. My stern demeanor obviously convinced Loud that she had lost her prey, and without further word, she abruptly turned and exited the room. Soon Dr. Harris, the radiologist, came into the room, introduced himself asked if the procedure was explained to me. He immediately began giving orders to the blond tech. The air was pumped into my rectum with that little black squeeze bulb, and I immediately felt a sharp pain in my colon.

Before he left the room however he grabbed the sheets beneath me and slid me down to a foot rest at the foot-end of the table. After he had placed me in this position, with the tube still inside me,as he left the room he nodded to Mr. Davis and handed him the controls. The little balloon obviously failed to contain the reservoir within me as promised, and all hell broke loose! The heretofore calm, cool and very collected and did I mention beautiful? Davis quickly grabbed several towels handed one to me and threw a few down on the footrest and floor to contain the tidal wave of barium which was spewing forth from my anus and down my legs.

I was mortified I would never even belch in front of a guy and here I was shitting like some farm animal with dysentery in a barnyard. And, not only that, the air which had been pumped into me began violently exiting my colon in very audible bursts of Embarrassing enema stories, akin to the loud exhaust emissions from an old roter.

There were three doors in the room. One just Embarrassing enema stories to be a toilet, so rapidly, I made a run for the door near the X-ray table thinking it was the bathroom. It was not. It was another fluoroscopic suite where poor miss Hernandez was undergoing her barium enema. I was startled but curious at the same time drawn to the scene before me as one would be to something sensually tempting but illicit. Nobody in the room noticed me, engaged as they were in assisting Miss Hernandez who had her own issues.

Her enema bag hanging alongside her, and seemingly bigger than my own, was completely empty. In my room, Mr. Davis was busy along with two aids cleaning up my very large mess. I opened the door as directed, but there on the toilet sat Tom, who had only moments before finished with his barium enema in an ading room which shared this toilet. I demanded. From the tone of my voice I suppose he discerned the emergent nature of my command, and abruptly got up as would a sailor when an Admiral enters his room; he moved hastily to a neutral corner of the bathroom.

I quickly opened the back of my now soaked gown and dropped myself on the toilet seat with a smack of my butt- flesh hitting the plastic seat, simultaneously expelling the remaining matter within me in a gush, a fart, and even a belch. It seemed like I emitted from every orifice, including my vagina, which was now engaged and moist by virtue of the scenes I had just witnessed: The beautiful Latina so animalisticly evolved, twice; and now Tom who seemed to have no conscious awareness of his present condition, standing froze in place, pale-faced and silent with his arms at his side, his beautiful ass exposed out of a gown now soaked with barium and water from the two enemas he had received.

The younger girl, about 18 years old who held the equipment, had Tom bend and place his hands on his knees as she deflated the balloonremoved the tip and sat him down on the toilet. With embarrassed smiles on their faces the two girls fled the room when Embarrassing enema stories immediately began to forcefully expel the enema. And now here I was, bursting in on his only moment of private refuge as he sat half naked, violently excreting all of the matter he so submissively accepted and retained without complaint.

I instantly felt a my heart skip a beat despite knowing him only for an hour and a half. I felt guilty ordering him about as did those enema girls. There was something prohibitive in the scenes I observed, and provocative and sensual all at once. Tom was standing there in his corner staring at me with a blank but compassionate look on his handsome face. He reached for the toilet paper without removing his eyes from mine, like some automaton, he quickly tore off a wad and handed me the tissue.

Then realizing the absurdity of our situation we both started laughing simultaneously. The End, or the Beginning? Share This. Related Posts. My First Time Sisters part 3 Well let's recap in my last 2 entries having been stood up? What follows next is the best night's sex ever. Finally I had los. It maintained, in spite of its low prestige, a facade of proper accommodations, sporting a faux-Victorian lobby. A week at the cabin We were on the 3rd day of our wonderful week in Mike's cabin in Wisconsin. I was very nervous about spending an entire week together, not sure if either of us would survive it.

We have an insatiable hunger for each other that grows more everytime w. Copyright Fantasies.

Embarrassing enema stories

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