Embarrassing hanging wedgie stories

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Self inflicted wedgie Family It was Christmas and my family had all of our relatives up. There were about 30 people around and our house was so crowded there was always something to do. It was awesome.

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At least until the day before they went home. We had planned to all go to the Nutcracker in Boston, but I was sick. My mom said that I could stay home but to lie down the whole time and take Tylenol.

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She said they could be home in fifteen minutes and all I had to do was call her cell phone. Well a few hours later I was feeling better. Now, I have to admit something. I like wedgies.

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I try to give myself them and I wear briefs just so I get wedgied more often. I even sometimes ask someone to give me wedgies. I decided that now would be a perfect time to give myself one since everyone was out.

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So I put on about six pairs of varying briefs and tried to give myself a hanging wedgie. I wanted it to be real but I wanted to be able to get out of it.

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I chose a hook in my room and I stood on a chair to get up to it. I made sure I left the chair within reaching distance. So I gave myself one and it was a good one.

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Nothing ripped and I just hang there, enjoying it. Then, when I am done. I try to swing my legs over to get onto the chair. I accidently knock it over and way out of reaching distance. I am now panicking, and I am going to rip my underoos when I hear the door open. I am so embarrassed and in a lot of pain that I can't control my bladder and I piss all over my undies.

My parents them come in and get a real shock when they see me hanging there. After a minute, everyone is standing aorund me, laughing as hard as they can. Then my brother gets out his newly received video camera and starts taping me.

I am so embarrassed I start crying. I am in front of all my girl cousins and they are laughing as hard as they can. My brother then tapes the whole thing while my parents remove me off the hook and help me out. The next week at school, everybody finds out about it and I am laughed at so much, I almost wanted to change schools.

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Also, everytime family or friends come over, my parents show that video everytime, and to them it never gets old. Next Story ยป Grandpa gets a look.

Embarrassing hanging wedgie stories

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What's the most embarrassing time you've ever been given a wedgie?