Embarrassing pee story

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It's really hard because my husband and I have differing styles and together, we are the pickiest consumers alive. Yesterday, we waited for this furniture warehouse to open and as we were waiting, I realized that my iced decaf latte was running though me and I had to pee so badly. Only there was nothing around the area and still a good 25 minutes until this place opened. I made my tinkle in a plastic cup and it filled the whole thing!

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Needless to say, I'm dying. I have to pee every few minutes! Any of you have embarrassing pee stories? I'm 26 weeks pregnant and need to pee a lot as well. So make sure you pee before leaving the house, in places you stop with bathroom eve though you don't need to pee. And try limiting your fluid intake if no bathroom around.

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Don't be embarrassed. I wish I was as resourceful as you. While i was very pregnant I was out somewhere and had no access to bathroom, I held it so long I ended up with a uti! It was awful! Next time I'll pee in a damn cup! In the middle of the grocery store and they were handing out samples of egg rolls.

Popped one in my mouth and apparently some crumb went down the wrong pipe or something. Anyway it sent me into a coughing frenzy and I pissed myself. A LOT. I wasn't checking out either I had just arrived. Sat on a plastic grocery bag so I didn't soak my car seat with urine.

Lol no shame. I truck a lot with my hubby and I always pee in a plastic cup lol. Even when the truck is moving. Well a few days before the big day we wanted to have sex to try to induce labor Well we did it while she was in the shower and of course I had to pee after I couldn't wait for her and I did this three times before baby!

Bye bye plastic cups. They weren't like a solo cup I threw away my 'ok' plastic cups. I've peed in the kitchen sink because my SO was in the bath room too long, I've peed in a cup while driving. My favorite though was being to afraid to walk down my dorms hall to the bathroom so I would pee out my room window onto my dorm parents patio. I had drank a huge iced coffee and was waiting to pick my husband up from work. It was raining insanely hard outside and I wasn't about to take the baby out in the rain and try and pee while holding him so I peed in my coffee cup! Embarrassing pee story pulled off the highway at a rest stop because I had to go so so bad but they were both sound asleep.

I was too worried about waking them and having them cry the rest of the drive, probably 3 more hours before we reach home, so I used one of their diapers to sit on and just peed in my drivers seat. It was so bittersweet. At least I parked right next to a garbage can to dispose of it before getting back on the road.

Yay pregnancy problems. It worked, I had to go and stop and let it soak in so it wouldn't run out, so that was a little bit of a challenge, but thank god I do kegals, lol. I live in Alaska and was on an 8hour car ride to pick up a friend. I got stuck in construction and had to pee so bad I was like 6mo pregnant at the time I pulled over and asked one of the workers to use their outhouses. I was super embarrassed and the construction guys got a good laugh.

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Embarrassing pee story

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