Embarrassing swimsuit stories

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And because we are a friendly sharing bunch - who knows how to laugh at ourselves - we thought we'd share some of these with you! Before we put you off, please remember, diving makes us incredibly happy! We all agree that the experiences you are about Embarrassing swimsuit stories read are worth it for what we Embarrassing swimsuit stories in return; our love and passion for scuba diving! We learn quickly that the pressure changes on ascent can leave our face covered in snot at the end of a dive.

We can get over that, and we can certainly help out our fellow scuba girls with a subtle cue to wipe our face. It was like a chain reaction then he started vomming then the next person started. And it can get worse. A lot worse! Or in a drysuit?! I lost awareness of my buoyancy and started floating up towards it! The thing is, this stuff happens when we are learning new skills. That is the whole point of taking the training in the first place! We need to make some mistakes in order to learn, ironically this can happen when we are learning to prevent injury.

During her rescue course, one of our scuba girls admitted she made the mistake of performing a tow straight over the mooring line and ended up with a Ever been stuck in your own suit? I t is more common than you might think.

It begins with mild alarm that le to a mounting panic that we may never escape, and then, the horrible realisation that we may need to be cut out of our lovely scuba suit! It is not unusual to need a helping hand and that is when it can get embarrassing! Literally thought that was how I was going to die Of course, sometimes the wetsuit comes off easily enough, perhaps too quickly Yes, it does happen girls!

And if it has happened to you, be sure it has probably happened to most of us at some point in our diving career. Honestly, no need to beat yourself up over it.

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As if being ill or seasick in the water is not bad enough, we are also subject to injuring ourselves during diving: falling and tripping, smacking ourselves or someone else! There were many stories of girls falling over in dive kit and not being able to get up without help, lying in the sand, not hurt just feeling silly.

We all said — yep, me too! That has happened to me! On a serious note, sometimes fear of embarrassment can get in the way of diving safely:. I was feeling a little anxious about the backward roll. If we can let the guide know these things, they can help and that means we can be calmer and safer and ready for the dive. There are rare times when we need a lot more help, like being picked up by the boat after being washed away by a current or being the focus of a full blown search and rescue operation! I went up to the helicopter in a basket and everything.

I'll never live that one down. It is embarrassing to have all that fuss, but sometimes we need help, and we can always remember to support our local rescue services. Embarrassment and shame are also ificant in psychological reactions to diving accidents.

Sharing these stories also reminds us to consider our dive plan and preparedness for emergencies. What really stands out here is that we are most embarrassed by situations where we need help from other people: Whether that is because we are sick or injured, or just learning something new and making mistakes.

The thing is though, scuba diving is challenging and these things happen. If we can accept a little embarrassment we can learn more Embarrassing swimsuit stories we can be safer divers! The antidote to embarrassment is sharing stories and helping each other to feel okay, for that there is no better place than Girls that Scuba! And remember, these are just the stories are just the ones we were willing to share in public! If you want to hear the rest and share your own Embarrassing swimsuit stories you can the conversation on our Facebook group.

Laura is a Scuba Diving Instructor and Clinical Psychologist with a fascination for the psychology of diving. Learn about how psychology can improve your diving on her website www. We are vomming Girls that Scuba.

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We all need training - and it's ok when things like this happen! We have our fair share of embarrassing training experiences on Girls that Scuba! Which brings us neatly to the accidental flashing stories! But we are never too ashamed to ask for help! But, why are we embarrassed?

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Connect to Facebook. About the author Laura is a Scuba Diving Instructor and Clinical Psychologist with a fascination for the psychology of diving. More of Laura's articles.

Embarrassing swimsuit stories

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